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In terms of performance, the experience of using Xiaomi's Mi A3 is mostly a latency-free one. What this review of the Xiaomi Mi A3 showed, perhaps above all else, is that it's possible to make a generally great experience from very little. That is, as long as expectations are kept in check. While the available 4GB RAM and either 64GB or GB storage are more than enough to store those games — and plenty for files from shooting 4K video or in slow-motion at up to fps — the Snapdragon SoC, isn't well-suited for the most intensive titles.

Compared to other devices in its price bracket, many of which I have reviewed it is going to perform above a substantial portion of the class. In day-to-day use, light-to-moderate gaming, and with most of the productivity and creativity apps on the Play Store, Xiaomi has built a solid choice for those who can't afford or who don't want a flagship or even a mid-range gadget.

Xiaomi's Mi A3 is hardly a small device but the company's design team has still managed to create a handset that feels smaller than most. In-hand, the Xiaomi Mi A3 curves sharply into a thin glass and metal sandwich that can only be described as 'premium'. The display on the device covers nearly the entire front panel, for starters. That features a 2. The result is a device that just has a great feel.

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The only breaks in frame continuity stem from the power button, volume rocker, three-camera array, and two plugs at the top and bottom edge. The latter of those encompasses a 3. The speakers and mic holes are rounded off and were almost imperceptible to the touch unless I was looking for them. The ports are snug, with no wiggle. Xiaomi has gone out of its way to make the Mi A3 design feel good to use and the color of my review test unit went a long way toward making it a joy to look at too. Of all aspects of this phone, the style was obviously among the most important to Xiaomi.

The company sent the "Kind of Grey" version, which features an almost high-reflective dark steel aesthetic. The grey version is arguably the lesser coloration but it garnered plenty of attention during my test anyway. The total lack of any IP-rating is another area for concern.

Some users have reported at various online sites that basic protection against minor splashes and the like is present. But it's probably still a good idea to keep this phone away from water or dusty environments. The 6. The size isn't small but thanks to a droplet-style notch with extremely thin, almost equally-spaced bezels, it feels smaller than it is. Xiaomi has left plenty of room above that for an earpiece and a notification LED, which I'll cover a bit later on. It's also an AMOLED display and comes packing an in-screen fingerprint scanner to round out the design's modern appeal.

The scanner itself is noticeably slower than some other devices but I never had it misread my fingerprint either. So those aren't where the problems with this display panel are, although it was annoying to wait sometimes. The display manages to cover The benefits of that are obvious. Colors are accurate and still vibrant and the darkness of tones, or lightness, looks spot on.

It's generally a pleasure to use. So none of that presents an issue here, either.

Xiaomi Mi A3 Review

No, the biggest issue with the display in Xiaomi's Mi A3 is its resolution. The screen almost certainly helps keep the cost down and battery life exceptional. Users won't likely find stray pixels where they aren't looking for them. In fact, the wide color gamut and contrast only make that worse.

The low resolution takes away from the overall premium sense that are immediately apparent everywhere else. The trouble is that image clarity that seems ever-so-slightly off, even if it's difficult to put a finger on. It's important to bear in mind that, as with any review, the battery life represented here for the Xiaomi Mi A3 may not be typical. I didn't use any lab-like environments or specialty apps to test the battery life here. I simply used the phone. So my experience will almost certainly be different than anybody else.

Now, in total, I managed to see a total of hours from a single charge with the Xiaomi Mi A3 during my use for this review. That's a full hours, plus an additional 6 and a half hours, give or take a few minutes. My review included some gaming time, time spent casting media to other devices, and time spent watching movies or listening to music. In total, not including emails, text messages, calls, web browsing and the like, I recorded a total of hours and minutes of screen on-time.

What makes that impressive is that my screen's auto-brightness was turned off. Instead, I held that at between percent and percent throughout — more than enough for even a moderately bright, sunny day. No battery-saving measures were turned on either. So life could feasibly be extended much further.

Xiaomi didn't include a wall adapter with my unit so it could feasibly charge up even more quickly. This phone is rated for 18W charging and only comes with a 10W charger out-of-the-box. Despite the fact that I was relegated to using a charger that wasn't optimized for the device, it only took right around 2-hours and minutes to go from empty to full.

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Thankfully, Xaiomi managed to squeeze an LED indicator in the top bezel, despite its size and in contrast to many devices. That's something that's been missing far more frequently from all manner of smartphones over the past few years.

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So it was easy to see when the light turned off that the phone was done charging. Xiaomi didn't slack on the Mi A3 camera either and this review's camera samples via Flicker highlight that. Most of the images I snapped for this test were off-the-cuff, without any real planning. Instead, I took advantage of the fact that Xiaomi's camera typically works well enough without interference and only switched between modes.

This triple-camera array is exceptionally straightforward, with modes lining the bottom-based carousel just below the lens switching icon. Special features for those, including HDR mode, AI scene recognition, and beautification, among others, tucked behind a three-dash icon, can be found at the top of the UI. Each camera tool has its own easy-to-use features.


There is a Pro mode for those who like more control over photographic aspects. Xiaomi includes a night, portrait, panoramic, and standard modes alongside filters and other features. The sole feature that seems to be missing is anything resembling AR stickers. The camera here is held back by several issues too, also shown in the sample gallery. First, the shutter speed is slower than expected and even slower in night mode.

That stays the same in every shooting mode. As a result, motion blur can become a problem if the hands aren't kept steady. Mi A2 followed in August Since then we have seen plenty of Android One phones hit the market. These no longer have the specifications restriction that we saw back in Now, Xiaomi is getting ready to launch the Mi A3 in India, which it has already introduced in markets like Spain. The image shared also shows three cameras hinting at triple cameras at the back.

There is plenty to indicate that this is the Mi A3, taking forward the Android One series from Xiaomi. The Mi A3 comes at a time when the brand is facing tough competition in the mid-budget segment, one which it has come to dominate for the last two years in India. One serious new competitor is newcomer Realme, which is launching phones nearly as fast as Xiaomi. A similar price as Mi A2 would make the Mi A3 cheaper than the newly-launched Redmi K20 , a capable phone from Xiaomi that has faced some heat on social media over the price of Rs 21, One would be the battery.

Mi A2 also did away with the headphone jack and microSD slot, which was a major mistake for a phone priced under Rs 20, in India. Yes, Bluetooth wireless headphones are very popular now, but those looking for a phone under Rs 20, might not always have these or would just want to use their old wired headphones.