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A Snapdragon 1.

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It will let you know when you start running low on storage or if your battery is close to depleting. Ultimately, we prefer the 'Standard' preset and neutral colour range. The G6 also handles detail well, giving good presentation of texture, hair and pores in close-ups.

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However, this is something of a mixed bag - dark colours can suck away some of the insight into dimly lit areas. Viewing angles could be better too - the moment you move off-centre, the contrast starts to fade and detail goes astray.

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When listening to music through the 3. Of those options, we prefer 'Rich' — although the difference between having it on or off is minimal. It feels like the G6 is stuck in third gear, unable to really open up and give you something powerful. Nevertheless, the Motorola G6 is certainly a good place to start when looking for a phone that can not only handle the essentials but take a decent photo as well.

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Best smartphones Read all our Motorola reviews. Step 3: Customize your settings: How often you want to receive the logs, which activities you wish to track, control the Android mobile remotely.

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Are they recording you without your knowledge? With Moto G6 spy software you can find out if they are filming you without your knowledge.

Yet another winning Moto mid-range phone, but it’s a shame about that price increase

What would you do if they were stolen? IF you have Moto spware installed it will be possible to track their location via GPS allowing law enforcement to recover the device. Record Surroundings This top Android spy app can be used to record the surrounding area of the device which could prove useful if your Google Glass is lost or stolen. Back Up Media Files With the ability for Moto G6 and other Android users to record video or audio and to take pictures on the go, there will be a demand for an easy to use back up system for these type of files.

If you use a Android monitoring software these files will automatically be transmitted to the monitoring dashboard allowing you to back up your files with ease.

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Block Advertising Moto G6 monitoring app can be configured to stop access to certain websites including advertising. This will be useful in making sure that you are not bombarded by advertising when using Moto G6. Building Up Evidence If you need to prove what someone is doing for any reason, for example to report a co-worker, or to prove that they are threatening you then it can help to have a record of conversations.

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Moto G6 Spy Software have the ability to record conversations and phone calls or even text messages and emails to be used as proof. When kids do get their hands on the smartphon, parents are going to want to monitor them and mobile tracking software will help! Wiping Stored Data If your new smartphone is lost or stolen then any personal information stored on the device becomes vulnerable. With Android tracking app you can send a remote command to wipe the device before the data is misused.

  • Yet another winning Moto mid-range phone, but it’s a shame about that price increase!
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Check How Uses It With tracking app installed it will be possible for you to monitor what they are using the Moto new mobile for including messages sent, data recorded and much more.