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This choice can lead to a contacts list populated with entries that don't have a phone number, which can quickly add up. To mitigate this problem, there are a few methods.

Previous versions of Android used to include an option in the Google-developed Contacts app to only show contacts with phone numbers, but this was removed in Android 5. Because of this decision, you'll need a workaround to accomplish this now.

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Fortunately, our first method is simple to perform and is accessible to most Android users. While the Google-developed Contacts app can't hide phone number-less contacts without a workaround, many OEM replacement apps do.

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Since only a handful of devices run stock Android, there is a good chance your device has one of these alternatives preinstalled. These apps tend to include an option to assist specifically with contacts without phone numbers. Here are just a few examples. For those using a Samsung device, you can find the option using the Phone app.

Select the three vertical dots in the upper-right corner of your display and choose "Settings. For OnePlus users, this option is pretty straightforward to find. Open your Contacts app and select the three vertical dots in the upper-right corner of your display. Choose "Settings" then enable "Only show contacts with number.

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Unlike Google and some other phone manufacturers, Samsung keeps a tight lid on its software, using locked firmware and bootloaders to dissuade users from running custom ROMs and making other modifications. That means Odin is often the easiest way to load up software onto a Samsung phone, both legitimate and home-made. All the versions of Odin that have leaked on the Internet are posted to enthusiast sites and user forums, specifically for the purpose of end users to repair or customize their devices.

That being said, pay attention closely here: using Odin yourself has the potential to brick your phone. These are generally linked to by user forums, the most prodigious being XDA Developers. This gigantic site has sub-sections for almost every major Android device.

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But as always, when downloading software from unknown sources, be sure you have good antivirus and antimalware installed first. This is probably the reason you want Odin in the first place. Odin files vary in size, from enormous multi-gigabyte firmware files the main operating system for an Android phone to small updates to other necessary systems, like the bootloader or radio. Users will generally find the software, upload it to a file hosting service like AndroidFileHost, then make a new forum post to announce it and link to the hosting service.

A quick Google search should tell you the combination you need for your specific model. This allows user to find the information by using Code or City as input.

Allows user to find the information by using code or country as input. Mobile number Location Tracker is small tool through which you can easily track all the current locations at that present moment along with caller cell phone number.

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