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Sad but true; What you see in movies can not be done in real life. There simply is no way to find a mobile device by entering it's phone number or IMEI number. If that were possible, that would be an enormous privacy issue to any person carrying a phone. So, what truth lies behind all this?

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And, how does the police do this? To place a call or use the internet on a cellular device, it uses radio signals to communicate with antennas operated by a telephone company. If you were driving along a road, your mobile phone would constantly look for antennas along your route and would constantly keep connecting to the closest available antennas. Most telephone companies keep record of the antennas their subscribers connect to. This allows the device to be traced to the tower it is on, and then the cell phone location triangulated off of multiple surrounding towers.

Vivo Y11 Mobile Phone Holders

To prevent any damage another person could do to you while in posession of your handheld device, it is a good idea to change all passwords. To most people the terms tracking and tracing are considered to be the same. This is not true. Tracing, is to find. Tracking, is to follow. There are websites out there claiming to be able to find lost devices, asking you for a payment to trace a device by it's telephone or IMEI number.

Please beware,. How to find a stolen vivo Y11 A number of options to locate, track or trace a vivo Y11 mobile device after your vivo Y11 phone has been stolen.

Vivo Y11 (12222)

Open your device's Settings app. Tap Find My Device. Turn on Remotely locate this device and Allow remote lock and erase. How do you trace a cell phone We've all seen it in movies.. You are now subscribed to our newsletter.

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    Find, Compare and Buy all in one place. Shop in a smart way. Use multiple sims at the same time. It allows you to use two services without the need to carry two mobile phones at the same time. Slim 8. Slimmer phones are easier to carry and look more fashionable. Touch Displays offer a more interactive experience.

    Quite Big Screen 6. Reading, browsing internet and watching videos is more pleasing experience on a bigger screen. High resolution camera for taking sharp and clear photos. Dual camera is useful in enhancing certain effects like blur, zoom and wide angle photos.

    Vivo -- Location Mode Settings - Select High Accuracy, Battery Saving And GPS Only in Y91i

    Front Camera enables you to take your own photos and also you can use videocalling feature if videocalling is supported in this mobile phone. Memory cards give your device more storage capacity. So you can store more songs, photos and videos. More storage allows you to store more songs, videos, photos and install more applications. More cores result in better parallelism, meaning more tasks can be processed in parallel without slowing down the User Interface. If you need more storage capacity, than what the manufacturer provides, you will need to go for an external SD card and transfer most of your apps to it.

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    In most phones, the operating system and the preloaded software take up a large part of the storage capacity. After you begin adding videos, photos and downloading mp3 songs, you will run out of space. To expand the storage capacity, you just need to buy an inexpensive memory card. First, your android device might not allow transfer of the pre-installed application to the microSD card, but if yours allows, you will just need to visit the application manager and press a few buttons.

    Vivo Y11 12222 Price in India

    Some newer devices allow transfer of the inbuilt apps — those in the low-range to mid-range hardware category might not allow the transfer. Luckily, they allow the transfer of any other app. Again, some apps might not move to the SD card entirely. A quick example, some large apps including games leave a large amount of data on the smartphone internal storage.

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    Therefore, if you are planning to use a large number of applications, you should move as many as possible to the external storage to save space. For Vivo phones boasting Android L and the lower versions, you will easily move the apps. Here are the few steps to follow. After moving an app to the SD card , unmount your external SD card and check whether the application is in the menu. To move the application back to the internal memory, mount the microSD card and go to the settings menu.

    In-built apps, security apps, games with higher security requirements and input method apps are unmovable to SD cards.