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On the computer, you may find the approximate position of your phone. In case of theft or loss of your phone or tablet you can begin to emit an alarm or remotely delete all data. If you want to have more control to try alternatives like Prey or Cerberus the review of Anti-Theft apps is published right here Top Apps.

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We have reached the point where the use of a smartphone with Android with Google Apps is simply inconvenient. Fortunately, these applications are offering high quality and add many important functions that you can use on your device. If they are not installed immediately, you should download it from Google Play:. These are the important applications that everyone should have. If you use Gmail and Google Calendar you should also install them. Soon, the Google family will get bigger. However, there are some easier ways to write.

Frankly speaking, there is no perfect keyboard, but Google Play offers a lot of interesting alternatives that you may like.

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Here are the most interesting ones:. Your new Android phone has been practically set up.

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  5. Here are some of the best suggestions:. Google Play is fine but there are some apps which you cannot find there.

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    Sometimes you may find some incredible promotion in some alternative store. So let's install programs such as:. Memorigi is a beautiful to-do list app that helps you plan and organize your life January 25, Thanks Meter : 5. Thread Deleted Email Thread Page 1 of 3 1 2 3. Hiii all My blade is not lost but my friend lost his ace while travelling from train,so he can't find the thief In bad times If my blade losts what can I do Any apps or settings or tips for tracking my lost blade It can help many peoples Please I want reply from all members knowing about this Just reply if you know any thing and safeguard others or yourself Thnx in advance Thanks Meter : Join Date: Joined: Mar Can be found free on market.

    App can be hidden, controlled via SMS or computer and can be sent to a phone remotely so long as you have the gmail address and login password that the phone is registered to. Senior Member. The Blade Max View turned in a respectable peak brightness of nits under our light meter. That beats out the nit Moto G6 , but falls shy of the nit Honor 7X.

    And with a Delta-E rating of 0. The Blade Max View comes equipped with a megapixel primary sensor on the back, as well as a 2-MP sensor for determining depth in Portrait Mode shots. Up front, you get an 8-MP camera for selfies.

    ZTE Blade Max View Review: A Pretty Good Cheap Phone

    I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the shots ZTE's latest budget device churned out. They're very respectable for the handset's cheap price, especially considering low and midrange phones always tend to skimp on photography before all else. There are strengths and weaknesses of each photo — the Motorola's result is sharper, while the Blade Max View delivered a brighter shot with more accurate white balance, taking account of the scene's warmth.

    It definitely became clear in successive shots that the Blade Max View's penchant for more realistic colors wasn't imagined. That's especially evident when comparing these two photos of a homey Christmas tree ornament, where the light emanating from one of the tree's bulbs paints the side of the fox in stark yellow. Again, you;re looking at a more subdued but ultimately life-like shot from ZTE's handset. On this attempt, it was the the Moto G6 delivering the more brightly exposed picture.

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    Motorola's camera turned up the sharpness to 11 as well, which caused a fair bit of aliasing and color bleeding along the wireframe profile of the car on the label. All things considered, ZTE's handset again walks away with the more balanced showing. The results from the Blade Max View's front-facing camera weren't as positive.

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    The focus on this phone can be a little finicky — it already paints photos that aren't quite as sharp as what some of its competitors will provide, and the focal area seems a bit limited. That results in shots like what you see above, where the lower half of my face is properly exposed, but my forehead and hat are considerably blurrier. That said, I prefer ZTE's method of lighting the scene to Motorola's, which, again, tries far too hard to dial in more saturation that necessary. Processing power is usually at odds with price, and the Blade Max View is further proof of that.

    More casual titles like Super Mario Run are well within the Blade Max View's wheelhouse; the phone gets warm to the touch, but the experience is at least smooth. The Blade Max View's delivered underwhelming results in Geekbench 4, a test of overall performance. There, the device topped out with a multicore score of 2, — about 1, points behind the Moto G6 and its peppier Snapdragon silicon.