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With 12 GB of ram performance is outstanding, split screen multitasking, expandable storage and a b read more. I had the Note 9 and was quite happy with it. Verizon had a buy one get one free deal for the Note 10 with add a line. My daughter needed a new phone so I brought onto my account and added her new line and got us both the Note 10 on the BOGO deal. The Note 10 has a better stylus, its not bright y read more.

It's an amazing powerful phone and happy I made the upgrade. Okay I will attempt to kill a bunch of birds with one review here. Please stop leaving bad reviews on a phone you bought after a HUGE company you all love soooooo much by buying a phone after they told you exactly how it would appear and function before you had a chance to buy one. If you do not read more. Thought I was the only one having a problem even after Samsung updates and network reset, but this "phablet" is a dog when it comes to signals.

Frequently asked questions Ask a question. Newest Questions. Answer this question. Was this answer helpful? Yes 0. Hello Raff. Thank you for reaching out to us. Yes 1. Yes 3. Hi Susie. Yes 4. There aren't huge differences, but size is one. Yes 2. The other 2 are locked into GB. However, we do not have information on why the device colors and GB sizes were chosen. Yes 5. For example, I saw a review about S. Also, I noticed that 1 phone feature had 1 star, yet no review mentioned that as a bad freature. Review comments are optional.

Device support is available with the My Verizon app: m.

Galaxy Note 10 tips: 10 things to do first

Hi Sandra. The device is water resistant based on the IP68 rating. We are here to support you and always want your device to function as it is supposed to. Hello Scottie. From the included link of the User Manual, go to page 81 to view more information on the features of the camera. Hello Hope. This device is not Dual Sim capable. We are able to troubleshoot issues and setup service if it is needed.

How to Spy on a Samsung Mobile Phone?

When a phone's battery fails, then the entire phone needs to be replaced. Each phone has a 1 year warranty from the original date of purchase. While this phone is not as squared off as the Razer Phone 2 or an old Sony Xperia , the relatively squared-off design with curved sides feels nice in the hand.

The Note 10 Plus is considerably thinner than the Note 9, at just 7. Interestingly though, even with a huge 6. I would have preferred the device remained the same thickness and include an even larger battery, but like with other refinements this phone has made, the design was clearly a priority. The back of the phone looks elegant, with a vertical triple-camera system down the left side.

Other than two flash LEDs and a depth camera, the back of the phone is totally clean. On my Aura Glow model, the phone refracts light to create some amazing colors. The sides of the phone have a much thinner aluminum frame than the Note 9 and even the S The glass wraps around the edges more, almost feeling like a solid extruded piece.

It looks nicer than a thicker metal frame, but from the moment I saw this phone I was worried about it breaking.

Lo and behold, two days later, that became the case. My unit managed to slide off a table onto concrete from about four feet up and hit the bottom left corner, causing hairline fractures.

Unfortunately, this is a necessary trade-off. Samsung likely used this glass-heavy design to maintain consistency with the 5G model, which needs more glass on the sides for its mmWave antennas to work. We saw nearly the same design on the Galaxy S10 5G.

Trimming and cropping videos on the Galaxy Note 10

Currently, the state of USB-C headphones is abysmal, to put it lightly, and Bluetooth is still clunky. The fact that the headphone jack has become a mid-range feature is disgusting, and no one should be punished for not having the funds or preferring to not purchase expensive Bluetooth headphones.

The right side of the device is clear of any buttons or ports. Samsung instead opted to move the power button to the left side, right under the volume rockers. At first, I thought it would be hard to turn the device on and off, but I usually use the in-display fingerprint sensor anyway, and I can easily turn the device on and off with my index finger versus my thumb.

Like most things, this took about a day to get used to, but then it felt completely normal. The standard model Galaxy Note 10 does not have microSD expansion. Samsung has won 13 DisplayMate awards for the display on the Note 10 Plus, and I would say the awards are justified.


As for the size, 6. This is probably due to the aspect ratio. Because the Note 10 Plus is effectively the same footprint as the Note 9 with more screen and less bezel, it feels familiar. I am using the default One UI launcher, which makes elements on the screen larger and easier to reach versus other launchers, so this may be part of why the screen feels so usable. I tried the Galaxy S10 Plus again after using the Note for a few days and it felt tiny by comparison. Funny how we adapt to these things.

Samsung has also put the same ultrasonic in-display fingerprint sensor that we saw in the Galaxy S10 series in this device. Where the S10 seemingly misread my fingerprint more than it read it correctly, the Note 10 Plus has had a much higher success rate. This may be attributed to the fact that Samsung moved the sensor higher on the display than it was on the S10 Plus, making it easier to press naturally. In benchmarks, the Galaxy Note 10 Plus scores well. In Geekbench it nabbed 3, and 10, for the single-core and multi-core tests, respectively versus the and scores on the Galaxy S10 Plus.

One day, I got 5 hours and 2 minutes of screen-on time.

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The next, I got 7 hours and 33 minutes. On average, if I unplugged my phone at around 9 am, it would be near dead by around midnight. I was hoping for a bigger battery though, since the screen is noticeably bigger than both the last Note and the Galaxy S10 Plus.