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The announcement came at MWC , alongside the Mi 9. Xiaomi says this will facilitate data speeds times faster than 4G LTE. The specifications are almost identical to the standard Mi Mix 3, although Xiaomi has integrated a larger 3,mAh capacity battery, and admits there is a slight difference in size and weight too. A blue or black version will be available.

Xiaomi Mi Mix 3: The Ultimate Slider?

It has not been announced for the U. The Mi Mix 3 will steal your attention thanks to its massive screen, which Xiaomi says has a This has been made possible without the use of a notch, too, as the selfie camera has been hidden inside a slide-up section, which you flip into view using your thumb. There are actually two camera lenses in the module, a megapixel primary lens and a 2-megapixel secondary one, ready to take bokeh-style selfies.

The 5G Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 Smartphone: Everything You Need to Know

Xiaomi also includes its Super Pixel technology, where four pixels are combined into one for better low-light selfies. You may have seen this on the Mi A2. We will consistently update our website to list all telecom operators who support 5G coverage. You can consult the telecom operators directly for more information about 5G network availability. Be first to enjoy the world with unprecedented speed 7nm process with new Prime Core stable performance and enhanced AI capabilities.

The front of the phone is virtually all screen thanks to the hidden dual camera design, made possible by the innovative magnetic slider, which stayed working like new after , intensive test slides. A new era of full screen interaction Slide into the future Slide to check weather.

Slide to open recorder. Slide to reply messages. Customizable slider function. Slide to open your favourite APP. Fine crafted coloured ceramic, This is art in the palm of your hand In an ode to elegance in technology, the Mi MIX 3 5G features coloured ceramic that curves gracefully on four sides.

After the controversial Age of the Notch, lots of phone makers are trying to find ways to keep the front-facing camera's utility without resorting to bezels or sacrificing other areas of prime display real estate. You've got the Honor View 20 punch-hole approach, the Oppo Find X motorized pop-up camera, as well as some phones for which the manufacturers doubled down on the notch, like the Google Pixel 3 XL.

But could there be another way? Xiaomi thinks so. The Chinese phone maker has decided to redevelop the slider design from the pre-smartphone era of cell mobile phones and use it to give you a completely clean display that still allows a dual selfie camera.

Xiaomi's new midrange phone is largely successful, but because of some of the Mi Mix 3's features, it won't be for everyone. Apologies to our U. In the U.

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When you first see the Mi Mix 3, you'll struggle to find a defining feature. The front is flat, apart from a tiny cutout for the speaker, and even the side buttons have slim profiles, so they don't complicate the clean design. Once in your hand, this device gives you the smartphone equivalent of a frosty reception, thanks to the Mi Mix 3's cool ceramic back plate. It looks and feels like a high-quality device, but you might feel a little uneasy holding such a slippery-feeling phone.

If you're not a fan of the ceramic back, then you could use the thin plastic case that comes in the box and clips over the phone's back and top and side edges. This won't protect the device from any fall damage, but it will give you a different texture. More importantly, you can still use the wireless charging feature while the case is on. To reveal the selfie cameras with the slider, push the front downward while holding the back in place.

The combination of the sliding mechanism and large display makes the Mi Mix a little heavy, at grams 7. That's not going to make your wrists ache like a brick phone from the s would do, but this device is heavier than the gram iPhone XS Max and the gram Samsung Galaxy Note 9. The similarly sized Honor View 20 weighs grams, so the Mi Mix 3 clearly has some heft. Getting the slider to move can be a bit tricky, thanks to a tough spring.

However, that means you won't accidentally use the slider. You will have to grip the phone or press down with greater force than you might be used to doing. This feature is certainly fun to play with, just like sliders always were.

Mi Mix 3 5G Video

But the entertainment value alone doesn't mean a slider is a good idea for modern smartphones. It's excellent that you can watch videos on the Mi Mix 3's display without anything covering parts of the screen, but I prefer the punch-hole approach found in the View 20 and likely coming to Samsung's Galaxy S The Mi Mix's slider isn't simply bad, unless you are focused on having a very light phone. But I still prefer having an instantly accessible selfie camera even if it means losing a little screen space. The slider feels counterintuitive, at least to me.

The slider phones that I and others used many years ago slid upward, revealing the keypad underneath the main body of the phone. The Mi Mix 3 slides downward into your hand, which means you have to relearn how to hold the phone to use the camera.

Still, the Mix 3's design isn't completely alien. You've got volume and lock controls on the right-hand edge, a lonely USB-C port on the bottom and the AI button on the side, which gives you a direct line to Google Assistant. The fingerprint sensor is on the back, once again keeping the screen clear but still putting the sensor in a useful position. There's no headphone jack, but Xiaomi includes an adapter to plug into the USB-C port if you're not a Bluetooth-audio convert.

The 6. That's an inherited feature from previous Mi Mix phones, which placed the selfie camera at the bottom of the screen to avoid the need for a notch. Having a bezel act as a call back to previous phones in the series is a cute bit of design work. But surely, most users would prefer having as little unused space on their phone as possible over seeing some family resemblance to the phone's predecessors. This is a slight improvement on the Pixel 3 x and View 20 x , but the result can't compete with the p resolution featured in Samsung's flagship phones.

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And if you do turn up the screen to its maximum brightness, you'll have no trouble watching the display even in bright sunlight. Our test results back this up. The Mi Mix 3's maximum brightness level was nits, topping results from the View 20 nits and Pixel 3 The Galaxy S9 is brighter, at nits, but the Mi Mix 3 is still one of the more-vivid Android screens.