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Xiaomi Redmi 7A review: A solid option and a big upgrade over Redmi 6A

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Air Conditioners. Split Window. Android iOS. Smart Regular. Laptops MacBooks Printers. Swiping down will close the Story session. As with Snaps, you can also save your Stories to the Memories section of Snapchat:. Sending private messages on Snapchat is simple.

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When in the home screen camera section , simply swipe from left to right and you will be taken to your inbox. Alternatively, you can tap on the Friends button, located on the bottom-left corner.

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You can use the search function to find a specific friend or message. There are two ways to interact with your messaging threads. The more basic one is to tap and hold on a conversation. You will be presented with a few options: one for viewing the chat, another for sending a picture or video, and a gear icon with a few options among them, the ability to block a user. Otherwise, just tap on a thread and swipe from left to right to access the chat. This chat will have all the content your friend has sent you.

Keep in mind everything here is temporary. Messages disappear after being viewed. You can also send images, emojis, and start video and voice calls. Note: We decided not to focus too much on the voice and video calls here.

Snapchat terminology

Those feeling a little adventurous can also look through the Discover section, which includes Snapchat accounts from sites and other users. Instead of being able to message them when looking at a snap, you can access their articles by swiping up. Time to get snapping!

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We hope you enjoyed our tutorial on how to use Snapchat. Hit the comments and let us know if you have any other tips for your fellow Snapchat users. Maybe you have some questions. Either way, we would love to hear from you. How To. Edgar Cervantes. What is Snapchat? Snapchat terminology Every app has its language, and Snapchat is no exceptions. Snap: A Snap is a picture or video you send through Snapchat.

It can be sent to multiple users and will be deleted once viewed. Stories: While also temporary, stories last longer than regular snaps and chats. Stories can be viewed as many times as users wish, but only for 24 hours. Stories are also shared with all your friends. Chat: Snapchat uses chats for more private conversations.

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It is a basic instant messaging feature, but messages also disappear after being viewed. Memories: Memories make it possible for users to save snaps for future usage. This is the only way to keep content around without it being deleted.

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Filters: Snapchat filters make it possible to alter the mood of your image. These can change hues, saturation, shadows, and more. Lenses: Lenses are animated special effects you can add to your shots. Snapcode: Snapcodes are QR-style codes used for easily adding friends.