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The international version of this phone comes at a respectable price, especially considering its specs. Welcome to the world of early 5G. When you look at the Mate 20X as a handset, there are finally a lot more positive things to talk about. After all, it is a well-built phone. The 7. Its rear tri-camera array has a dedicated telephoto and ultrawide lens for clear shots from any angle.

It also records 4K video. Oppo is a brand-new smartphone manufacturer from China, which is already producing international versions of their 5G-ready Reno phone in anticipation of the global switchover.

LG V50 on Android 10: New OS, New UX, AND A DESKTOP MODE!

If, however, you are interested in using the 5G networks of Verizon, Sprint, or T-Mobile, you will want to look elsewhere. As for the specs of this phone, it is basically their Oppo Reno 10x Zoom with the added update of a 5G wireless chip. That means it is a pretty decent phone all-around, despite not being such a well-known brand. If anything, its custom UI gets a little funky at times but that may also be because I am used to the responsiveness of my Galaxy S As a brand, Oppo still has a lot more to prove but their early support for 5G may yet propel them to a higher tier in the coming years.

That said, this is still one of the best 5G phones that you can get your hands on currently. The extra boost in speed is nice but geographically limited to just a few select cities at this time. What we will judge a little more harshly is the slightly dated hardware of this phone compared to its price tag. The Snapdragon processor is solid but the 6. Its rear camera array and front cameras are decent but these days that can be said for pretty much any phone.

To put it into as simple terms as possible, 5G is the next generation of wireless technology, which marks massive improvements over the data transfer speed, latency, and bandwidth of the current 4G LTE standard. The reason that its rollout is so important to the cell phone industry is that this new standard completely changes the game by increasing the max data transfer speed by ten times that of 4G.

Currently, cell phone carriers are promising speeds between 1 and 10 Gbps, which is fast enough to download a full 4K movie in just seconds. Another reason that the 5G radio system is so important is that it is not compatible with 4G, so it requires an all-new cellular infrastructure to be created.

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At this time, most 5G cell phones on the market have what's called 5G NSA or "not standalone" , which uses the 4G infrastructure as support. By next year, most of the big four service providers are expected to have a standalone 5G network — at least in select locations.

At this time, 5G is only being rolled out to limited cities in the US.

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The best place to track availability near you is via Ookla's 5G Rollout Map , which shows 5G coverage around the world as it develops. Just make a note that this map differs between "commercially available" 5G and "limited availability," which is an important distinction.

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A small amount of the available 5G networks are being used more like a private beta test, which you shouldn't take as a guarantee that you would be able to access it anytime soon. But that much should already be apparent if it is integrated with 4G coverage. That's why we recommend periodically checking out PC Mag's Race to 5G leaderboard , which tracks each company's advancement towards a primetime 5G rollout. At the moment, Sprint has the most 5G coverage in the nation but because this is a 5G NSA plan marketed as true 5G, its speeds won't be as impressive we've promised so far.

Still, Mbps is nothing to balk at. You may be surprised to find that the first 5G cellphone plans are reasonably priced even considering their limitations. That said, these plans offer mostly 4G coverage on 5G networks, with limited millimeter-wave 5G access near urban hotspots. You should definitely research your local infrastructure before you are won over by the price tag, as coverage means everything in the cellular industry. So until we start to see more standalone 5G services become available, it is hard to estimate what the final price will be for this sort of service.

Disclaimer: Heavy Inc. By Matt Malmlund. Updated Mar 10, at pm. Sticking to the middle option is likely the best balance for most people. Colors are accurate to the eye. You can choose from several different color profiles if you wish to change the overall tone. Brightness is quite good. I was able to use the phone indoors and out without concern for the sun. You can also opt to hide the notch via software. This is an approach I have come to appreciate. LG calls it the New Second Screen. Screen transitions were smooth, apps opened in an instant, and the phone never made me wait when using the camera or playing 3D-rich games.

Benchmark tests bore this out. The V50 ThinQ delivered crushing results. In other words, the only phones that are faster likely also have the Snapdragon under the hood. LG built a heat pipe into the device and it channels thermals away from the processor. This helps keep performance at its best.

You can expect to get quick download speeds. I tested the V50 on Sprint 5G in Dallas and saw average speeds in excess of Mbps, with peaks reaching nearly Mbps. Battery 4,mAh lithium-ion Qualcomm Quick Charge 3. I tested the battery in and out of 5G coverage zones and saw quite a stark difference between the two.

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Screen-on time varied a bit depending in the display resolution. I always used the phone with all the radios on and the display set to auto-brightness. I saw it drop from percent to 30 percent in that short timespan. Keep in mind, I was using it extensively to run speed tests on the network, and I had the screen set to full brightness much of the time.

The phone powers up quickly via the included charger.

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Plug it in for 15 minutes and the battery will jump by 30 percent, giving you hours of additional use. Qi-based wireless charging is on board, too.

LG V50 ThinQ review: Is Sprint 5G worth the premium?

The phone is compatible with most wireless chargers sold today and was able to recover its charge fairly quickly. You want cameras? Three on the back and two on the front, to be specific. Like the current flagships from Samsung and Huawei, the LG has standard, telephoto, and wide-angle lenses on the rear. These are joined by standard and wide-angle selfie cameras on the front.

The idea is to give people the greatest possible range of shooting options. This is the norm for a modern flagship. It pops open with a double-press of the volume-down key. Core shooting modes include auto, AI cam, portrait, studio, and manual. The portrait tool allows you to dial in the blur in real time.

Three little boxes at the top of the screen let you switch rapidly from the telephoto to the standard, to the wide-angle lenses. The software will seamlessly switch to the proper lens. A strip of controls on the side of the viewfinder makes controlling the flash, adding filters, or adjusting the settings a snap. The V50 ThinQ has two selfie cameras, a standard degree lens and a second degree lens. This secondary shooter lets you take wider selfies. See below.