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GCam On The Xiaomi Mi 9T Redmi K20 Pro

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The corner covers the phone's screen and the box has been opened. The global Xiaomi version gets the Mi branding. Otherwise there are the same Colorways for all versions, namely blue, red and black. Here Xiaomi and Redmi have their own design — keep up the good work! The fact that these are basically the same smartphones can also be seen from their dimensions.

The workmanship of the Redmi K20 Pro is exactly the same. Nothing wobbles, there are no sharp edges and good pressure points on the keys. For example, you have a clear advantage over the Xiaomi Mi 9 , because of the thicker design the K20 Pro simply has more space. The screen extends over a length of 6. A novelty for the new Redmi series; at Xiaomis Flagships this technology has meanwhile established itself as the standard. Under the display there is also the fingerprint sensor , whose technology originates from the seventh generation. Rich colors, good brightness and very good functionality.

In a direct comparison to the Mi 9T, a really minimal different color profile can be found, the 9T Pro is minimally brighter and tends towards a blue cast, while the 9T tends towards a reddish cast. Apart from that, nothing really happens between the two models.

Comeback of the Pop-Up Camera

Both panels offer a brightness of nit , which is enough even for medium settings and strong sunlight. In addition, the AMOLED panel provides a strong contrast ratio of , which ensures perfect black and great, rich colors. The viewing angle stability suffers only in acute angles and a slight but negligible color shift comes to light. In this respect, it is definitely a strong screen, but also an appropriate one only for this price range. Xiaomi can score points for functionality.

Finally, the fingerprint sensor is located in the lower part of the screen and, as already mentioned, is in its seventh generation. The unlock speed is mostly 0. Especially the Always On-Display is a not to be neglected advantage at the desk. So you can be informed quickly about time and messages and read them even from a steep angle. But the MIUI operating system leaves many settings to the display: color palette, different AOD designs, dark mode and an anti-flicker mode.

Redmi is able to do this, because there is no notch or in-display camera installed. This can be avoided by using another popular concept: the pop-up camera. The front camera is hidden in the housing and only appears when it is needed.

Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro versus Xiaomi Mi 9: de nieuwe Pocophone is hier, en beter

Then the camera module is moved out mechanically. Since this mechanical part can be quite susceptible to problems, the Vivo NEX Ultimate has already been criticized. But the new OnePlus 7 Pro is also equipped with a pop-up camera. This camera also serves as a direct competitor. Until the camera is fully extended, the front camera needs 1.

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With Face Unlock this is really annoying, here you are much faster and safer with the fingerprint sensor in the display or a pattern. The Octa-Core with a clock frequency of up to 2. In the slimmed down version the Redmi K20 or Mi 9T appears with the Snapdragon , which is an upper midrange processor. With the memory there is no big surprise, here the meanwhile usual configurations expect us. Of course, the prices vary depending on the memory.

However, the mass storage cannot be expanded. Nevertheless: Multitasking works here without delays! The performance of the Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro is really nothing to complain about. As usual for the Redmi smartphones, the manufacturer uses a large battery. Thus Redmi remains faithful to its line; so far nearly all Redmi devices came since Redmi independence with a 4, mAh battery on the market.

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The battery life is almost two days, in the battery benchmark we end up with about 13 hours. Here it depends of course strongly on the use, the big battery and MIUI provide for enough juice. But for that you need the 27W Charger from Xiaomi , which is not in the box. It was already clear in advance which camera would be used.

The second and third sensor is a wide-angle camera with a 13 megapixel sensor and a shooting angle of The telephoto lens works with the 8 megapixel resolution. Here you get the same setup as in the Xiaomi Mi 9 SE.

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In a 1-to-1 comparison, there might be minimal differences in the exposure here and there, but the colors are accurate with both devices. Also the sharpness is simply right. The difference is visible in the setup of the second and third sensor, which are simply better in the Mi 9. As with the Mi 9T, the K20 Pro in the Global version also needs a reference point for the white balance in some scenes, otherwise the colors can be off as in our ball bath. A similar problem could also be found with the OnePlus 7. This is currently only available with the K20 Pro. Selfies have been a hobbyhorse of Xiaomi for quite some time, even if you still preset the beauty filter.

But once this filter is deactivated, the front camera convinces with a good sharpness that reveals more details in the face than one would sometimes like. Also the colors are good and by no means pale as so often with other China manufacturers. The Selfie-Cam benefits not only from the normal mode but also from the software. The portrait mode for the front camera of Xiaomi is easily among the top 3 of all manufacturers and can shine again with an almost perfect edge detection.

Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro Review — Yet Another Flagship Killer From Xiaomi? – danardono.com.or.id

This allows you to record light group selfies by panning the camera to the left and right. The editing works really well and the results can be seen despite some slight distortion. Even though almost everything is the same, there is still a slight difference in the video recordings.