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Record phone calls with high quality audio. Track text messages : View all sent and received text messages.. Locate phone position with high accuracy. All history data comes with time and coordinates. Listen surrounding environment, record phone surrounding. Track Emails: default email, Gmail, view emails in rich content.

Notifications: Sim Card changed notification. Control Apps and Programs: Installed Applications, Application blocking, Keylogger Access pictures and videos taken by the target phone. Track browsing history, Website Bookmarks, locking Websites: default browser, chrome, firefox. The Los Angeles Times reports: Assembly Bill by Assemblyman Phil Ting D-San Francisco said his bill is an easy way to reduce paper waste in the state while addressing consumers' frustrations with excessively long receipts.

Customers have taken to social media for years to complain and poke fun at the size of their receipts, particularly at CVS drugstore, posting pictures of the coupon-packed printouts measuring taller than a refrigerator. The paper that receipts are printed on is generally too thin to be made from recycled material, according to a legislative analysis of the bill. Once they are thrown away, the Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery, or CalRecycle, said the use of chemicals on paper receipts makes them undesirable to recyclers.

In a nutshell

The American Forest and Paper Assn. That, the group points out, is a small percentage of total paper waste. The bill would give businesses until to provide customers electronic receipts, or a paper printout available on request. Facebook is now fighting the Belgian court's decision , and will go "face to face with the Belgian data protection authority in a Brussels appeals court for a two-day hearing starting on Wednesday," reports Bloomberg. From the report: Armed with new powers since the introduction of stronger European Union data protection rules, Belgium's privacy watchdog argues Facebook "still violates the fundamental rights of millions of residents of Belgium.

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Belgium's data protection authority last year won the court's backing for its attack against Facebook's use of cookies, social plug-ins -- the "like" or "share" buttons -- and tracking technologies that are invisible to the naked eye to collect data on people's behavior during their visits to other sites. Facebook understands "that people want more information and control over the data Facebook receives from other websites and apps that use our services," the company said in a statement. An anonymous reader quotes a report from TechCrunch: Four senior senators have called on the largest U.

Their primary concern is that the three companies have more than 90 percent of the U.

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Yet, these are the same devices tens of millions of voters will use in the upcoming presidential election. The ranking Democrats say paper ballots are "basic necessities" for a reliable voting system, but the companies still produce machines that don't produce paper results. GITAI is a robotics startup with offices in Japan and the United States that's developing tech to put humanoid telepresence robots in space to take over for astronauts.

As you might expect, the trouble with immersive teleoperation between Earth and orbit is getting data back and forth over a restrictive network. The plan is to get all of this working in low Earth orbit by A group of ex-employees filed a lawsuit that accuses the tech giant of failing to comply with a law requiring companies to disclose the ages of people over 40 who have been laid off. The suit also alleges that the company has improperly prevented workers from combining to challenge their ousters. From a report: It is the second broad legal action against IBM since a ProPublica story that documented widespread age discrimination by the company in its global restructuring.

The former employees are asking the court to invalidate a written agreement that IBM requires its employees to sign to receive severance pay. Under the document's provisions, workers agree to give up any right to challenge their dismissal in court. Until now, most age-related legal actions contesting an IBM layoff have been brought by the rare ex-worker who refused to sign the agreement and left without severance. If the district court were to agree that IBM's separation agreement is invalid, it could open the company up to lawsuits by tens of thousands of older workers IBM has laid off in recent years.

Today's lawsuit and the string of other cases filed in the wake of ProPublica's story face steep odds as a result of decisions by the Supreme Court and federal appeals courts that curtailed workers' ability to challenge employers' staffing decisions. The rationale is to limit what federal judges view as cumbersome, costly cases that hamstring both employers and the courts.

Four companies that made billions of illegal robocalls have been caught and fined. From a report: The Federal Trade Commission on Tuesday said the agency reached settlements with four operations responsible for billions of illegal robocalls pitching debt-relief services , home security systems, fake charities, auto warranties and Google search results services. Massachusetts Senator and Democratic Presidential hopeful Elizabeth Warren has become the highest profile politician to support right to repair legislation in the United States.

From a report: On Wednesday, Warren outlined a sweeping plan to support family farms and diminish the power of corporate agriculture. At the top of the list, she supports a national right-to-repair law for tractors and other agricultural equipment. That means she supports the simple idea that people who own a tractor should be able to repair it without permission from John Deere or any other manufacturer.

Device manufacturers don't want people repairing their own stuff and they've taken pains to make it difficult to do so. Newer John Deere equipment comes loaded with software and firmware that make it impossible for farmers to fix their own equipment. Instead, they have to call an authorized dealer and wait for them to show up -- a fix that's too slow and too costly for a farmer.

Airbnb says it's cracking down on hosts who record guests. But is it doing enough?

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From a report: Airbnb's rules allow cameras outdoors and in living rooms and common areas, but never in bathrooms or anywhere guests plan to sleep, including rooms with foldout beds. Starting in early , Airbnb added another layer of disclosure: If hosts indicate they have cameras anywhere on their property, guests receive a pop-up informing them where the cameras are located and where they are aimed.

To book the property, the guests must click "agree," indicating that they're aware of the cameras and consent to being filmed. Of course, hosts have plenty of reason to train cameras on the homes they rent out to strangers. They can catch guests who attempt to steal, or who trash the place, or who initially say they're traveling alone, then show up to a property with five people.

The company also uses risk scores to flag suspicious behavior, in addition to reviewing and booting hosts with consistently poor scores. If you find a truly hidden camera in your bedroom or bathroom, Airbnb will support you. If you find an undisclosed camera in the private living room, Airbnb will not support you.

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  6. Facebook will begin banning posts, photos and other content that reference white nationalism and white separatism, revising its rules in response to criticism that a loophole had allowed racism to thrive on its platform. From a report: Previously, Facebook only had prohibited users from sharing messages that glorified white supremacy -- a rhetorical discrepancy, in the eyes of civil rights advocates, who argued that white nationalism, supremacy and separatism are indistinguishable and that the policy undermined the tech giant's stepped-up efforts to combat hate speech online.

    Facebook now agrees with that analysis , [Editor's note: the link may be paywalled; alternative source ] according to people who've been briefed on the decision. The new policy also applies to Instagram. The rise and spread of white nationalism on Facebook were thrown into sharp relief in the wake of the deadly neo-Nazi rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, in , when self-avowed white nationalists used the social networking site as an organizing tool.

    Everyone hates April Fools' Day, and Microsoft is taking a stand against its own corporate pranks. From a report: Microsoft's marketing chief Chris Capossela has warned all employees to not participate in the process of annoying hoaxes on Monday. In an internal memo, Capossela explains that "data tells us these stunts have limited positive impact and can actually result in unwanted news cycles. That's probably a safe bet, as we've seen some April Fools' Day pranks backfire spectacularly in the past.

    Google was forced to apologize for adding Despicable Me minions into emails and muting threads a few years ago, causing email havoc for Gmail users. Let's take a trip down Memory Lane.

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    April : Apple releases the all-new MacBook with a "butterfly" keyboard. In order to achieve extreme thinness, the keys are much flatter than older generations but the butterfly mechanism underneath, for which the keyboard is named, aims to replicate the bounce of a more traditional keyboard. October The MacBook Pro arrives with a second-generation butterfly keyboard. A few months later, some begin to report that letters or characters don't appear , that keys get stuck or that letters unexpectedly repeat.

    June : Apple launches a keyboard repair program for what the company says is a "small percentage" of MacBook and MacBook Pro keyboards impacted. July Apple releases a new high-end MacBook Pro with the third-generation of the keyboard that's said to fix the issues. October : Apple's new MacBook Air also has the third-generation keyboard. I recommend it , and even get one for myself. Others have had problems with Apple's latest laptops, too.

    A proposed nationwide class-action suit alleges that Apple has been aware of the defective nature of these keyboards since yet sold affected laptops without disclosing the problem. John Gruber, a long time Apple columnist: I consider these keyboards the worst products in Apple history. MacBooks should have the best keyboards in the industry; instead they're the worst. They're doing lasting harm to the reputation of the MacBook brand. BitTorrent, which has been looking for ways to expand since it was acquired by blockchain startup Tron last year, today announced it is reviving one of its most ambitious services.

    From a report: The company is relaunching BitTorrent Live , a Sling TV-like service it first introduced in and shut down in , as a social media app for Android and iOS platforms. Live is not ready for general availability yet, but the company is accepting applications from beta testers.