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The customization options lie within the new sound presets and and digital filters for quick and easy tuning of the audio to your own personal tastes.

Coming full circle

With sound presets, you can pick from normal, enhanced, detailed, live, and bass and the new digital filter gives you the option to pick between ambient, natural, or clearer sound. Just like the V20 last year, the V30 offers the same left and right channel controls and a stage volume control. New to the V30 is the support for MQA.

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MQA Master Quality Authenticated is a relatively new audio format that allows for hi-res audio output at a much smaller file size, making streaming hi-res audio a possibility. This may sound like a weird one because both the LG V30 and the Note 8 have fingerprint sensors but the V30 simply just does it better. While LG is no longer alone in this type of implementation Sony does it as well, but on the side , they were one of the first to combine the fingerprint sensor and power button into one. The fingerprint sensor is more recessed now, making it easier to find by feel, and the heart rate monitor and camera flash have been repositioned in between the camera sensors and fingerprint sensor to create more separation.

The most notable addition is the ability to shoot in a log format or Cine-log as LG is dubbing it. With log, the image is flat with very little color, allowing for heavier manipulation in post production when it comes to color grading or color correcting.

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Log format also provides much better dynamic range, giving you more detail in the highlights and shadows. Also new to the V30 is the Cine video mode with a bevy of preloaded LUTs lookup table that makes it easy for anyone to give their footage a specific look with very little fuss. Because the field of view is so wide, this also eliminates the need to back away from a subject in order to fit it into the frame, as in some situations you may not have much room to step backwards. Up until the announcement of the Moto X4 , the wide angle lens was a feature that was very unique to LG, as most other OEMs are either doing telephoto or monochrome for the second sensor.

Last but not least, and arguably the biggest determining factor as to why you may want to pick the LG V30 over the Note 8 is the price. Your wallet and bank account will definitely thank you for it. LG and Google have worked together closely a number of times so far. It now looks like the two companies will soon be joining forces again, but this time in a different area.

The promotion is said to kick off sometime this month and will end on October 9. As you may know, Google Home is a voice-controlled speaker that can do all sorts of things. In addition to playing the music you want, telling you all about the weather, and answering any weird questions you might have, it also serves as a hub for all the smart home gadgets you own. What this means is that you can control these devices via the speaker with various voice commands.

The partnership between LG and Google is sort of a win-win situation. It will allow LG to make its products more appealing to customers and increase sales in the process, while Google will be able to get its Assistant-powered device in front of more people and maybe even get closer to Amazon and its Alexa speakers when it comes to the number of users and market share.

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A major factor between the two for buyers will undoubtedly be price, with the V30 expected to undercut its larger rival. Rather than risk it all to ensnare the discerning digital native crowd, the company is now seemingly switching its focus to the global mass market. With that lofty proposition in mind, perhaps LG is still dreaming a little too big with its V-series if it truly wants to capture a larger audience, especially at a time when other manufacturers already offer flagship-standard smartphones at sub-flagship prices.

The smartphone industry is a notoriously fickle beast where bold innovations are just a few fatal steps away from becoming the latest flash-in-the-pan gimmick. In , that honor undoubtedly goes to bezel-less or near-bezel-less displays. Thankfully the breakout of bezel-less flagships has led to a spate of cheaper alternatives hitting the market. Back in , Sharp released the Android KitKat-powered Aquos Crystal which was one of the first truly bezel-less smartphones to come to market. Fast-forward a few years and Sharp is looking to go one better with the Aquos S2.

One major caveat is that the Japanese company is currently selling the Aquos S2 exclusively in China, although considering the reasonable price tag importing one should be a viable option. Each phone sports an aluminum chassis and an impressive camera suite consisting of a 13 MP rear-facing sensor, alongside a 5 MP wide-angle front shooter. Curious to find out what Android Wear devices are out there? Android Wear has evolved a lot since it was first announced back in In the early days, there were only a few options, mainly from Motorola and LG.

LG V30 Review: The Best Video Phone (With One Big Exception)

These days, many handset makers have thrown their weight into Android Wear, and even traditional watchmakers have begun to embrace the Google-powered Android watch platform. For one thing, most of the watches are all quite similar in software and hardware, leaving design preferences as the biggest factor.

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See more LG Watch Sport photos. Alongside the launch of Android Wear 2. The main button on the right side of the device also acts as a way to scroll through menus in Android Wear, which allows for a much faster and more robust navigation experience. See more LG Watch Style photos. See more Huawei Watch 2 photos. Overall, the Huawei Watch 2 is another good showcase of the capabilities of Android Wear 2.

Android Wear 2. It does, however, come with great battery life and a stellar feature set otherwise. See more Polar M photos. Browsing history, bookmarked sites of the default browser and Google chrome are listed in the control panel, you can also set up a black list to block adult sites from being accessed.

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Photos captured by the phone camera are listed in the control panel in thumbnail form, the original file can be downloaded, though it will consume considerable amount of data of the target Galaxy S5. Remotely uninstall apps from the phone, you can wipe or lock the target Galaxy S5 from control panel. No, once successfully installed, the spy operates in compete stealth. You can remotely uninstall mSpy and wipe the device if you want to opt out.

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