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In general, they did a pretty good job—you only need to tap 2 to 3 times from the main settings page to reach the end of most subsettings pages.

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The back, home, and recent app keys are placed pretty close to one another, making it easier to reach all 3 keys with one hand from either side of the screen but also making it easier to accidentally press the wrong key. The first is the default three button layout while the second flips the back and recent apps key, the third adds a status bar pull-down button to the right, and the fourth is a combination of the second and third layout changes.

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In Android 9 Pie, Google decided to move the code responsible for the recent apps overview from SystemUI to the launcher. To be clear, the horizontal recent apps list is absolutely not a required Android Pie feature.

Honor V30 Pro 5G ( Vera 30/ View 30) - Impressions After 1 Week (Camera Video And Audio Test)

Xiaomi, for example, has a two column vertically scrolling recent apps list in their Android Pie-based MIUI 10 software. In stock Android Pie, the split-screen multi-window option is kept hidden from users. Google even removed the ability to trigger split-screen by long-pressing the recent apps key! Fortunately, Huawei did neither. In EMUI 9, a split-screen button is visible on the top right of any recent app card, and the long-press recent app shortcut still works.

Lastly, while Google stuck the clear all button all the way to the very left of the recent apps overview, Huawei put the button at the bottom of the overview screen. App Actions are shortcuts to specific parts of apps that are recommended based on your usage, e.


The Quick Settings icons in EMUI 9 come in 3 different flavors: a light gray outline for when a toggle is inaccessible e. The background of the Quick Settings panel is white by default but can be black with either a custom theme or when the built-in dark theme is enabled more details on that below.

The blue accent color is easy on the eyes and works well with either the light or dark background, so that was a smart choice by Huawei. When pulling down the status bar, 1 row of 5 icons are shown.

HUAWEI Hisuite Free Download- Date Back up & Systern Updaate|HUAWEI Support Global

Pulling down even further reveals up to 3 rows of 5 icons each, for a total of 15 total Quick Setting tiles. To the top left of the Quick Settings tiles are the time and date; tapping the time opens the alarm app while tapping the date opens the calendar app. Next to the profile switcher is the Quick Settings edit button which lets you re-arrange tiles.

I think Huawei made a smart move here by making the editor a full-page activity—that avoids fumbling while dragging icons around like on the Pixel. Most new Huawei and Honor smartphones have notched displays, so EMUI accommodates the loss of usable status bar space by shifting some icons to the top left. The status bar can easily get cluttered after you turn on a few features. This row of icons shows the inconsistency in shape between the stock Huawei apps Dialer and Camera and Google apps Messages and Chrome. The icons are inconsistent in EMUI 9.

Huawei apps are squares with rounded corners technically not squircles, for the pedants out there while most other apps will be rounded due to convention with rare exceptions like the Google Analytics and ProtonMail apps. In stock Android 9 Pie, the power menu is shown as a bar on the right-hand side of the screen, much like the volume bar.

The Honor 20 is a great phone, but it lives in the shadow of its siblings

One of the best EMUI features is also one of its oldest—themes. Themes let you change the lock screen style, icon style, lock screen wallpaper, home screen wallpaper, and font. You can even mix and match these elements from different themes. Bottom row: Android Q Dark theme. The theme engine that Huawei provides is pretty powerful, yet sensibly limited. Developers can build custom themes and submit them to the Huawei Theme Store or post the. Google never intended for users to take advantage of OMS, though, so they closed down access to it in Android 9 Pie, and Samsung also seems to be limiting unapproved themes in the One UI update.

Most smartphones from Huawei or Honor released in the past year have a notched display. Hiding the notch darkens the entire status bar area. You can also hide or show the notch on a per-app basis if you think one option looks better in certain apps. Finally, despite its name, the notch hiding also applies to the punch hole display of the Huawei Nova 4 and Honor View Since the LG G6, dozens of smartphones have launched with displays. App developers have had a long time to update their apps to take advantage of larger aspect ratios, and most apps on Google Play will look just fine on your device.

If you miss the button the first time, you can simply relaunch the app to see it again. The background shows a blurred, zoomed in version of the cover art. When there are no new unread notifications, the media widget is large and centered on the lock screen. On the other hand, when you do have new notifications, the media widget is shrunk and moved to the top right of the screen. Depending on your preference, notifications can be hidden from the lock screen entirely, hide only the contents of the message, or shown in their entirety.

A Huawei device on Geekbench may be the Honor 8X on Android 10

If you choose to not hide notifications, they will stack vertically in the middle of the screen, starting from the most recent going down to the oldest. You can double tap on any of the notification s to expand its contents. The Android software on Google Pixel and OnePlus smartphones lets you pull down the status bar and toggle network settings like WiFi, mobile data, and Bluetooth even when the phone is still locked.

In fact, I made an app to hide sensitive Quick Setting tiles on my Huawei Mate 9, but this is no longer needed. EMUI still lets you access certain functions while the screen is locked, though. By pulling up from the bottom right edge, you gain immediate access to the camera app, letting you take pictures or videos, but restricting access to the gallery until you unlock the phone.

If you pull up from the bottom left or middle edge, you get access to two rows of buttons. The buttons in the second row, from left to right, perform the following actions when tapped: launch the sound recorder, toggle the flashlight, launch the calculator app, launch the clock app, and lastly launch HiVision. Third-party apps like Muzei or Firepaper offer a lot more customization, but I like to keep the number of apps I install to a minimum so I prefer first-party solutions. You can either choose to show the Always on Display at all times or set a daily schedule.

The Always on Display widget can only show you the date, time, and battery level. The text is always white, though it does move around on occasion to prevent burn-in. Samsung lets you add GIFs , custom wallpapers, and clock styles. Pages: 1 2. Double-click the EXE file. Make it convenient for you to use your PC manage contacts, messages, pictures, videos, applications and other data. We use cookies to improve our site and your experience.

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