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The back camera is 8MP while the front camera, which supports wide angle shots, is 5MP.

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The back camera can shoot p videos at 30fps. The battery is a non-removable mAh Lithium Ion cell. This is not good. I mean look at the Galaxy J1 which costs 12K and has mAh. Why not give this phone at least mAh?

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Oh yep, design! For this phone to be as beautiful as it is, Samsung had to make it so thin and that means the battery had to be so small! Can the battery last a day?

Lenovo A7000 vs Samsung Galaxy A3

And you turn brightness to zero and stay on WiFi. Have you used the A3? What are your thoughts? This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

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Its cross-platform nature allows for users of different mobile operating systems to come together under one app.

Telegram for Samsung Galaxy A3 - free download APK file for Galaxy A3

Since its was bought by Facebook a few years ago, WhatsApp has grown exponentially in terms of marketshare, although its rise was always on the cards prior to the acquisition. Group messaging is offered here by default, and contacts are synced over phone numbers. You can sign up for WhatsApp by simply requesting a one-time password to your registered mobile number. After this, you will find all the contacts on WhatsApp in one list directly in the app.

Contacts can message you directly, or add you to groups. The admin of the group can decide who can communicate and post or lift restrictions in the process. Yet another popular instant messaging app, Telegram, competes directly with the likes of WhatsApp for marketshare. One of the biggest features of Telegram when it first came to the surface was the fact that all chats on the platform were end-to-end encrypted, meaning nobody can read your messages, not even Telegram.

This feature has since made its way to pretty much every instant messaging app, including WhatsApp.

Why is Lenovo A7000 better than Samsung Galaxy A3?

This can be a hit or a miss with the customers, although Telegram allows you to edit or change themes according to your liking. Groups can be created here with ease, allowing you to talk to pretty much anyone on the planet with a smartphone or a computer. Telegram is also one of the few apps that provides a robust desktop app.

Unlike WhatsApp, Telegram can work with a username and password, not requiring a phone number to connect. This means you can even use the app on a standard tablet.