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From your Videotron mobile phone, dial Repairs and warranties Loss or theft Recycling and recovery. FR EN. Nano SIM Card. Size inches diagonal. Octa-Core Samsung Exynos Rear camera. Video camera.

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FM stereo radio. Front camera.

Navigation menu

Our tests show that colors and grayscale are oversaturated. While this does not look realistic, the oversaturation makes photos more vivid. Sharpness is good and decreases only at the edges of the test charts. There are currently no official accessories listed on Samsung's website. The Galaxy A8 comes with a twenty-four month warranty. Samsung shortens this to twelve months for the battery, further decreasing this to six months for parts that are more easily worn such as headphones and the power supply.

Samsung has preinstalled its own keyboard as the default; we particularly like its clear structure and the numerous functions and settings that are available. The Galaxy A8 also has accessibility features such as high-contrast fonts, dictation, and a flashlight notification notifying you of incoming messages or alarms. There is a 'simple mode' for smartphone beginners that applies a simpler layout and larger controls. A nice extra feature is the multi-window mode, which can display several apps simultaneously.

There are three physical buttons: the volume rocker on the left-hand side, the power button on the right-hand side, and the fingerprint sensor on the rear, which sits below the main-camera. The Galaxy A8 uses capacitive buttons for navigation, while the display has ten finger multi touch that is sensitive and worked without delay during our tests. The Galaxy A8 has a 5. The display has an On average, the display achieved The OLED display is 96 percent evenly lit and theoretically has an infinite contrast ratio; pixels can be individually turned off, producing total blacks.

We measured PWM flicker at The frequency of If PWM was detected, an average of minimum: 5 - maximum: Hz was measured. The Galaxy A8 will run in the Adaptive Display mode by default, adjusting its image parameters to suit what is currently being displayed. All profiles perform well under our spectrophotometer. The color and grayscale deviations are below the margin of DeltaE 3, the level at which the human eye fails to recognize color deviations.

Furthermore, color temperatures are practically ideal for each color profile. The display's high brightness means that the Galaxy A8 can be easily used outside. Viewing angles are good, with there being only subtle color changes and reductions in brightness at shallow angles. We have included these two smartphones in our performance comparison section. This pecking order is not reflected in our browser benchmarks though.

Read and write speeds are sufficient, ensuring a largely smooth experience.

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We did notice though that the Galaxy A8 takes slightly longer to write large amounts of data than its UFS equipped competitors. This is particularly apparent when installing apps. Neither the Galaxy A8 nor its competitors could reach the Toshiba's maximum potential speeds though. We found that the position and motion sensors worked fine when playing games. While idling, the device runs at a maximum temperature of The device contends with high internal temperatures, as demonstrated by our GFXBench battery test.

Performance drops after around half of the thirty passes of both the T-Rex and the Manhattan benchmarks, the former being less intensive while the latter is more computationally intensive. This reduction in performance is sustained until the benchmarks finish.

Samsung Galaxy A8 Accessories

There was no noticeable reduction in performance during our gaming tests, nor should this be noticeable in daily use. There is only a mono speaker, which is located near to the power button.

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It produces little bass though, so do not expect faithful audio reproduction. Surprisingly, the sound produced does fill a room. Additionally, mid and high tones are linear, and there is no distort even at the maximum volume of 85 dB A. The Galaxy A8 is energy efficient, requiring a maximum of 1. The combination of 3. The battery is lithium-ion and is non-removable. The 10 W power supply supports Fast Charge, fully recharging the Galaxy A8 in ninety-five minutes.

Its low power consumption helps the Galaxy A8 achieve above average battery life in contrast to our comparison devices.

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This impressive runtime extended to fifteen hours in our H. The Galaxy A8 lasted far longer than its competitors here, despite being beaten in some of our other battery tests. With the Galaxy A8 , Samsung has made a well-equipped mid-range smartphone that has a lot of things going for it. The design looks and feels premium while being IP68 rated.

Selfie fans get a dual front-facing camera with good optics that leaves room for gimmicks while still taking good pictures, the latter of which also applies to the 16 MP rear camera. Good performance, but at a questionable price. Android Smartphone Touchscreen. Samsung Exynos , Exynos Octa. Samsung homepage Samsung notebook section. Note: The manufacturer may use components from different suppliers including display panels, drives or memory sticks with similar specifications.

Samsung Galaxy A8 full resolution. Left-hand side: Volume rocker, nano-SIM slot. Right-hand side: Power button. GPS reception outdoors. GPS reception indoors. Samsung Galaxy A8 - Total distance. Samsung Galaxy A8 - Bridge. Samsung Galaxy A8 - Turning point. Garmin Edge - Total distance. Garmin Edge - Bridge. Garmin Edge - Turning point. Telephone and Call quality. Shooting with the main camera. Shooting with the front-facing camera. Image Comparison Choose a scene and navigate within the first image.

Scene 1 Scene 2 Scene 3 click to load images.

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Samsung Galaxy A8 Canon EOS 70D. OnePlus 5T. Asus ZenFone 4. ColorChecker Passport: The lower part of each patch field shows the target colours.

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Section from the test chart. Test chart click for original. Accessories and Warranty. Input devices and Operation. Keyboard in portrait mode. Keyboard in landscape mode. Subpixel array.