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Although the Android operating system is free and open-source software , [] in devices sold, much of the software bundled with it including Google apps and vendor-installed software is proprietary software and closed source. Android's releases before 2. Android 2. The current Android version is Android 10 , released on September 3, Android's release versions starting from 1.

Android One is a software experience that runs on the unmodified Android operating system, which closely resembles those running on Pixel devices or previously, the Google Nexus program. Thus, the overall UI is intended to be as clean as possible. OEM partners may tweak or add additional apps such as cameras to the firmware, otherwise most of the apps will be handled by Google proprietary apps. Amazfit OS is an Android based operating system developed by Huami for their smartwatches.

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Amazfit OS is not based on Wear OS, it is a custom Android-based OS that dedicated for their smartwatch with their proprietary interface and they do not officially support third apps installation as they lack of proper Apps distribution store. CopperheadOS , a security hardened version of Android.

While it was based on open source Android operating system, it consists of closed source and proprietary software. It is forked from Android. Fire OS primarily centers on content consumption, with a customized user interface and heavy ties to content available from Amazon's own storefronts and services. Funtouch OS is a fork of an Android developed by Vivo. Funtouch OS is difference than traditional Android UI that the Funtouch OS includes some features unavailable in the former, such as:- customizable gestures, communication drawer with bottom to top swipe, a security centre, lock screen resize, options for long screen shot, eye protection changing to a warmer color temperature and others.

GrapheneOS , formerly named Android Hardening, is a variant of Android that runs on Pixel 2 or Pixel 3 hardware, is mainly developed by Daniel Micay as of [update] , and aims to focus on security and privacy. Serving as a successor to HTC's TouchFLO 3D software for Windows Mobile , Sense modifies many aspects of the Android user experience , incorporating added features such as an altered home screen and keyboard , widgets , HTC-developed applications, and redesigned applications. It is developed by the Indus OS team based in India. It is sometimes incorrectly identified as an operating system.

LG UX is used internally by LG for sophisticated feature phones and tablet computers , and is not available for licensing by external parties. Optimus UI 2 which based on Android 4. It features a more refined user interface compared to the prior version based on Android 4. Since Cyanogen Inc. Similar to CyanogenMod, it does not include any proprietary apps unless the user installs them. It allows Android users who can no longer obtain update support from their manufacturer to continue updating their OS version to the latest one based on official release from Google AOSP and heavy theme customization.

Just like it predecessor, it also develop by Xiaomi Inc. One UI formerly called TouchWiz and Samsung Experience is a front-end touch interface developed by Samsung Electronics with partners, featuring a full touch user interface. It is sometimes incorrectly identified as an independent operating system. Samsung Experience is used internally by Samsung for smartphones , feature phones and tablet computers , and is not available for licensing by external parties as it is closed source and proprietary.

The Android version of Samsung Experience also comes with Samsung-made apps preloaded except starting with the Galaxy S6 which have removed all Samsung pre-loaded apps installed, leaving one with Galaxy Apps , to save storage space and initially due to the removal of MicroSD. Samsung also announced "Linux on Galaxy", which allows to use the standard Linux distribution on the DeX platform. It consists of mainly Google apps and minor UI customization to maintain the sleekness of pure Android.

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Pixel Launcher is developed by Google that is based on open source Android. Unlike the Nexus phones, where Google shipped with the "stock" Android, the UI that came with the first generation Pixel phones were slightly modified as compared to the "stock" Android.

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As part of the Google Pixel software, the Pixel UI and its home launcher are closed source and proprietary, thus it is only available on the Pixel family devices. However, third party mods allow non Pixel smartphones to install Pixel Launcher with Google Now feed integration.

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Replicant is a custom mobile operating system based on the Android with all proprietary drivers and bloat closed source software removed. During its time as Timescape UI, the UI was different than the standard Android UI, instead of traditional apps dock on the bottom part, it was located at the four corner of the home screen, while the middle of the screen consist of the widget.

However the recent development of UI are closely resemble to those of Stock Android.

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ZenUI is used by Asus for its Android phones and tablet computers , and is not available for licensing by external parties. Chrome OS is an operating system designed by Google that is based on the Linux kernel and uses the Google Chrome web browser as its principal user interface.

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As a result, Chrome OS primarily supports web applications. Google announced the project in July , conceiving it as an operating system in which both applications and user data reside in the cloud : hence Chrome OS primarily runs web applications. Due to increase of popularity with 2-in-1 PCs, most recent Chromebooks are introduced with touch screen capability, with Android applications starting to become available for the operating system in With the support of Android applications, there are Chromebook devices that are positioned as tablet based instead of notebooks.

Chrome OS is only available pre-installed on hardware from Google manufacturing partners.

An open source equivalent, Chromium OS , can be compiled from downloaded source code. Early on, Google provided design goals for Chrome OS, but has not otherwise released a technical description. Sailfish OS is from Jolla. Sailfish due to Jolla's business model and due to alliances with various partners and due to intentional design of OS internals, is capable to adopt in several layers third party software including Jolla software e.

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Jolla's UI is proprietary software closed source , so such components can be proprietary with many different kinds of licences. However, user can replace them with open source components like e. The first device, the Jolla smartphone , was unveiled on May 20, Jolla started licensing Sailfish OS 2. Some devices sold are updateable to Sailfish 2.

Nemo Mobile is a community-driven OS, similar to Sailfish but attempting to replace its proprietary components, such as the user interface. Tizen based on the Linux kernel is a mobile operating system hosted by Linux Foundation , together with support from the Tizen Association, guided by a Technical Steering Group composed of Intel and Samsung.

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  8. Tizen is an operating system for devices including smartphones, tablets, In-Vehicle Infotainment IVI devices, however currently it mainly focus on wearable and smart TVs. It is an open source system however the SDK was closed source and proprietary that aims to offer a consistent user experience across devices. Tizen's main components are the Linux kernel and the WebKit runtime. KaiOS is from Kai. It is a mix of closed-source and open-source components. It does not redistribute itself under the same license, so KaiOS is now presumably proprietary but still mostly open-source , publishing its source code.

    It was first discovered as a mysterious code post on GitHub in August , without any official announcement. In contrast to prior Google-developed operating systems such as Chrome OS and Android, which are based on Linux kernels, Fuchsia is based on a new microkernel called "Zircon", derived from "Little Kernel", a small operating system intended for embedded systems. Upon inspection, media outlets noted that the code post on GitHub suggested Fuchsia's capability to run on universal devices, from embedded systems to smartphones, tablets and personal computers.

    In May , Fuchsia was updated with a user interface, along with a developer writing that the project was not a for experimental, prompting media speculation about Google's intentions with the operating system, including the possibility of it replacing Android.

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    It is released under the permissive BSD 3-clause license. Huawei LiteOS features lightweight, low-power, fast-response, multi-sensor collaboration, multi-protocol interconnect connectivity, enabling IoT terminals to quickly access the network [ citation needed ]. Huawei LiteOS will make intelligent hardware development easier.

    Thereby accelerating the realization of the interconnection of all things. It is developed by Purism , and was already in use on Purism's laptops before it was used on the Librem 5 smartphone. Ubuntu Touch is from Canonical Ltd. It is open source and uses the GPL license. Original Canonical Ubuntu Touch version list: [].

    UBPorts Ubuntu Touch version list: [].