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Plus, its vapor chamber system helps dissipate heat, so it can keep cool. If you're ready to join the 5G network, check out the LG V50 ThinQ 5G for Sprint and Verizon , as well as our full range of 5G phones and mobile accessories — and get more from your phone than you ever thought possible.

Disclaimers: 1 5G coverage available in limited markets. Product features and performance may vary and are subject to network availability and connectivity. For Sprint only: See Sprint.

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LG provides repair service for a minimum of three 3 years or for such longer period as required by applicable law after end of production of the mobile phone. JavaScript appears to be disabled in your browser. Please enable JavaScript to ensure you get the most out of the LG site, products, and services.

LG V50 ThinQ 5G: Easy Tip to Remove Phone From Dual Screen Case

The phone is compatible with most wireless chargers sold today and was able to recover its charge fairly quickly. You want cameras? Three on the back and two on the front, to be specific. Like the current flagships from Samsung and Huawei, the LG has standard, telephoto, and wide-angle lenses on the rear. These are joined by standard and wide-angle selfie cameras on the front. The idea is to give people the greatest possible range of shooting options. This is the norm for a modern flagship.

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It pops open with a double-press of the volume-down key. Core shooting modes include auto, AI cam, portrait, studio, and manual. The portrait tool allows you to dial in the blur in real time. Three little boxes at the top of the screen let you switch rapidly from the telephoto to the standard, to the wide-angle lenses. The software will seamlessly switch to the proper lens. A strip of controls on the side of the viewfinder makes controlling the flash, adding filters, or adjusting the settings a snap.

The V50 ThinQ has two selfie cameras, a standard degree lens and a second degree lens. This secondary shooter lets you take wider selfies. See below.

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I found the camera app to be a little slow to lock in focus, but this is an ongoing issue with LG phones. I noticed the same thing on the LG G8. Once the app snapped the shot, it was quick to process and save the image so you can return to shooting. In general, the photos are solid. Sunny scenes give the sensor lots to work with and colors look really nice. White balance was sometimes off, and you can see the red flower below blew out the sensor a bit. Sharpness was hit or miss. Sometimes the camera dialed in focus perfectly and other times it left my subjects a little soft.

LG V50 ThinQ 5G review

Noise is also an issue at times. You can see some compression artifacts in the dark areas of some photos. The portrait and studio modes do a fairly good job with bokeh-style shots. The studio tools let you play around with lighting to give your portraits a little extra something. LG skimped out on the night mode. Where Google, Huawei, and others have created dedicated night modes for better night photography, LG says people who wish to brighten up a night shot can simply dial up the exposure.

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LG could have done much better. Video options abound. The phone can shoot slow-motion and time-lapse, as well as HDR10 in real-time. This gives video a bright, vivid look with lots of contrast. You can record up to 4K video at 60fps, which is really smooth. You can see full resolution photos samples here.

If LG does anything right with its phones, it is to give them incredible audio performance. The V50 ThinQ has stereo speakers when you combine the earpiece at the top and the woofer on the bottom. This means you get a top-notch experience when using wired headphones or plugging into a real stereo system. I particularly like the DTS:X effect when watching movies. LG has further refined its far-field voice recognition so the phone is better able to hear and understand you from afar.

This works surprisingly well in noisy spaces. The audio sounds very good.

Last, of course, Bluetooth 5. The sound quality via Bluetooth was excellent. In mid-January , global unlocked V50 units began receiving the update to Android Other prices, such as call charges and Roaming costs, may also go up during your plan. Your first annual RPI increase will take place in March For more details, read our Plan Price Guides. With Full Cover insurance from EE, you can relax because if your device is lost, stolen, damaged or breaks down, you could get a replacement the next day.

If Full Cover insurance isn't for you, then you might prefer Damage Cover insurance to protect your device against cracks, smashes and spills. New plan must be of same or higher value. Early upgrade charge may be payable. Device cannot be returned so ensure all contacts and data have been backed up.

Other terms apply, see ee. See www. WiFi connection required. EE accepts no responsibility for the quality, availability or coverage of WiFi networks and calls made or received over them. All calls or texts charged as per your EE price plan, see ee. Data allowance boosted by 5GB. In order to retain your Data Boost when you upgrade or change your pay monthly plan, your 4G Home or EE broadband must still be active and you must be moving to an eligible pay monthly plan.

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