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The fingerprint is responsive and it is quick. Why spend money on Iphones and samsung galaxy S8 when you can get something similiar for a cheaper price!!! In Stock. This phone is the best I've seen online recently in terms of build quality and features for the price. AR is the future! I had read a lot of the tech press on this when deciding what to buy, and everyone said this is the must have SW gift so I figured I'd give it a try. The first big thing you have to check is that you need a compatible phone. There are not a lot of phones that aren't compatible, but his daughter has an iPod so we checked.

Guess this is for Dad only!

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You get to play three different modes, and there are 3 levels of difficulty on your way to becoming a Jedi Master. I was surprised how much content he really got for this, and your saber even changes color when you beat a certain number of levels. The Holochess game they play in the movies was really This phone is unique. Full hd is great, those 2k screens are hard on your battery and your eyes cant decipher. I had no idea the snapdragon was an octacore! The hipsters need those thousand dollar phones This is only one day later But so far i love it! Sony quality!

It's a great phone! Couldnt be happier. This is a keeper until it dies! Very efficient and great performance..

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Still getting my grip on mastering all the cameras can do. Great audio player. No need for a 3rd party app.

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Finally found my phone. This phone has superior call reception Where, in my apartment, people kept telling me they couldn't hear me on my last phone, which was an flagship! Locking mechanism works well. I've taken it off times to clean the phone and it works well. Great case for the lenovo phab 2 pro. Fits it perfectly. I like the rear screen camera. It's well thought out and fun. The Case fit my phone like a glove.

I am not afraid to sit it down on a table anymore thinking it might slip off and break the screen. Huawei Mate 2 - Factory Unlocked White. Bickers Jr.

possibilities. performance. power.

Georgia, USA. I haven't been this satisfied with a cell phone since my old Nokia This is exactly what I want in a cell phone. The battery life lasted me 3 and a half days before getting to 10 percent. My previous cell phone Majesty c would get down to 50 percent in one day. The display comes in at 6. The phone has a headphone jack on board, which is becoming a thing of the past on flagships. Other specs and features worth mentioning include expandable storage , a 32MP selfie camera, and as much as GB of storage.

The Lenovo Z6 Pro is also available in a 5G variant , which allows for faster download speeds, among other things. The phone was not released in the US, although you can get the international model on Amazon. It sports the same display and is also powered by the Snapdragon chipset.

But overall, it offers less when it comes to specs and features.

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What makes it stand out from the crowd is its design. This design approach allows for a high screen-to-body ratio without the need for a notch or thick bezels. The phone was announced in December and ships with Android 8. This could be described as a toned-down version of the Lenovo Z6 Pro.

The display is the same size at 6. The other major difference is in the camera department, with the phone sporting less camera sensor. Other specs and features of the Lenovo Z6 include an in-display fingerprint scanner, a 4,mAh battery, and up to GB of expandable storage. In terms of design, it looks very similar — but not the same — as the Z6 Pro. Other than that, the devices are pretty much the same.

That means the Z5 Pro features a 6. It also has a slider design, revealing the two front-facing cameras when you push down the display. Other specs and features worth mentioning include dual-SIM support , an in-display fingerprint scanner, and up to GB of storage. The device was not released in the US, but you can get it on AliExpress via the button below.

The Lenovo Z6 Lite , also known as the Z6 Youth in some markets, is the cheapest and least powerful phone in the Z6 lineup. It still has more than enough power for the average user, packing the Snapdragon chipset under the hood along with up to 6GB of RAM. The display comes in a 6. The fingerprint scanner is at the back instead of under the display like with the other two Lenovo Z6 phones.