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The Samsung Galaxy M20 will probably get a successor called the M21 this year. A new addition to the Geekbench 5 database suggests that this phone does in fact exist.


The "Galaxy M21" on Geekbench. Source: Geekbench 5 via NashvilleChatter.

Must Use Camera Apps on Galaxy M20, M30 & M40

Source s. Related Articles. The Samsung Galaxy M31 will launch via Amazon. New evidence for hardware-accelerat Black levels go down to inky-dark levels, and maximum brightness, when set manually, is sufficient for outdoor viewing as well.

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In automatic mode, the brightness adjustment is a bit conservative and the screen might not be entirely visible in bright sunlight. The default white point is quite accurate but should you want a warmer or cooler tone, you can switch over to the AMOLED Cinema or Photo profile in the settings. There is an option to hide the notch but Samsung has not done a very good job at this.

A single black bar cuts across through the top and makes no attempt to match up with the curved corners seen at the bottom of the display. Generally, the notch is quite unobtrusive and we doubt most users would have any issues getting used to it. Internal specifications of the Samsung Galaxy M30 are the same as on the Galaxy M20 for the most part.

The phone is powered by an Exynos chipset which is built on a 14nm process. This is an octa-core chipset with a combination of two high-performance Cortex A73 cores combined with six Cortex A53 efficiency cores. There is a dedicated microSD card slot to expand that storage further. About 51GB of storage is available out of the box. The phone was generally very good at network performance, and during my time with the phone, I used it extensively to make phone calls.

Call quality was clear at both ends and the phone did a good job despite a patchy network in the area. On its own, the Exynos in the Galaxy M30 is a pretty solid chipset for the category. The Redmi Note 7 Pro with its Snapdragon processor is substantially more powerful.

Bumping up the graphics results in a choppy but playable experience. In short, the Galaxy M30 might not be the best choice for mobile gamers. General performance is very refined and Samsung has done an absolutely fantastic job at making sure that there are no performance drops anywhere in the UI. You will definitely enjoy using this phone.

Plus, there are no annoying ads either pssst.. The redeeming characteristic here is the overall level of polish. Samsung has done an exemplary job with the software and the entire experience is silky smooth. In my week with the phone, the usage experience was almost perfect except for a stray frame drop here and there. The default lock screen displays magazine-style information updates via the Glance app.

This can be quite distracting but there is an option to switch it off. The home screen is very flexible and offers a whole bunch of customization options. It can be switched from the default iOS-style app and homescreen layout to one that displays only selected apps and hides the rest under a separate app drawer. The Galaxy M30 supports gestures as well to maximize screen real estate. I found these to be very intuitive. Unfortunately, the phone ships with a fair few apps installed out of the box.

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Having an option to install these separately would definitely help reduce the clutter. The camera hardware on the Galaxy M30 is essentially the same as on the M20, except for the addition of an additional 5MP depth sensor. The Galaxy M20 maintains a similar look and feel as the Samsung Galaxy A7 : smooth all-around, sticking to a more traditional all-plastic chassis as opposed to the glass sandwich trend that dominated most of Like the display panel, Samsung once again relies on in-house technology, banking on the 14nm octa-core Exynos chipset to do the heavy lifting. Performance-wise, it comes close to the Snapdragon or the Snapdragon , but it lags behind the Helio P Our synthetic benchmarks hovered around , in Antutu while Geekbench scores it at 1, for single-core performance and 4, for multi-core performance.

When it came to actual use, the M20 takes a while to load and switch between applications. Although limited to 2. More often than not, the screen would light up while trying to recognize facial information, but it takes too long so I revert to other methods like entering my security pattern or with the fingerprint reader. Our biggest concern, however, and one which made me double-think the M20, stems from the performance of its 4G radio.

By contrast, our reference phone chugs along fine. Because of its long battery life, the M20 was the ideal mobile hotspot, and I really tried to make it work. Alas, it proved to be a futile exercise, as I would often lose connectivity even in areas covered by my carrier.

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To validate this, I had another phone on the same carrier with mobile data turned on, and it worked just fine. The Galaxy M20 ran every mobile game we threw at it, although we had to turn down the graphics settings in some graphically-intensive games like PUBG and Lineage 2 Revolution in order to get better frame rates.

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Once the game is fully loaded things are generally smooth, though there may be delays when opening menus and switching between screens, depending on the game you are playing. So the Galaxy M20 ended up being more of a backup device, only using it when my main phone was low on power. We gotta hand it to Samsung here — while most budget mid-range phones came with dual cameras, you could only take photos using one sensor, since the other sensor is purely for depth perception.

The M20 lets you take photos with both sensors at varying focal lengths. Generally, the M20 takes sharp images during the day, but it struggles without sufficient lighting.