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Check out our comparison chart and handpicked favourite Galaxy Note 8 deals below. Now we know some of you may have fiery memories of the Galaxy Note 7 in your head when looking at this device but leave those worries behind. Both the Note 8 and 9 have massively improved their batteries and you won't be facing overheating problems anymore. Samsung Galaxy Note 8 deals truly are miles ahead of the 7 in every way.

Are you determined to get the very best price? Always looking to see how you can trim a few pounds off your new favourite gadget? That is much cheaper than it used to be but you will still be putting up a big chunk of money upfront. You're probably better cranking up the upfront cost in our price comparison chart above, imposing a low maximum for monthlies and finding a cheaper deal in the long run. The best way to use Bixby Routines is to start experimenting and find out what you can do.

Bixby Vision taps into machine learning and database partnerships to make the camera a little more useful. You can also find Bixby Vision in the Gallery app.

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By default, Bixby Vision opens in Text mode, which allows you to translate a foreign language into your chosen language. It supports a large range of languages, and works similarly to other examples of its kind, like Google Lens. Line up the text you want to translate into the box on the screen, and a real-time translation should appear.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 home screen

It can be a little buggy, but we got it to work eventually. With the Makeup category, you can virtually try on different products from suppliers like Sephora. Once you find the perfect look, you can capture your image and Bixby Vision will provide you with details and links to the products for purchase. The Food tool lets you point the camera at food to see calorie information, which can then be added to your Samsung Health app.

With Shopping, point the camera at shoes, clothes, or other products and Bixby will try to find it on Amazon, Nordstrom, and a few other retailers.

Getting started with Bixby and Bixby Voice

When the conditions are met, said reminder will appear in the form of a notification you can dismiss, snooze, or check off. The latest addition to Bixby , the Bixby Marketplace is a new store intended to allow you to customize your Bixby experience still further. Just launch Bixby by pressing your Bixby key or long-pressing the power button, and swipe toward the left to go to the Bixby Marketplace.

T Mobile Note 9 Dialer Codes

From there, you can search for a specific capsule, or just browse the categories available. The best Samsung Galaxy deals for March 1 day ago. What generation are the latest iPads? Tap the checkbox above each panel to turn it on or off, and long-press on any panel to enter reordering mode. Many of the panels—for example, weather and the clipboard manager—have additional settings to configure.

Look for the edit button at the bottom to access those settings. Among other tricks, this S Pen feature lets you grab a cropped screenshot in just a few seconds. The first three are just regular screenshots, so use the S Pen to highlight what you want. You can also draw on the resulting image before saving.

Note 8 Smart Select: Come for regular image cropping as shown here , but stay for the super simple animation creation. The GIF capture is great for sharing quick video clips with friends, and it works similarly to the static capture methods. Move the selection box where you want to capture the GIF, and check your quality setting at the bottom. You can then draw directly on top of the GIF, and save or share the resulting animation.

The best Samsung Galaxy Note 8 deals in March 2020

The S Pen makes drawing and annotating a breeze, but what about inputting text? Samsung has built handwriting input into the core of the Note 8, so you can use the S Pen in almost any text field. To open handwriting input mode, simply hover the S Pen over a text field and tap the blue icon that appears.

A writing area will replace your keyboard, and then you can go to town. Pop out the S Pen, and the Note 8 automatically enters screen-off memo mode. You get a black screen with a basic pen tool and an eraser.

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Write your note, and tap the button in the corner to save it to the Samsung Notes app. All Android phones running the Nougat system or higher have split-screen mode, but Samsung goes one better on the Note 8. You can open almost any app as a resizable floating window in Pop-up View.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 In 2020! (Still Worth It?) (Review)

There are two ways to launch this. The easiest is to open the overview screen and long-press on the app you want to open in a window.

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  • Drag it down to the middle of the screen and release in the indicated box to launch it as a Pop-up.