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Alternatively, you can use the settings menu.

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Select the option to Show system apps and then tap on the Phone app. The App info page will appear and from here you can tap the Force stop button. The Phone app will then be ended forcibly. Clearing cache and data from the Phone app can also be the key to fixing the problem if corrupted in-app caches are to blame.

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Any app will have the tendency to act up or stop working properly whenever temporary files accumulate. That said, clearing app cache and data on a regular basis is also recommended.

After selecting the app, tap Storage then tap the Clear Cache button. The entire cache clearing process may take longer depending on the amount of temporary files to clear on your device. A simple restart on the phone does not only give some breather but more importantly, it clears out any minor system errors and conflicts caused by random glitches and malware.

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This should be good enough to deal with the problem if the Phone app is at fault. The typical way of restarting the Galaxy S20 is through the Power or Bixby key. Then tap Restart to prompt the device to close all services and instigate a system reboot. Just be sure to follow the correct procedure to restart or soft reset your Galaxy S When dealing with smartphone issues affecting wireless features and relevant services, performing the Airplane mode trick is often used among other basic tweaks. Restart your phone while Airplane mode is enabled and then head back to the same menu to disable the feature.

This tweak should help eliminate random flaws affecting relevant functions. Enabling Airplane mode automatically disables all wireless features and services on the phone while disabling it turns these features back on again. Invalid or erroneous network configuration can also result in the same calling issues. Thus, if the phone started to fail making phone calls after modifying some settings, try to revert the changes back to the previous or default settings. This is when you should carry out a network settings reset on your Galaxy S Read the following instructions then tap Reset to confirm.

Network settings and customized options are then deleted while the original values are restored. Calling issues can also be directly attributed to a faulty SIM card. This is often the case if the SIM card system gets corrupted. The same thing can happen if the SIM card has been dislodged from the tray.

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Remove the SIM card from the tray and examine it for any visible signs of damage such as scratches and liquid traces. Secure the SIM card in place then push the tray back into the phone to close it. After locking the SIM card tray, turn your phone back on and wait for it to establish a network signal. To discover more regarding number blocking, you should access to your personal space and so go to the settings. Typically the number blocking is free of charge but not all the time, so be aware! In cases where you struggle to locate the number blocking on your Samsung Galaxy A5 via your mobile carrier, you are able to get in touch with them on social networks just like Twitter or Facebook.

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Usually, they will answer to that question significantly more fast there! If you think that blocking a phone number by using Android or by way of your mobile phone company on the Samsung Galaxy A5, is in fact tough, worry not! You are able to make use of a third party apps that take care of the task in your case. All of the the apps in this article happen to be free of charge and virus free! Use one of the following mobile phone number blocker applications on your Samsung Galaxy A5 via the hyperlink beneath and experience the silence once again!

As shown , blocking an incognito number or blacklist a contact number with your Samsung Galaxy A5 is definitely surprisingly easy. You have the choice between three simple options.

The platform changing what businesses can do.

Did you managed to block these kinds of numbers on your Samsung Galaxy A5 after reading our guide? Inform us!

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