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The workouts tab has nine workout options including a free training mode. While it would be too much to expect more granular and specific workout tracking, like the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active Review offers, the Honor Band 5 will let you track runs, both indoors and outdoors as well as swims.

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A recent update also added music controls and SpO 2 blood oxygen level tracking. Honor has made the Band 5 swimproof and has also added the ability to track swims, something we weren't able to test during this review. However, we had the band on for over 15 days and it did survive our daily showers. You will need to use the Huawei Health app to pair the Honor Band 5 with a smartphone.

The app is available for both Android as well as iOS. We used the Band 5 with a Google Pixel 3 Review for the duration of this review. The pairing process is very easy. Once set up, the smartphone is capable of pushing notifications to the band. This app also shows you information such as the number of steps taken, youe heart rate, and how long you've slept, among other things.

The Huawei Health app kept a persistent notification on our Pixel 3.

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While this was annoying, the app needs it to maintain a constant connection with the band for pushing notifications. This did not make a noticeable difference to the battery life of our smartphone. The Health app lets you keep a track of your fitness on the smartphone. The app also tracks steps using the smartphone's own sensors, independent of the steps recorded by the band. We found the step counter in the app to be inaccurate as it kept counting steps while we were riding a motorcycle.

We tested the accuracy of the Honor Band 5 by counting steps while walking, and it recorded steps which is good. We found the tracking to be accurate enough to rely on.

Unlike the Honor Band 4, the step counter did not record steps while we were driving around. To check the distance tracking accuracy of the Honor Band 5, we walked a distance that we knew was exactly 1km. The Honor Band 5 recorded the distance as 1. If you aren't looking to train professionally, this level of accuracy will probably do.

Sleep tracking was also reliable. The Health app uses Huawei's Trusleep algorithms for tracking. Different sleep periods are also graded, and the app gave us tips on how to improve the quality of our sleep.

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The smartband also has a vibrating alarm function to wake you up. Setting an alarm required us to fiddle with the app. We would have liked the ability to set it from the band itself. The Honor Band 5 is capable of continuous heart-rate tracking and has two modes to choose from. Smart mode automatically adjusts the frequency of measurements based on the your activity level. The other mode is Real-time, which keeps tracking on constantly. The Honor Band 5 tracks a few different workouts: outdoor run, indoor run, outdoor walk, indoor walk, indoor cycle, cross-trainer, rowing, indoor swimming, and free training.

Instead, this is for the everyday exerciser who only needs to know exercise time, distance, heart rate, and other basics. One of the key selling points of the new Honor Band is improved sleep tracking, and this is true — technically.

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The Honor Band 5 collects extra information, but to see it, you have to to hop into the Huawei Health app. You need to download Huawei Health to use the Honor Band 5 and, as a prerequisite, the Huawei Mobile Services app, although both are already present on Huawei or Honor phones. Huawei Health works in a similar way to any other tie-in app for wearables, and you can connect your Band to your smartphone or tablet over Bluetooth. Huawei Health enables you to see a breakdown of your sleep patterns, including timings for REM, light sleep and deep sleep, as well as waking time, and this is all improved.

The Huawei Health app can track a range of other things too, including daily step count, active time, calories burnt, distance walked, exercise records, heart rate and weight. Some of these use the Honor Band 5 and its various tracking functions, but for some like weight, you have to add your information into the Huawei Health app. Credo mobile 2gb shared data plan.

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