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It's Android solution comes by the name of 'Family Locator' in the play store. It is a useful app to know the location of your dear ones. You can find this option in the Google Maps app present on the phone. To track the location of any phone through Google Timeline, you will need to know the Google ID of the target phone.

2. Open Location Service and Use Google Location Services to Track

Besides using Google Timeline, there is another option in Google Maps that enables location sharing. To do this, you have to open maps and go to the 'Share' tab. This allows you to send your location link to any person. They can track you as long as you want the limit being forever. It is designed to help you find your kids' location by mobile number in a very accurate and fast way.

All features are free. No need to refresh locations to get the latest location updates. If you're looking for an excellent gps tracker, if you're a fan of action sports and long distance travel — this app is for you! It offers location tracking through the iCloud website. All you will need to do is Go to their website and login with the iCloud ID of the target phone. Glympse is a minimalistic app that can track any GPS location.

If you want to know the precise location of a person, all you have to do is require a 'Glympse' through this app. If that person allows, you will get a short window of their live location. If you are texting with someone and all of a sudden you wish to know where they are, you can simply ask them to send you their live location through Whatsapp.

However, this location will only last for up to eight hours.

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Now that I have given you the 10 best GPS phone tracker apps, it is up to you to decide which app to choose. It mainly depends on what you require. In my experience, there is nothing I like more than Cocospy and Spyic. This is because these apps enable me to track the location of a phone without the person even finding out. He loves to write on different topics. In free time, he likes to travel and explore the different parts of the world. You can follow him on Facebook.

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Newsletter Signup. Sign up! Skip to content MENU. Spyzie can be termed as the best phone tracker because of the diverse features that enable the quality tracking of target devices.

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The app presents data by tracking GPS, tracking keyloggers, web browsing history, monitoring IM chats, and more. The spying features of the app include text messages, phone logs, the social media network, mobile phone data, geofencing, and browser history. In mobile phone data, parents can track videos, photos, files, voice memos, contact lists, reminders, and notes. Spyzie stays completely confidential in the target phone. There is no need for using PC on a web browser to read data on the target phone.

Do it on your smartphone. This app has a free trial period of three days. During this period, you can try all the features of the application, and it does not require payment. When the trial period expires, you will need to choose a plan that is comfortable for you. Hoverwatch has three plan options:. Hoverwatch is one of the most affordable. Easy to use, the most powerful Android spy apps on the market. Thus, numerous options when choosing the best phone tracker are available. While deciding to buy an app, it is essential to consider how far it will be useful for you.

It is crucial to consider the features that each app comes with, and the ease of getting the tracked data makes it a stronger reason to choose a particular app. Also, consider the legal implications of using a cell phone tracker. That is because it is not lawful to track the smartphones of employees without their written consent as per law. Consult a licensed professional before you decide on this behalf. Parents should also discuss with their teen kids — planning to track their smartphone usage. Or, you will end up getting a feeling of mistrust and resentment between you and your kids.

Taking into account all these points while buying the best phone tracker app will help you get the best value for money and the time you invest for the purpose. Skip to content With the rapid expansion of technology for tracking phones and numerous options for spyware applications. A bit more detail about a Phone tracker There are a few free cell phone tracker apps. What are the uses of a Phone tracker? Smartphones used by your kids may be an instrument in the hands of unscrupulous elements to bully them, to send them objectionable content and so on. Pros It is simple and easy to use It can be used in the stealth mode Furnishes screenshots at any moment when you need Routing is not required.

Cons Cannot be installed in the target phone without physically accessing it Remote installation is not possible. Pros The front camera makes spying effective.

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Only one-time fee — therefore affordable. Free lifetime upgrading is in the offer. Cons It is good for only basic monitoring.

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  6. For parents, it is not that great. Pros Call FlexiSpy is the best parental app that enables monitoring and controlling kids Prices affordable Enable remote camera snapshots and recording the surroundings of the target phone. Cons Android version up to 7. It is compatible Android 4.

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    Cons Limited spying options for iOS No preview videos are available. The app makes the target phone performance slow It takes 48 hours to for the support to get back to you. What Is phone tracker? The phone tracker is a mobile phone spy and tracking software, for parents as well as employees rely on every day.

    With it, you can easily view the data and actions of your particular smartphone. The list of data that most programs can track is amazing. What you can view includes: Phone log and contacts. Text messages and iMessages.

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    Photos and videos from your mobile device. Visited sites and Internet search. GPS location of your phone in real time. SMS messages. Upcoming events in your phone's calendar. The need for physical access for installation depends on the type of phone you are looking for to monitor. The software will then take care of the data itself.