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In a video of the issue, Krebs manually disabled Maps, Siri, and individual System Services settings from the Location Services menu in Settings but enabled the setting to show the arrow-shaped Status Bar Icon and left the Location data tab enabled. When Krebs turned Airplane Mode off, the arrow icon appeared in the Status Bar despite there being no apps open beyond Settings.

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Apple did not immediately return a request for comment about the issue. Back in , reports surfaced an issue involving the Control Center in iOS 11 where the iPhone did not actually disconnect from wifi and Bluetooth despite appearing to do so. And while Apple did cop to this on its support page, as Motherboard noted at the time, the issue was not evident to users. Apple later introduced a fix. Or, maybe the evidently always-on location tracking is one small but significant reason Apple was uncharacteristically hushed on privacy during its iPhone 11 event this year.

The A. Read on. I tested this integration with my computer, and I was able to do a lot of different things from this dashboard like track my phone and send out an alert, and also download other free apps from Avira. Take a look at the full, in-depth Avira review over here. Its anti-phishing technology is particularly impressive. McAfee is a household name in the antivirus world, and just like their premium antivirus , their free iOS app is very high quality.

McAfee Mobile Security includes 2 phone location features to help you find your lost or stolen iPhone. I was able to access both of these by logging into my free McAfee account on another device including my Apple Watch! I also liked the Locate feature which showed me the current location of my iPhone on a map. McAfee then sent me an email of the picture along with the last known location of the device. I set it up to automatically save new photos and videos to my Media Vault. The app can locate your iPhone, protect your photos, and wipe your contact data.

I transmit sensitive, personal, and financial information via my iPhone every day.

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I check my bank account, I order food with my credit card, I send emails, I log into social media… My phone knows a lot about me. And this data is at risk unless I actively take steps to protect it. Phone Guardian focuses on protecting my outbound network traffic — the data leaving from my device. The VPN also encrypts the data leaving my phone and reroutes my network traffic through a different, secure server. Another Phone Guardian feature analyzes how my apps use my personal information.

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Phone Guardian tells me if an app is collecting my personal information and usage data for advertising purposes. But while this is a super cool feature, there is a little bit of a problem. Because the app is free, Phone Guardian makes money by doing something similar: Collecting data about app usage and selling it for market research purposes. Phone Guardian provides a fast and free VPN to keep your network traffic private. Phone Guardian also helps you understand how data-hungry apps use your personal information. Download Free Phone Guardian Now. Then I tested the Scream feature which I told him I would do , and it was so loud that it startled him!

These features are great, but what if your battery dies before you get a chance to use them?

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Note: You can choose which activities will trigger Theft Alerts — after all, you might not want to receive a Theft Alert every time you turn your phone off. Lookout Personal for iOS is a good choice if like me you frequently misplace your phone in public. But the theft protection is not as strong as others on this list like McAfee. While this is nice, it only protects 1 email address on the free plan, and regular premium antiviruses like McAfee and Norton do this better for cheaper.

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This automatically checked all of my Wi-Fi connections for vulnerabilities. It told me about:.

This feature is important if you travel a lot like me and often connect to a lot of unknown Wi-Fi networks. The app also includes a Photo Vault which gave me an extra layer of security to the media stored on my devices. Phishing is a huge problem, theft is a huge problem, and browsing on unsecured networks is a huge problem. Not only are our iPhones valuable assets, they also contains some of our most sensitive personal information.

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In most cases, yes. But still, you should check with each product to make sure that the app offers the protection you want.

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There may be certain features which will only work on iPhones. While the threat of a traditional virus is low, there are all sorts of other threats that will compromise your cybersecurity. Avira Mobile Security offers the most generous range of free features, including phishing protection, data breach alerts, anti-theft tools, anti-spyware protection , and more.

Alternatively, for a great set of anti-theft features, you can also give McAfee Mobile Security a try.

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