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The Redmi has smoothed the contours a little too much and I may have made a movement when taking the picture because usually the Redmi does not show this kind of blur. The sharpness is more balanced on both cameras, the Redmi offers a little more saturation but also smoothes the picture a little more and we lose detail compared to the Meizu. It was windy when I took the pictures, so some trees are blurry because of the movement caused by the wind.

Same observation as for the previous photos, the Redmi loses details because of the smoothing and the Meizu loses a little saturation and offers a colder photo. For this outdoor and automatic test, I would say that the Meizu produced better pictures than the Redmi.

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However, I must point out that I used the devices in automatic mode without changing settings, this is an important element because Redmi proposes to adjust the sharpness and saturation so that the problems reported here disappear. The Meizu does not offer this type of adjustment. I advise you to check my Redmi Note 7 test to get another idea of the device. Anyway, without adjustments, the treatment of the Meizu is better. Night mode in daylight The Meizu Note 9 is equipped with a night mode and this night mode works quite well in daylight too. I took the same picture in automatic mode, in HDR and finally in night mode.

Outdoor photography night The Meizu Note 9 has a night mode and I will start by comparing the night mode with the normal mode. Here is a first picture in normal mode. At this shutter speed, the car in the background of the picture is almost frozen and the picture is generally quite sharp.

With ISO the noise should be high but it is barely visible, which means that the phone is processing. The scene is relatively well lit, so it makes things easier. The level of detail is good, you can see the grass in the foreground. On the other hand, the image is burned at the level of the light sources, a halo coats all the strong lights.

The sharpness of the image goes down quite strongly behind the boat, we feel that the phone operates a rather important smoothing beyond this area. The correction of light on the light sources has a negative effect on the rest of the picture because all details are smoothed.

Here is another picture in normal mode:. I therefore do not recommend using this night mode. If we limit ourselves to the normal mode, the Meizu does well in night photography. Noise management is good, the colours are a little too yellow instead of orange , the level of detail is correct. Meizu Note 9 supports 4k videos from the native application, this is not always the case in this price segment, you usually have to use an application from the Play Store like Open Cam. Default application The default application is the same as for the photo, it is simple and pleasant to use.

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It is also possible to take accelerated videos as well as slow motion videos as is often the case on Xiaomis. Normal video Here is a video where I move the camera horizontally around me, the light conditions were very good.

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The horizontal movement is quite smooth with just an occasional little stutter, the sharpness is good and the colors are richly saturated. We see just a slight lens deformation. For this second video, I walked my usual path to work see my other tests to be able to compare the stabilization with the other phones. The Meizu stabilizes the videos but you can still see the vibration from each steps quite strongly.

To test the screen I use a colorimetric probe that will measure the accuracy of the colors on a screen as well as other parameters to see if a screen is able to accurately reproduce an image.

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Why is this important? A bad colorimetry will deteriorate the quality of your images, they will sometimes be too bluish or too reddish. How to read this graph? The inner triangle represents all the colours that can be obtained by mixing red, green and blue. This triangle represents an ideal view. The outer triangle represents the measured view for the phone screen. Deviations from the reference triangle represent a deviation in colour.

For example, a blue can deviate towards purple if it deviates too far from the reference. When I tested the Redmi Note 7, I got very good results in colorimetry, these results are probably among the best in this price range. Does the Meizu offer a screen of equivalent quality? The red is a little darker than on the Redmi but the green, blue and cyan are almost perfect.

I get an average dE of By adjusting the color temperature one notch to the left warmer , I get a dE of This is the highest result I have obtained so far. The Meizu has a very good screen quality equivalent to Redmi Note 7 with a much higher brightness. As I wrote earlier, Meizu is not a big manufacturer, so I expected the phone to be equipped with a basic version of Android but this is not the case. Meizu has developed its own version of Android called Flyme OS.

Here is a video showing the main screens:. The home screen contains the usual elements with square icons, the search bar and quick access to the other sections of the phone.

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On the right you can access the applications installed on the phone a bit like the Android application drawer but by copying Xiaomi. Meizu frankly goes too far here because there is enough application to fill a screen and in most cases they are completely useless. Who will use a Meizu browser instead of a Chrome browser?

At the bottom of the home screen is an internal search engine that also allows you to search the web but this search results in a Russian search site! The phone is configured correctly in French with Belgium as the reference country. At the top of the screen, we find one of the usual notifications and shortcuts with a rather neat design that reminds me a lot of what Xiaomi does.

The usual navigation with the standard Android buttons is available but the navigation by gesture is also available, it works exactly the same way as at Xiaomi but it is a little less reactive. Sometimes you have to insist a little bit to reach the screen displaying the open applications. Flyme is therefore not very different from the other versions of Android that I have been able to test so far.

Some settings are frankly irritating, starting with the keyboard and automatic correction. The choice of language and country is not enough with FlyMe, you still have to find other settings in the parameters to set the type of keyboard, the type of automatic correction,…etc….. Activating the wifi hotspot was no problem, my laptop was able to connect directly to the phone, but it was impossible to access the internet.

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I tried everything for almost an hour bluetooth, usb, restart,… , I saw on the Meizu forums that I was not the only one with this kind of problem. I finally found the solution! I never had to worry about that on any other phone but in my list I had a lowercase APN and a capital one, I took the capital one and everything worked. Overheating While playing with the camera, the camera started to heat up quite strongly and it displayed a message saying that the camera was overheating. Meizu goes too far by imposing about twenty applications, most of which are totally redundant or useless.

These are clearly not insurmountable problems, but since I change phones regularly, I expect the transition from one device to another to be as smooth as possible, which was clearly not the case with this phone. I had passed my profile from Umidigi to Xiaomi and then to Samsung, I never had any problems like that. For a small manufacturer Meizu did a great job anyway. Wifi performance Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro : 5.

The Meizu Note 9 is an excellent surprise, I had never had a Meizu before and I was curious to see if the device was actually better than the Redmi Note 7 as Meizu claimed it was. In the end, the devices are quite difficult to distinguish and it will depend on what you expect from a phone. Both phones have a screen of equivalent quality, they use the same photo sensor, they have the same battery capacity. The Meizu stands out above all for its performance, where it is much higher than the Redmi, and also for its memory capacity.

If performance is important to you, the Meizu will be a better candidate. For photography, the Meizu offers a better rendering without changing settings although the photos are a little colder but if you change the settings a little bit on the Redmi you will quickly get an equivalent quality and sometimes even better for night photos. Stabilization in video mode is better on the Redmi. It is mainly in the details that the Meizu loses a few points against the Redmi. FlyMe Meizu lacks a little maturity when compared to MIUI Redmi and on a daily basis, it can be annoying when you want to go fast and you still have to adjust a few things in the parameters.

By fixing a few minor problems, the Meizu could get a better score than the Redmi, which may be the case in a future update.

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What also bothered me was the lack of relief of the buttons, they are so flat that it is sometimes difficult to distinguish them, you end up pressing the wrong button. Meizu or Redmi?


If I had to choose between the two, I would rather take the Redmi because I prefer MIUI and the Redmi screen is bigger but quite frankly, it is the first time that two phones are so difficult to separate. Commentaire Missing message Incorrect message. Your website. The links below are advertising links that allow me to buy the tested material in complete neutrality.

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