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As for Verizon, things get a bit more interesting. Because the Moto Z4 supports Moto Mods, and because the spec for the Mod platform date back three years, there's no getting around the Z4's proportional similarity to prior Moto Z models. Motorola is locked into a design, to a certain extent. It can't really change the shape of the device without breaking Mod compatibility.

That's not to say the company hasn't done a lot to improve the Z series design where it can. The Z4's new 6. The back of the phone is glass, but it's been etched in a matte finish that feels really pleasing to the touch. Doug Michau, Motorola's head of product operations, told me this wasn't a cheap process to implement, but the team felt it was a worthwhile one. I'm inclined to agree. The Z4 comes in two colorways — Flash Gray and Frost White — and while our sample unit is of the Gray variety, I really dig the aesthetic of the latter flavor.

There's just something about the way the gold Mod pins play off against the matte white that is delightfully classy. You won't find a fingerprint sensor on the back or sides of the Moto Z4, and there's certainly no room for it on the front, given how tight those bezels are. Motorola has opted for an optical in-display fingerprint sensor here, which makes a lot of sense for the Z line.


Sadly, the sensor is less useful in practice. The scanner in the Z4 is one of the fussiest in-display solutions I've used.

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Like other optical systems, the scanner is sensitive to pressure and placement. That might sound fine enough on paper, but I assure you it'll feel like ages to anyone used to instantaneous capacitive sensors. For what it's worth, Motorola says the sensor is at least clever enough to learn from false readings over time, so it should get faster and better with continued use.

One last point on the Z4's design front that shouldn't go unnoticed: Motorola has brought back the headphone jack for this phone, after nixing it on the original Moto Z out of a desire to make that older model as slender as possible. People apparently care more about being able to use their existing accessories rather than shaving off a millimeter of thickness — who would've thought? Strangely, though, the Z4's single speaker isn't next to the 3. That's not necessarily a bad thing, just really unusual. While the Moto Z's footprint stays the same, the display within it has grown markedly year after year.

What started as a 5. With a x resolution, satisfyingly punchy hues and good visibility no matter the viewing angle, the Moto Z4's screen is all-around great for this price.

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  6. In fact, I prefer it to the Pixel 3a's OLED display, which exhibits a slight green cast and doesn't maintain its color balance quite as well when you aren't looking at it straight on. That said, the Pixel 3a can get brighter; where the Moto Z4 topped out with a peak full-screen brightness of nits under our light meter, the Pixel 3a reached nits. The Pixel 3a also exhibited slightly more accurate hues, owing to its Delta-E score of 0. Motorola has tried to make the biggest strides with the Z4's camera. That's the highest megapixel count of any image sensor that Motorola's embedded into a phone, and thanks to the addition of quad-pixel binning — a trick employed by our current top camera phone, the Huawei P30 Pro — the Z4's camera has been designed to use that wealth of data captured to pump out optimized MP shots with superior low-light detail.

    Capturing a pair of portraits of my colleague Caitlin, the Z4 obviously opts for a more zoomed-out perspective. Neither of these devices feature telephoto lenses, though Google's software crops in within the frame to get closer to the subject, so the resulting portrait is a bit more dramatic. There's some roughness concerning the way blurring is handled around Caitlin's hair in the Pixel 3a's rendition. That's not surprising, given that many mobile cameras struggle with long hair in shallow depth-of-field shots.

    But overall, the Z4's unnaturally warm cast, blurring of finer details like the texture of the subject's skin and inconsistent separation between the foreground and background, particularly around the stone ledge, lose this round for Motorola.

    Moto Z4 128GB - UNLOCKED - Flash Gray

    Looking out from the edge of Bryant Park outside Tom's Guide's New York office, the Moto Z4 delivered another decent yet somewhat hazy shot, that plainly lacked the presence and contrast that the Pixel 3a achieved. Motorola's MP sensor crisply rendered the people relaxing on the lawn, as well as the stage banner at the far end of the park. However, the sky is a bit too gray, the clouds are flat, and the colors are smoky in general. Yet Motorola can claim a small victory — at least the Z4 avoided the lens flare that plagued the left edge of the Pixel 3a's shot.

    Turning to some photos that demonstrate the Z4's zoom capabilities, we can see how Motorola has tried to use software to make up for the lack of a secondary telephoto lens. Even ignoring the profound difference in color the Z4's balancing is nowhere close to the real conditions , Motorola's computational photography still can't resolve the wrinkles and velvety texture of the petals, or the semi-furry sheen of the greenery below.

    Improving low-light photos is a priority for pretty much every smartphone maker these days, and much like its rivals, Motorola has decided to tackle that problem with the help of software.

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    The Z4 introduces Night Vision, which combines eight frames of an image, as well as dynamic noise reduction and sharpening, to produce a cleaner result despite dim surroundings. Eventually, an update to the Moto Camera app on the Play Store added the feature, and we're pleased to report the results are quite impressive. Night Vision processed the first of the two photos you see above, taken in our indoor studio with barely any light in the room, in less time than the Pixel 3a managed with its Night Sight mode.

    The Z4's shot ended up noticeably brighter than the Pixel's, though not as sharp. Additionally, the colors in the faux brick wall and hanging posters are a bit washed out, comparatively speaking, through the lens of the new Moto handset.


    Motorola is promising a strong selfie game from the Z4's MP front-facing shooter. Unfortunately, the results don't back up those claims. The Z4 aggressively smoothed the subject's face even though all retouching features were turned off , glossed over the filtering of sunlight through the leaves of the trees in the background and washed out the lush greens of this summer scene.

    In this example, Motorola's quad-pixel technology may have actually hurt more than helped; while you can opt for full-resolution, MP shots from the front camera in the settings, the default is 5 MP, where every four pixels are binned together.

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    8. The resulting images taken in this mode are too blurry and low-res to truly impress. At the heart of the Moto Z4 beats Qualcomm's Snapdragon octa-core chipset. I was surprised to find that the Z4 defaulted to playing PUBG Mobile at High settings, which is quite rare for a phone not powered by one of Qualcomm's Snapdragon series chipsets.

      That's very strange that two phones have the same issue but yet doesn't seem to be widespread to lots of users. This is unusual behavior, and I agree that it's highly unlikely that it's the phone, since two have the same issue. Can you confirm that, for example, Google Maps isn't working when this happens? I understand that you say GPS is turning itself off. Are you seeing that in the shortcut icons or in Settings, or both? Can you test in Safe Mode to see if this is an app issue? To go into Safe Mode, press the physical power key, then press and hold the pop-up "Power off" key until the Safe Mode instructions pop up.

      I know you said only stock apps - humor me. Also, please update your profile with current phone, carrier and serial number -- this will help me investigate. Need help updating your profile?

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      See here. I figured it out.

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