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In addition, it provides direct access to each feature. Its composition and layout are customizable. Note: Some features are tracked by testing with phone sensors or phone accessories Fitbit, Galaxy Active, Galaxy Fit, etc The availability of the heart rate measurement function coincides with the release of the Samsung Galaxy S5 which has a built-in sensor. This function is limited to take the measurement punctually and at rest.

The application also supports heart sensors from other manufacturers. It is able to generate a graph as a function of time of the different frequencies reached during a sports session as well as other information such as the average and maximum heart rate reached. The heart rate measurement feature is not supported on Samsung Note 10's and Galaxy S10e's.

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Step counting is a feature that is integrated with Samsung Health with the arrival of the Samsung Galaxy S4 in April The default goal is to reach 10, steps per day. This number would be a recommendation of the World Health Organization according to the French Federation of Cardiology. The app also calculates other data such as the distance traveled, the number of calories burned and the number of steps taken at a good pace. According to the application information, a good rhythm is obtained when a rate of at least steps per minute is maintained for ten minutes. You can choose the source of the recorded data.

Either we use the smartphone data or those recorded by a compatible Samsung accessory. This function measures the daily activity expressed in minutes. By default the application automatically calculates the running time more than one hundred steps per minute.

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The goal to reach is set by default at sixty minutes a day. You can manually record an activity session running, walking, hiking, biking. Specific parameters such as distance, duration, route layout, altitude profile, heart rate, calories burned will be recorded according to the chosen activity. Global challenges were added at the end of May in version 5. Global challenges last one month and the goal is to walk , steps.

Once your goal is reached, your app will award you a badge. Each challenge features an animal that "gives" a variety of information.

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As expected, the device functioned normally after going through this ordeal. I did face some issues with the earpiece at first, but it fixed itself within a couple of hours. But Samsung, in the process of taking every aspect of stock Android and making it their own, has introduced a number of useful features which make the whole experience much more enjoyable. Similar to Android 7. You can run two applications side by side using the snap or you can even put them in their own tiny windows which float around while you continue working in some other application.

There are also some other minor features which users will probably use much more. There is a device maintenance feature which keeps track of possible issues which can cause performance to suffer. It monitors resource intensive applications and closes any unnecessary service which is running in the background. Other features include a game mode to increase performance while playing resource intensive 3d games, smart call, smart alert, smart stay and a whole bunch of other smart stuff.

Samsung has fitted A7 with Exynos In terms of raw performance, it is a little bit more powerful than a Snapdragon processor.

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Games do load a bit slower, and graphic intensive games might take a hit in the fps department a bit, but mostly it performs adequately for normal usage. But… Adequate performance is not sufficient for a device in this price range. Geekbench and AnTuTu benchmark results reflect my concerns.

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Samsung is known for its good displays, so assuming that a phone by Samsung will have excellent screen is no rocket science. Thankfully this assumption holds for A7 too. The p AMOLED screen is amazing with good color contrast, great outdoor visibility and more than enough pixel density. It would probably be a sin to say something bad about it just for the sake of it.

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Different camera modes available on A7 Another aspect which Samsung devices are almost always expected to ace is the camera. Arguably, Samsung makes the best camera phones in the world. Unsurprisingly, expectations were quite for me before I started using this phone.

Samsung introduces a triple camera smartphone for the mid-range segment.

A7 almost lived up to this expectation. Almost… While the 16 MP primary camera is exceptionally good itself, Samsung, for unknown reasons definitely not related to cost , decided to refrain from using any form of stabilization technology.

Great looking photos most of the time, with occasional blurry photos due to slight movement of the hand. The front camera is of the same resolution and offers a pretty good experience overall. It does suffer from occasional blurry pictures but that can be expected from any fixed focus front camera.

Overall the camera gets a solid A- from my side. You can view some untouched camera samples here if you want to compare the quality yourself. So now that you have hopefully read the whole review from top to bottom, what do we make of it? A7 checks most of the boxes which determine whether it is a good smartphone or not.

Top notch camera? Check that as well.

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Good design? Definitely going to check this.

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Well, not so fast gringo…. The problem, as is the case with almost all other Samsung phones, lies within the price tag that Samsung has put on this device. When I look at the specs and the whole feature set and then weigh it down with the price, all of those check marks come crashing down.