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They compare the number of bars on their Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10 Plus to the number of bars on another phone, only to see fewer bars for the former. That said, there are enough reports where it seems to be a genuine problem for some Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10 units. With the move to taller smartphones, app developers thankfully took notice and updated their apps to accommodate the taller displays. However, there are still some apps not taking advantage of the extra real estate. The problem is this could be due to a variety of factors.

Maybe your phone exhibits poor signal strength. Whatever the cause is, poor battery life can be detrimental to the smartphone experience. Also read: The best Android smartphones with the best battery life.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus

The Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10 Plus pack some of the best cameras available on smartphones. How To. Problem 1: Unregistered fingerprint unlocks the phone Back in October, device owners discovered a major security flaw with the in-display fingerprint scanner. Potential solutions: Samsung released a patch in October , addressing the flaw. Problem 2: Accidental screen touches.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10 Plus: News, Price, Specs, Features | Digital Trends

The build quality is exceptional. The phone is thin, feels lighter than it is at g and the glass front and back curve at the edges to a thin metal band with squared-off ends at the top and bottom. This is decidedly a two-hand phone. Use it one-handed without an aid at your peril. If ever there was a phone that should have shipped with one of those lanyards of old, this is it.

$99 Fake Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus vs $1099 Note 10 Plus!

I also got a lot of accidental touches from my palm on the bottom right of the screen. Accidentally zooming into web pages, exciting apps when trying to reach something and even pausing the music when trying to scroll in Spotify was a regular occurrence.

The Note 10+ gains features, but do they make it a better media machine?

Taking photos without hitting the back or home button was particularly difficult, resulting in quite a few missed photos. One big difference is the use of the newer UFS3.


That is while browsing and using apps for four hours with a hundred or so push messages, watching 40 minutes of Netflix, shooting about 10 photos a day and listening to around five hours of music via Bluetooth headphones. Lighter usage sees the battery last another few hours, as did activating one of the many battery-saving modes.

Most of the customisations Samsung makes to Android are welcome, with a focus on using the bottom of the screen for things you have to touch and the top for information, which aids in using phones with large screens. New for this year on the S-Pen is greatly improved handwriting recognition in the Samsung Notes app, which was thoroughly impressive accurately translating even scrawl into pristine text, and what Samsung calls Air actions.