Mobile locate on Galaxy Note 4

You can inspect the permission of every app on your phone and enable or disable certain permissions as you go.

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You can control which features each app has permission to use in the Settings app. If Location is listed as a possible permission for this app and it's turned on, you can disable Location for this app by swiping the Location button to the left.

13 things every Samsung Galaxy Note 4 owner should do

If you don't want the Camera to have access to your location, for example, you can disable it in App permissions. This is the "nuclear option" — you can turn off location tracking for all apps at once.

If you do this, though, you won't be able to navigate with Google Maps or use other common location features on your phone. Most people never take the time to prepare in advance.

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Troubleshoot issues related to GPS on your Samsung Galaxy Note 4

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3 Solutions to Track and Lock Samsung Lost Phone

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