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In fact, current flagship devices are so good you really don't need to be replacing them every year. Read More. The wide-angle lens is present, as always, while a telephoto lens is added to the mix so the LG V40 has the potential to capture virtually any situation with its three rear cameras. Standard and wide-angle lenses on the front mean you can capture your buddies in a selfie too. There is so much packed into the cameras and camera software that we need to spend more time with them and post a separate article focused on LG V40 imagery so stay tuned for that coming in the next couple of weeks.

The LG V40 looks to have it all and may be one of the best phones of , but the competition is stiff in late I am a little disappointed that the LG V40 doesn't start with GB internal storage since 17GB of the 64 is taken up by the system itself. While a microSD card is supported, a flagship of this caliber should start with GB of storage.

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In the past, LG was one of the first to launch with the latest version of Android so I was surprised, and disappointed, to see Android 8. The front of the LG V40 is dominated by the flat 6. The display looks great and has vibrant colors. LG's auto-brightness functionality has bothered me on previous phones, but after using the V40 for a week it has performed well. There is a notch in the V40 display, just like there is in the G7. However, LG didn't go crazy like Google did and only notched out what was needed for the dual front cameras and sensors.

It can be hidden or even colored to your liking.

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You can double-press the power button to launch the camera, but for some odd reason this is not enabled by default. Two volume buttons are found on the upper left side with a dedicated Google Assistant button on the middle left side. Press the button to launch Google Assistant, press and hold to immediately talk to the Assistant, and press twice to launch Google Lens.

The bottom stereo speaker, USB-C port, and 3. The LG V40 shines in the audio department, both in listening to audio content and capturing audio content. The bottom stereo speaker, one also serves as the handset speaker above the display, powers the Boombox capability of the LG V LG claims it is ten times louder than the competition and testing has proven it has high volume and also lots of bass, when placed on a table or other flat object.

LG exposes the speaker driver to the internal space within the phone to create a resonance chamber with a dramatic effect. The 3. There are several advanced audio settings on the phone that appear when you plug in a 3. I've been using wireless headphones lately since most phones have been leaving out the 3.

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One the back we have glass with a fingerprint sensor centered in the top third of the phone. The triple camera system is arranged horizontally above the fingerprint scanner. Camera order from left to right is telephoto, wide-angle, and standard with the LED flash all the way to the right side. While I captured a few quick shots with the cameras, much more testing is required with five cameras serving different functions. We'll be posting a dedicated V40 imaging article in the next couple of weeks.

I was able to stream Netflix shows for my entire Sounder train commute, while the iPhone XR provided a terrible intermittent video streaming experience. LG's UI is similar to what is seen on the Google Pixel, with the app launcher and settings areas being the major differences.

The app launcher continues to drive me crazy since LG includes folders and then keeps those folders intact even if you choose to sort by alphabetical order. Many of the ports work on multiple devices.

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