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Check out our social channels on Facebook and Twitter. Phone line queries Below you will find some queries you may have about your phone line when joining eir. What to expect Can I keep my existing number? You should be able to keep your number but you can check with us before you decide to move over.

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Plug a home phone handset into the main phone socket in your home and dial An automated service will tell you which provider the line was last with. Plug a home phone handset into the main phone socket in your home. If you hear a dial tone, the line is active. For further details dial - an automated service tell you the telephone number of the line. Transferring your account with a phone number.

Transferring your account if your phone number has changed. Transferring your account with Facebook. For details about creating a new LINE account with the same phone number, please see this Help article. If you create a new account, any paid items, chat history, friends or groups, and data for related services including your LINE Pay balance, manga, and games that you had will be deleted. Once this data is deleted, it cannot be restored.

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If you are unable to finish the verification process with the same phone number because your phone number changed, etc. Be sure to contact your contracted mobile service provider and let them know that your device was lost or stolen.


If you create a new LINE account on a new device without deleting the account on your previous device, you will end up having two accounts. Your old account cannot be deleted if you are unable to use your previous device anymore. Please ask your friends to block your old account in this case. You can also open this menu by tapping this link from your smartphone.

If you received a notification but don't remember logging in, please see the information below for your situation. Someone else may be trying to log in using the information registered to your LINE account. To prevent others from logging in to your account, please change your email address and password. How can I check or change my password? Your LINE account may have been stolen by a third party. If a person with your mobile phone number registered in their device's contacts starts using LINE, they will automatically be added to your friend list.

If your phone number is not in the person's contacts, you will appear under Friend recommendations. In this case, your LINE display name, profile photo, status message, and profile cover photo will be visible, but the person won't be able to see any of your other information. Also, if you have already been added as a friend, you'll continue to appear in the person's friend list unless your account is deleted. For information on deleting your account, please see here. More Close.

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You can stop strangers from messaging you with the following steps. Go to the More or " Tap the game you wish to block messages from. If you turn off Receive Messages, you will not receive messages but will continue to receive any gifts your friends send you. If you turn off Receive Notifications, you will still receive LINE messages, but will not be notified when they arrive.

Letter Sealing is a feature that provides end-to-end encryption E2EE for chat room messages.

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E2EE is a communication system designed so that messages saved on our servers are encrypted and cannot be read by anyone except the sender and receiver of the message. Once the sender and receiver have both turned on Letter Sealing, they will be able to start sending messages with added security. We recommend keeping Letter Sealing turned ON at all times in order to protect your messages. However, if you would like to change the settings, please refer to the steps below.

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Please be sure to follow the steps on the smartphone version of LINE. If you are accessing this Help article from your smartphone, tap here to move to the settings screen. Afterwards, please refer to the following Help article and try verifying your identity once again. Key fingerprints are unique encryption keys that Letter Sealing gives to each user so they can send messages to one another safely and securely.

If your key fingerprint matches your friend's, it means your chat is securely encrypted. To check whether your key fingerprints match, follow the steps below. Tap This chat is protected with Letter Sealing at the bottom of the screen. Note: To compare key fingerprints with your friend, we recommend meeting face-to-face or using a form of communication you trust. To check whether a chat is protected with Letter Sealing, tap the menu icon at the top of the chat screen.

If Letter Sealing is enabled , you'll see "This chat is protected with Letter Sealing" at the bottom of the screen. If "This chat is protected with Letter Sealing" doesn't appear, see this Help article. All information will be encrypted. LINE will add mutual contacts to your Friends list automatically. If only one of you has the other as a contact, the one who has the contact information will be added to the other's Friend Recommendations list, while the recommended person will be added to the other's Friends list.

Account Options

The terms and conditions describe when and how LINE will use your personal information. At this time, the required contact information will be encrypted and securely transferred to our server. We use encrypted text when comparing your information with existing user information. When you agree to allow LINE to find your friends, the information sent to our servers from your contact list phone numbers and mobile email addresses will be encrypted and securely stored on our servers. For more information on our privacy policy, please click on the link below.

If you want to remove a user who has already been added as a friend, please see this Help article. Please be assured that no other users can view your Friends list. If we find those users, they will appear in the user's [Friends] list under the names registered in the user's phonebook. Therefore if you have stopped using your number and someone else obtains it, a third party may be registered on your friends' [Friends] list under your name.

To prevent others from searching for your ID, please follow the steps below: 1.