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Various photo and video modes, including night and macro shots, super slow-motion, and an enhanced directional microphone mode for capturing audio from faraway sources give you more ways to capture your day or evening.

The rear depth sensors also make for better augmented reality-laden shots and effects. While additions like AR effects feel like a parlor trick, all those components add up to a camera system that gives you better portrait shots and fewer noisy night scenes for your Instagram feed.

But now you can use its new gesture controls to bounce between front and rear cameras with a flick upward, or zoom with the trio of rear lenses by spinning it in a circle. The always-on display lets you start writing as soon as you pop the pen out of the phone. That intuitive feature makes it a perfect place to write down bits of information or capture bursts. Samsung has nailed the laundry list of hardware features for the past few years. Hardware that surpasses the competition, a trio of cameras for every environment, and a stylus that does more than write all make for a smartphone that exists to keep you occupied.

Just try not to drop it. The front and back are both made of a curved Gorilla Glass that butts up against a thin metal form with a total thickness of 7.

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Before you do, admire that color scheme on the back. There are four choices in all. Like the rest of the press, we ended up with Aura Glow. It features a lovely, prismatic effect when light hits it. One of the interesting footnotes here is how much the design of the 10 will be defined by what the device lost.

Samsung Galaxy Note10+ review

There are two missing pieces here — both of which are a kind of concession from Samsung for different reasons. And for different reasons, both feel inevitable.

The headphone jack is, of course, the biggie. Samsung kicked and screamed on that one, holding onto the 3. The company must have known it was a matter of time, even before the iPhone dropped the port three years ago.

The best Galaxy Note 10 and 10 Plus tips and tricks

And honestly, it was mostly just some good-natured ribbing. Welcome to the club, Samsung. The headphone jack dies not with a bang, but a Note. As for why Samsung did it now, the answer seems to be two-fold. The first is a kind of critical mass in Bluetooth headset usage. Allow me to quote myself from a few weeks back:. The tipping point, it says, came when its internal metrics showed that a majority of users on its flagship devices the S and Note lines moved to Bluetooth streaming.

A couple of recalls, a humble press release and an eight-point battery check later, and batteries are getting bigger again. Not bad, given all of the music and videos I subjected it to in that time. The rumors got that one wrong. Obviously the standard no headphone jack things apply here. You know the deal. The other missing piece here is the Bixby button. Since the button was first introduced, folks were asking for the ability to remap it. Samsung finally relented on that front, and with the Note 10, it drops the button altogether. Thus far the smart assistant has been a disappointment.

Instead, the power button has been shifted to the left of the device, just under the volume rocker. I preferred having it on the other side, especially for certain functions like screenshotting something, granted, I do much more than the average user when reviewing a phone.

Samsung Galaxy Note10 - Aura Black GB

Bixby can now be quickly accessed by holding down the power button. The little accessory converted smartphone stylus skeptics into believers, thanks to features like pressure sensitivity, low latency, and more. On the two new Galaxy Note phones, you can even snap pictures and control media playback with air gestures. However, some people have had issues with the S Pen.

Issues range from the phone not recognizing the S Pen to inconsistent strokes.

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They compare the number of bars on their Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10 Plus to the number of bars on another phone, only to see fewer bars for the former. That said, there are enough reports where it seems to be a genuine problem for some Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10 units. With the move to taller smartphones, app developers thankfully took notice and updated their apps to accommodate the taller displays.

However, there are still some apps not taking advantage of the extra real estate. The problem is this could be due to a variety of factors. Maybe your phone exhibits poor signal strength. Whatever the cause is, poor battery life can be detrimental to the smartphone experience. Also read: The best Android smartphones with the best battery life. The Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10 Plus pack some of the best cameras available on smartphones.