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An investigation ensued with the collaboration of Lookout that revealed that if Mansoor had followed the link, it would have jailbroken his phone on the spot and implanted the spyware into it. Regarding how widespread the issue was, Lookout explained in a blog post: "We believe that this spyware has been in the wild for a significant amount of time based on some of the indicators within the code" and pointed out that the code shows signs of a "kernel mapping table that has values all the way back to iOS 7 ".

Several outstanding lawsuits claim that NSO Group helped clients operate the software and therefore participated in numerous violations of human rights initiated by its clients. In late , Facebook initiated a suit against NSO, claiming that WhatsApp had been used to hack a number of activists in India, leading to accusations that the Indian government was involved. Lookout provided details of the three vulnerabilities: [11].

News of the spyware received significant media attention, [3] [16] [17] [18] [19] particularly for being called the "most sophisticated" smartphone attack ever, [20] [21] and, for being the first time in iPhone history when a remote jailbreak exploit has been detected. Dan Tynant of The Guardian wrote an article that featured comments from NSO Group, where they stated that they provide "authorized governments with technology that helps them combat terror and crime", although the Group told him that they had no knowledge of any incidents. In the aftermath of the news, critics asserted that Apple's bug- bounty program, which rewards people for finding flaws in its software, might not have offered sufficient rewards to prevent exploits being sold on the black market , rather than being reported back to Apple.

He goes on to ask why Apple doesn't "spend its way out of security vulnerabilities?

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The hope is that, when the next researcher finds the next bug, that thought matters more than the money. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The Washington Post. Retrieved April 19, Motherboard website. Vice Media. Retrieved May 15, The New York Times. Retrieved December 21, BBC News. Citizen Lab. August 25, Retrieved August 31, The Times of Israel. August 31, SektionEins GmbH. Business Insider.

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Axel Springer SE. Penske Media Corporation. USA Today. Gannett Company. And that fact renders their assurances less reliable as well. What processes have access to those logs?

Apple Addresses iPhone 11 Location Privacy Concern — Krebs on Security

Could an attacker get access to the data? We agree to leave money in an insured bank account. Later I find out my partner pulled the money out without telling me. Do I trust them? Even if I do, is our money as safe? In my opinion, the most concerning thing was how Apple deflected the concern. The same can be said when someone gets caught red-handed stealing a pack of gum in a store.

Have you read the code? Distrust is a survival instinct. Which of course raised a bunch of other questions. It corrected its response a little more than a day later, but by that time the story had been picked up in just about every tech outlet there is. Users have to go into the main settings to do this. Apple lies about its collection, retention, and privacy of location data.

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  7. Just this week, Reuters revealed that Apple has deliberately left unencrypted all cloud data, so that Apple could easily share user data with corrupt governments worldwide. And their excuse that UWB is for transferring files easily is bull. Is Apple the best we can hope for, or are there viable options in the Librum 5 or other Linux based phones?

    The Dangers of iPhone Spyware

    I support law enforcement in almost every way, until the Attorney General and government move too close to tyranny. It would be easy to deduce that location data belonged to his bodyguard, for example. And even if you never used your name to register ownership of a particular phone, it can be deduced which one belongs to you. If the phone can make and receive calls, you can be tracked.

    Krebs has also reported about how location data is sold and used by mobile carriers, bounty hunters, police, and crooks, almost entirely without legal authority or explicit permission.

    Best SMS Text Message Spy Tracker for iPhone

    All phones use location tracking to reserve space on cell towers. Otherwise, an incoming call has to query all towers to locate you. Then transfer the call appropriately to the local tower before the usual tenth ring fallout. Location tracking does that. Otherwise , the message may not reach you. Right now, that puts you within 3 miles of a tower. The new 5g will place you within several hundred feet. As retired military, I can see why phones were taken, from the latest bunch of tourists overseas.

    After all, they have sari, and goo, and maps. Or location services. This is not silly. Suppose you are an investigative reporter, human rights activist, or subject to harassment. Someone else may not know, but your phone knows and can easily be made to keep a record. Also the device must send some kind of id to the UWB tower it is pinging. What is to stop it from keeping a record? But be aware of what they record. And every now and then shut the bloody thing off. But some can and do listen in the background.

    Not everything shuts off entirely.

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