How to put a location on a cellphone OnePlus

The parking feature from the home screen is still in testing on the OnePlus launcher, so it has not rolled out to everyone as a stable release on the Play Store just yet. This means you have two options: Either check the Play Store and hope for an update to the OnePlus Launcher app you'll need version 3. The APK version is the same app you'd get from the Play Store, so you'll continue to receive updates and nothing bad will come of installing it.

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To use the APK method, just make sure the "Install other apps" permission is enabled for your browser, then tap the link below from your phone. Download the latest version, then tap the "Download complete" notification to launch the APK installer file. From there, tap "Install" and you'll be all set.

Now that you're using the latest OnePlus Launcher you'll be able to start using the parking location feature. Head to your main home screen page and swipe to the right to open up the Shelf page, which is packed full of many useful shortcuts and features.

Once you open the Shelf page, you will be greeted with a "Parking Location" message that wants you to know why it needs these specific permissions. Go ahead and tap "Accept" to enable the feature, and it should be at the bottom of the Shelf by default.

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Scroll down to the "Parking Location Service" section, and you will see two buttons labeled "Take picture" and "Mark location. If you decided to take a picture, you'd be prompted to give the OnePlus Launcher access to take pictures and record video. Tap "Allow" and then you can use this feature to get a visual of the location while also saving your GPS coordinates. An added visual to go along with your saved coordinates is a welcomed addition for any situation. When marking your location for the first time, you'll be prompted to grant the OnePlus Launcher access your device's location.

Not only is it a flagship Android phone with the 3. Wireless audio sounds fantastic as well, thanks to its support for the immersive DTS:X 3D audio spec. The G8 is also faster than many of the phones listed above, because it comes equipped with the flagship chip of , the Qualcomm Snapdragon It's a capable shooter too.

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The main megapixel camera is paired with a MP ultra-wide-angle one, giving you some versatility. I'd wager the aforementioned Pixel 3a still snaps better photos, though. LG isn't usually speedy at updating the software on its phones, but signs show it could be improving. Five months after Google released Android 10 , LG started rolling out the update to the G8—still a slow timeframe but better than years past. They're newer phones, but they cost a lot more and aren't going to add much value, so you're better off going for the cheaper G8.

It's also nice that OnePlus has become one of the fastest manufacturers when it comes to delivering Android software updates. This phone launched with Android 10 and gets bimonthly security updates. The 7T has a capable in-display fingerprint sensor and triple rear cameras, including a 2X zoom lens.

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Our only real complaints are that it lacks a headphone jack, there's no wireless charging, and the snazzy glass-backed design makes this phone more delicate—though it comes with a case in the box. It's missing a few of the camera tricks of newer iPhones, but it still runs just fine and should continue to chug along for at least a few more years. The big benefit of an iPhone like the Google Pixel phones is that Apple controls its software, so each model is supported for half a decade or so. Apple's App Store is also home to some of the best mobile games and apps, some of which you won't find on Android phones.

We recommend waiting until the end of April if you can before jumping on the iPhone 8, though. If you want the best deal for a high-end iPhone, consider the iPhone XR. It's our top iPhone at the moment. Just know that, like the OnePlus 7T, this phone is only "cheap" when you compare it with the incredibly expensive new models. Until the iPhone 12 rolls around in late , the XR is worth strong consideration.

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  7. In short, yes. If you buy any of these phones now, they will serve you well. But several manufacturers will be announcing newer models soon some already have , with plenty of launches expected in April and May. Factory activity in China is falling at record rates though, according to the BBC , so phonemakers may not be able to ship their new model phones until many months after they're announced. If you need a phone at this very moment, buy one now.

    If you can wait to see what the field looks like in late May, do it. If you buy an unlocked phone on this list and try to take it to one of your wireless carrier's retail stores, they may tell you it isn't compatible with the network. It likely is. If it doesn't work at first, reboot the phone or just wait a couple of hours. If you need a new SIM, try ordering one online from your carrier, or try to get them to give you a SIM when you activate a line in the store if you're starting coverage.

    Tell them you have a phone. Many times, reps will want to sell you a phone; that's one potential reason they might hassle you into buying a different device in the store. Having said that, please make sure whatever phone you buy will work on your wireless network.

    OnePlus Launcher update adds a parking location service to find your car

    Listings on retailers like Amazon should state clearly which networks it will be compatible with. Also make sure the listing says that the phone is being sold "unlocked. Warning for Verizon and Sprint users: There's a higher chance an unlocked phone will not work on your network. Verizon customers, if something strange is going on, like you get no texts, you may also need to contact customer service and tell them to enable CDMA-Less roaming.

    If you're nervous, look up the specifications of the exact model you're considering. Make sure it has the LTE bands it needs to run on your carrier. Speaking of networks, none of the phones in this guide support 5G, which is perfectly fine.