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Apart from being a move away from the Google ecosystem, the Honor 9X Pro also impresses quite a lot with the hardware it packs under the hood. The phone comes running a 7nm Kirin AI chipset, a megapixel triple camera and a 6. Apart from this, the company has launched the Honor View The device is the first 5G phone from Honor and features 5G technology and a Matrix camera for improved photography. The phone comes with a SuperSensing Triple Camera that comprises a megapixel Sony IMX main camera, a megapixel super wide-angle camera with cine-lens and an 8-megapixel telephoto camera.

The matrix camera is claimed to deliver amazing still photographs while the megapixel cine-lens is supported is said to create movie-grade photos and videos using the customized sensor. Get real-time alerts and all the news on your phone with the all-new India Today app. Download from. Post your comment.

Honor View 30 Pro is finally going global, but without its cheaper sibling

You can opt out at any time or find out more by reading our cookie policy. Honor is desperate to please. It begs you to like its phones. The Honor 20 Pro is its first lead model for But should you buy either? The Honor 20 Pro has two little tech extras not seen elsewhere, but they are subtler than a fresh screen shape.

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This brings its rear camera total to four, in one of the most transparent cases of tech Top Trumps seen in a while. There is an awful lot to like about the Honor 20 Pro, but these two new elements are in fact its main problems. The wider a lens aperture, the more light it lets in.

How to Track HONOR Android Phone with Find My Phone

However, it also demands larger lens elements of higher quality. Optical aberrations are trickier to correct the wider the aperture becomes, even with tiny phone lenses. It is very prone to low-light lens flare. But the sensor is a two megapixel chip that would barely cut it as the selfie camera in a cheap phone.

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  4. Honor View 30 Pro Summary!
  5. This macro camera cannot produce a good account of any of it. There are other problems too.

    What does this show? Their actual results are secondary considerations.

    This paints a pretty poor image of the Honor 20 Pro, a cynical one. However, they are extras in an otherwise great phone. It is as powerful as the Huawei P30 Pro. It is mostly flat glass on the front, curved Gorilla Glass on the back, and colour-matched aluminium between. Dark purple at the edges gives way to brighter purple in the centre.

    Are you a human?

    When the Honor 20 Pro catches the light, you see a metallic sheen that seems to emit from inside the finish, rather than on its surface. It is bold and eye-catching, but less polarising than the bright chevrons of the View Honor has also switched to a side finger scanner rather than the rear-mounted style it has almost always favoured.

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    This one is well-designed, with an ergonomic indent, and is faster to react than almost all in-screen readers. This phone also offers the excellent battery life of the top Huawei phones.

    Honor View 30 Pro 5G and Honor 9X Pro announced for global markets

    The Honor 20 Pro has a 4,mAh battery. It lasts a full day of fairly heavy use. That is a huge benefit.