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The 2. Overall it looks like a very expensive gadget. When other manufacturers are eliminating the handsfree from their smartphone package, it is cool to see that Alcatel is still giving us this useful pair of accessory for their budget devices. If you buy your device from the For a device worth worth RM after All I wanted is a good backup device in case my primary device fails me while I am travelling.

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Glad to know that the Alcatel 3L still has it because I find it to be extremely important. So I really appreciate that the 3L comes with this feature. I tried several free 3rd party apps on my previous devices and the problem is, they have lots of annoying and inappropriate ads popping up out of nowhere.

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So I really appreciate that the 3L comes with this feature. I tried several free 3rd party apps on my previous devices and the problem is, they have lots of annoying and inappropriate ads popping up out of nowhere.

Some ‘cool stuff’ about the Alcatel 3L.

Overall the Alcatel 3L is an affordable all-rounder device. It has all the basic features that most of us would need. This promo is only applicable at 11Street, the official online store of Alcatel smartphones. Also, if you purchase an Alcatel 5V, you will receive an exclusive Alcatel merchandise bundle worth RM 99 which includes the following :.

Are you planning to purchase an Alcatel 3L or Alcatel 1 instead?

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About Contact. Header Ads. Peter Jan "PJ" R. Alcatel's most capable smartphone in the country yet is the 5V. But, is it really that good? Here's our full review! It can detect portrait, night, low light, food, animals, text, beach, blue sky, backlighting, and more modes. After detecting the scene, it will automatically adjust the contrast, saturation, brightness, sharpness, and resolution for the best shot possible. Alcatel 5V features a big 6.

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To be exact, it has x resolution at pixels per inch. Do not expect its screen to be as sharp as other phones with p panels, but its overall quality is far from bad. Besides, this is an under PHP 10K phone. Colors are a bit colder, but contrast level is acceptable. Viewing angles are as good as most phones with IPS panels.

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Just do not expect its brightness levels to be strong. Sunlight legibility is okay, but not great. As usual, it has an auto brightness feature and you can select an eye comfort mode for reading at night or in low light. It has 5 points of touch too. Not 10, but at least not 2. Alcatel 5V has a single down-firing speaker at the bottom. It is surprisingly loud and quite capable.

It delivered crisp audio with acceptable details. Bass response is obviously weak, but it is okay, almost all smartphones are like that. It should perform well for watching movies and listening to music on quiet places. For headphones, it goes with the traditional 3. Output is a bit warm, but close to being balanced. Driving power is fine. Do not also expect it to drive large headphones or make multi-driver earphones shine.

It is just fine for most in-ear earphones.

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Bluetooth audio is also quite stable even if it has the older Bluetooth 4. Audio quality is lesser on wireless mode though. Mic for calls and video recordings are quite fine too. At least it has two microphones in total. It should be better than other phones with single mic. On paper, it should last more and a day of usage on a single charge, and it did! Extra strong battery performance. It clocked a total of 14 hours and 12 minutes of work battery life at PC Mark.

Our actual daily usage is also very impressive.