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Google doesn't charge anything for Android. Google makes most of their money performing high-tech advertising and one of their claims-to-fame is directed advertising. It is not a secret that they keep tabs on you, the user, for these purposes.

Is Google Always Listening on Android?

There is a Google web page where you can see some of the information they collect about you. A good place to start is to go to their home page and find the tiny link for their Terms of Service TOS; "terms" and their privacy policy. Unknown to many, these documents are not very long and are not written in "legal-ese"; just plain English.

In the Terms, you will find what Google says that they can do with all of your information. This has changed and has been refined over time. The other document, the "Privacy Policy" tells you more about what Google says they actually do with information from you and about you. For example, several years ago, you could find on the Google website that the scan electronically or read by real humans every document that passes through them.

Yes, it caused quite a stir. Of course, since then, there have been many changes. All this is supposed to be so that Google can direct meaningful advertising at you. Websites have to make money somehow to pay for all of the employees and hardware that they use to bring you the site. It is common sense that the "free" World Wide Web runs on advertising. As far as using your microphone goes, I assume that it is mentioned in the privacy policy somewhere.

You do need the microphone to make calls? Unfortunately, I don't use Android so I can't help you there. Law Enforcement can do what they want but they would probably find your conversations boring unless you were calling up to order drugs or mutter the words: "Destroy America" or something similar. Hopefully, someone can guide you to the settings for your phone and find a setting you can use. The other thing you can do is keep your phone in a case and in your pocket when you are not using it.

And try to use well-known apps from a trusted app store. Good luck. Yes, it is indeed all Possible!

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Not only the bit about the microphone. I use my computer when all alone, privately, and I don't talk, so no recording through the mic is possible. Yet when I reply or react to certain sites, like money making Binary Options Companies, I invariably get contacted immediately by several other such Phising, Scam, scum! Where did they get my address from - they all say or lie, they respect our privacy an will never sell our address! I don't think any mobile phone especially a simple, no camera one like mine can record or divine what I am thinking also!

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I use Windows Vista Home Basic. It's that several years ago, some people actually paid attention rather than ignoring the Terms of Service, and freaked out about it. Most of us just wondered how it is that it took them that long to notice. Frankly, their search algorithms can be hilarious. From time to time I still get dog-related ads within gmail whenever a listserve I'm on for fans of a fantasy writer start talking about a major character - named Pug.

Thanks Paul and Lee Koo for the small and detailed news. I wonder now whether I should buy an Android for my budget, or the very expensive iPhone The most important question is Is there a way to completely turn off the microphone when not needed? I don't worry about this as much due to wiretapping laws. But in no Android so far is there an off setting for the microphone.

Ironically, one might try to "Google" this question, to find an answer I use e. DuckDuckGo instead. It appears that with root access a 'rooted' phone one might be able to do this, at least for alternate OS like Cyanogen variants--depending on the hardware. But it doesn't look simple. Hmm, Well, for Android, you can look at the permissions you give each app. It is tedious, but I just did it, and the only 2 apps that asked for permission to use the microphone were Firefox, and Smart Tools.

I will be asking them why soon. If I don't like the answer, I will uninstall them. If you believe Google actually uses the permissions to keep apps from over stepping their permission to use things like the microphone, then all is good. It's , and we've allowed it to happen. I remember the day when the idea of actually carrying a tracking device everywhere with us would have been unthinkable.

Yes it's possible. Yes it's about relevance and advertising. Do you have Google Now? I'm sure you do, like most of us. If your phone is on, it's listening for you to talk to it. Google and Facebook make their millions to operate with by being "relevant" to you and by providing Directed Advertising. Facebook, however, never told anyone that the app once on will never shutoff unless you take action to stop it. They originally said phone feature access was to dial from your FB address book. Google was more forthcoming saying what it was doing. They also track your location for the same reasons, relevance and advertising.

They are both attempting to know as much about where and what you do, and are thinking saying about so that when you do open their applications they have a head start on providing you with relevant information, advertising and options displayed. Your in a mall, you check FB, and the advertising is for stores in that mall or nearby.

Not a coincidence. Same for Google distributed ads if you open a web page. Big brother is watching, and he wants to sell you something.

NSA not withstanding. Because that's the crux of the issue here. I haven't done the math for the companies' revenue purposes, but you get the idea. You've hit the nail on the head. The Internet was not pushed into people's homes for the way it is currently being used.

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It was pushed by advertising - you pay for the incoming data, and you pay for junk advertising as well! Can you imagine people paying for the junk that clutters their letter boxes? That is why I will not pay extra for Cable TV or a streaming service. If I'm paying a premium price , I expect the content to be free of ads, and it isn't. Therefore, I'm willing to wait until I can buy that content on a physical disc. Facebook is panicking. Play the T. Playing music. Make memories Your Assistant makes it incredibly simple to find your photos — and to take them as well. How do you say one coffee please in Spanish?

Get answers Get real-time answers including the latest on weather, traffic, finance, or sports. Control your home Use your phone to control your smart home devices. Manage tasks. Plan your day. Enjoy entertainment. The recording can take from 1 to minutes , audibility depending on the phone's specification.

It's technically possible, but researchers and security experts say the answer is likely no

Allows to localise the phone with 5 meters precision and reporting the location via SMS messages. Protects from accidental removing of application by marking it as a system application.

For complete program's operation the Internet connection of the monitored phone is required, via mobile network or Wi-Fi. The best solution is an always-on connection via GPRS General Packet Radio Service , because e-mail data is sent on-the-fly and is not detailed in the billing. In short connections, the collected back recordings, texts or photos are sent rapidly do the pre-determined e-mail address. Controlling the software is very easy. You need to send the proper command to the SpyPhone telephone number.

The message is invisible for the user and guarantees the full discretion. The SpyPhone software is not assigned to a specific phone so it can be re-installed on other devices supporting the program. Only one copy of the program may be active. The license is granted for 24 months.