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The glass back has a light-reflecting finish that can't match the likes of the Honor View 20 or Honor 20 Lite for 'wow' factor, but which is nonetheless eye-catching.

Moto G8 release date, price, specs and features

The Sapphire Gradient variant is a deeper blue than some, which helps it stand out from more reflective and refracting handsets. There's a fingerprint sensor on the back with a circular indent housing the Motorola logo. This is the perfect location for both left- and right-handed users who want to use a finger as their login biometric. Face unlock is also available.

The back curves on its long edges into the metal sides of the handset, which are a slightly lighter blue than the back.

Moto G8 release date and price

The join between the sides and back is visible and there's a very tactile ridge along the top and bottom short edges. It's not a big deal -- more a sign that, for all its good looks, this is still a mid-range phone. The handset has been finished with a water repellent coating that gives it an IP52 rating for dust and water resistance.

That's enough to survive splashes or, as Motorola puts it, 'a sweaty workout or light rain'.

Motorola One Vision review: An affordable 21:9-screen handset with good cameras

A clear silicone bumper is provided that, if used, greatly reduces the visual impact of the glass back. As mentioned earlier, the 6. It's an IPS panel a resolution of 2, by 1, pixels ppi. The front camera sits in a 'punch hole' at the top left of the screen in portrait orientation. Watching video on the two handsets side by side, the more expensive Xperia 1 delivered the better viewing experience.

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That's no surprise, but the Motorola One Vision does a good job, and its main problem is not a comparison with a higher-end phone. The key issues are a lack of content to take advantage of the aspect ratio, and the difficulties that this tall format creates for usability.

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Over time the content problem will be resolved, but the usability ones are less easy to fix. It's true that the narrowish handset is easy to palm, but I found it impossible to stretch to the higher and lower reaches one-handed. There's no screen size reduction on offer to help with this.

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In addition, like the Xperia 1, I couldn't get the phone -- which measures A handset that majors on its screen needs good sound output. There is just one speaker on the bottom edge that delivers decent volume, and while somewhat lacking in bass, it's acceptable for a mid-range handset.

There is a 3. Still, given the price, you get a pretty good audio subsystem. The 25MP front camera has a quad-pixel sensor that combines four pixels into one large pixel to deliver sharp images with improved brightness and reduced noise. There are two cameras at the back, with the main 48MP unit using the same quad-pixel sensor and OIS to capture shots. There is a second rear camera: a 5MP unit for depth sensing.

Instead of a notch, the Motorola One Vision has a 'punch hole' in the screen for the 25MP front camera. There are a few 'AI' photography features, such as the ability to capture a shot only when everyone is smiling and 'smart composition' that automatically saves a second image with a composition improvement. Night Vision captures several images in quick succession and can then automatically add more light into a photo. There's nothing particularly revolutionary here, but to find this combination of features in a handset at this price is pleasing.

The only real downside is physical: the relatively large punch hole for the front camera is actually more distracting than a notch.

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Motorola has opted for a Samsung Exynos processor, a rare choice which, along with 4GB of RAM, delivered Geekbench average benchmark scores of multi-core and single-core. We are pushing technological boundaries, enabling our business and public safety customers to rise to whatever the moment demands. New end-to-end solution combines video, data, analytics and voice to help schools take a proactive approach to safety planning and improve operations. Join Motorola Solutions for a virtual showcase to learn how our innovative video security and analytics solutions can give you eyes on the scene and reveal new insights.

Guidelines for cleaning Motorola Solutions devices. In response to the COVID pandemic, Motorola Solutions is providing recommended cleaning and disinfecting guidelines for our radios, body-worn cameras and accessories.

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