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Unveiled in August at IFA Berlin , it is a mid-range version of the Moto Z , distinguished primarily by its larger battery thus making it a de facto successor to the Moto X Play , a similarly-positioned counterpart to the company's flagship, the Moto X Style. As with the Moto Z, the Z Play is compatible with " MotoMods " accessories that can be magnetically attached to the device to provide additional functionality.

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The Moto Z Play's chassis utilizes a metal frame and body; it is thicker than the flagship Moto Z model, at 6. CNET noted that the Z Play had advantages over the standard model, including a bigger battery and a headphone jack, although it was thicker and heavier, and the fingerprint sensor was once again criticized for looking too much like a home button. The camera was considered to be "altogether satisfactory for quick, casual shots", with fewer white balance issues than the Moto Z, but grainy low-light shots.

In a test of "mild" real-world use, the device's battery lasted four days on a single charge. While judged as being slower in tests than the competing Alcatel Idol 4S and OnePlus 3 , it was felt that the Moto Z's performance was "enough to satisfy your common phone needs", and was not sluggish in launching apps and performing common tasks.

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In conclusion, it was felt that the Moto Z Play was "an affordable phone with an impressively enduring battery life. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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