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I don't think the noise is the hinge though I have had mine since Feb 3 and it works as expected, as advertised.

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Virtually no crease, although you do see some ripples in the screen due to the underlying hinge parts. Many have commented on the slight noise that is made when opening and closing. Two things: 1 although it is there it's not loud read more. I think the battery part should of been better if possible.

Other then the battery sucks all in al read more. Forgot to mention the Razr wifi only picks up all bars of wifi service in the room with the router. Every where else two bars of service.

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My Sonim xp8 wifi antenna gets all bars of signal all over my house no matter what room. The notification screen on the outside of the phone broke.


Not from dropping or anything. It slid onto my car seat out of my pocket. Screen wont work. Called Motorola to get it replaced. For a phone i have not dropped.

Yes 0. Frequently asked questions Ask a question. Newest Questions. Answer this question. Was this answer helpful? The Motorola Razr is not hearing aid compatible.

Yes 1. No, it's not. However, this phone has amazing features added to the phone. Yes 2. Wondering if the cold truly is affecting the screens.. It was below 0 this weekend and I dont plan on using the phone outside in those temps, but it still has to make it to and from the car etc.. I'm in Michigan and it's going just fine : Love my Razr. Just take care of it and get the case! As part of its development process, razr underwent extreme temperature testing.

As with any mobile phone, Motorola recommends not storing e. If you experience device failure related to weather during normal use, and not as a result of abuse or misuse, it will be covered under our standard warranty. For more warranty information, please visit: www. The Motorola Razr is a nice device. Just like any devices, we would recommend to use caution in the heat or cold.

The Motorola Razr folds, but at a high price

Yes 8. We want to make sure you have the options you need with any phone you buy. It is included with my plan beyond unlimited. But I get an error message stating I do not subscribe to this feature when I activate it. Although the mobile hotspot is included in your plan, you'll need to subscribe to the feature for no additional cost.

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Yes 9. This phone has Google voice typing feature. Yes 5.

Motorola Razr review

This phone is text to speech capable. This phone is 4G LTE compatible. Yes 6. The Motorola razr is not 5G compatible. This phone doesn't support wireless charging. Like its predecessor , Motorola stuck with a 5-inch, p display. The display also has a propensity to be a bit too bright at night, which can contribute to some serious eye strain. The latter is the version we benchmarked here. The Moto G also received a slight specification bump from last year's model. It runs a 1. The Moto G is definitely a workhorse when it needs to be, and was particularly impressive in our Vellamo and PCMark benchmarks.

This phone is definitely capable for all the standard day-in, day-out stuff. In Geekbench, the Moto G performed about average compared to other phones in its class. The Alcatel One Touch Idol 3 fared better simply because it contains a more powerful processor, the Snapdragon Motorola made the right move by packing in a 2,mAh battery pack with the Moto G. It lasts all day, and then some. I used this phone to rack up loyalty points in MyVegas Slots , knowing that even that silly game wouldn't kill the battery before the day is through.

Now I have enough points for a free nitrogen cocktail whatever that is at the Beau Rivage! The Moto G offers pretty good battery life, but the Moto E is better off because of its smaller screen size. In Geekbench, the phone lasted about four hours and 41 minutes. Mobistealth has an added advantage for its users because it works on ALL versions of Android. So whether you're trying to keep track of a Motorola phone with Jelly Bean or keeping a check on a Gingerbread, rest assured that Mobistealth has you covered.

The superior android monitoring app from Mobistealth can help you monitor every single Motorola phone there is. Toggle navigation. Sign Up Now. Motorola Tracker and Monitoring Software. If you tell them not to go somewhere, they'll go and lie. Tell them not to do something, they'll do it and lie. I found Mobistealth after a long search for something that could help me. It's now installed on all the Motorola sets my kids use.