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Ultra-clear AI triple camera flagship. System optimization makes fast performance even faster. The days of slow wireless charging are in the past. New innovations have now made it possible to reach full charge in 90 minutes with wireless charging--that's even faster than traditional 18W wired charging. What does it mean to have a camera with four times as many pixels as the typical 12MP smartphone? It means that when you zoom in, there is still enough detail to create a quality photo.

Xiaomi Mi 9: How to Unlock Bootloader, Root, and Install TWRP

With the half-inch light sensor and 4-in-1 1. In fact, the Mi 9 camera takes photos with more detail than a 4K television.

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The secret to amazing photography? Three essential lenses: wide angle, telephoto, and ultra wide-angle. Mi 9 has a lens with a view wider than typical lenses, and the camera is capable of correcting distortion. It even supports macro photography, so there's no limits to your creativity. With the large 1. Then with Moon mode, zoom in to see the beams of moon in your photos. The 20MP high resolution sensor can intelligently combine pixels into a single 1.

If you've ever been intrigued by the mysteries of a starry night sky, then you will love the look of this phone. Made with nanometer-level coating, the finish brings out all the colors of the light as it hits the phone, creating a spectacular sight. The curved back gives the phone a sleek look, but more than that, it feels uniquely comfortable to hold, fitting perfectly into the curve of your palm. The beauty of Mi 9 is not just in its colors, but in its solid durability. The camera cover is made of sapphire glass that provides lasting protection.

By using optical in-screen fingerprint sensor, your fingerprint is scanned using highly accurate dynamic focusing, ensuring that the scan isn't affected by bright light or dry hands. Simply press to activate your Google Assistant. The button is also customizable—Want easier access to the camera? Always switching on Reading mode? Now you can set the AI button to do it for you when you double tap.

Once you try it, you won't want to give it up. As the operating system occupies a portion of the RAM, actual available memory is less than stated. As the phone comes with pre-installed applications, the actual storage size is smaller than stated. All data on this page regarding charging and battery life are obtained from Xiaomi laboratories. I use rubber bands to secure the unit to top of the rod. Please go back and try it again to get honest results. Are you aware of any other phones coming out with dual-frequency? The chip used could be from Broadcomm or Qualcomm.

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Are you shure that the Xiaomi is working in dual frequency mode? The Xiaomi Mi8 I use is definitely not as accurate as promised testing meters, like all other single frequenz gnss. Using the raw gnss log with Rinex files i got accuracy of almost 1 meter. But this was done in post processing. Hope for a Xiaomi update.

I upload the file to the several on-line GNSS site for post processing. But I got an error message. Was I doing anything wrong! I am a beginner for GPS raw dat. Would yo please give me some advice how to collect Rinex and where to do the post processing! Hi, I can not help you at the moment because I never used post processing but may be i will learn it in the next future.

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Try to process locally using for example RTKlib…. Also I hope xiaomi will further improve and make firmware stable, it seems there are still bugs and problems going around. Your email address will not be published. Submit Comment.

Xiaomi Mi 9 Dual SIM Smartphone 6GB+128GB Ocean Blue - Global Version - 48MP AI Triple Camera,...

August 06, The Mi 8 comes equipped with a Broadcom BCM chip, being capable of a position accuracy within some decimeters. The track was recorded with the Android app Locus Map Pro setting: every 10 m or 10 s. Garmin fenix 5x : Wrist worn with a limited satellite reception dynamically moving arm, shaded by the body, antenna not always facing to the sky. None of our comparison devices can match the Mi 9 on colour accuracy. Many come close but they all fall short in one area.

Hats off to Xiaomi here because it has done an exemplary job at calibrating the display in our review unit. The Mi 9 is well prepared for outdoor use too thanks to its incredibly bright display. You should be able to read the device in direct sunlight, although reflections may cause you to have to look harder at the screen than if you moved to a shadier spot.

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  6. We noticed a slight brightness shift when looking at the display from the side, but this does not come at the expense of readability. In short, you should have no issues with reading the Mi 9 from practically any angle. The Mi 9 is powered by the hotly anticipated Qualcomm Snapdragon SoC , which makes its first appearance in our offices. Interestingly, manufacturers can integrate the Snapdragon with a 5G modem, so we expect to find it in several 5G smartphones by the end of the year. As expected, the Mi 9 proves to be a worthy competitor to other flagship smartphones in synthetic benchmarks and completely outclassed its predecessor in the process.

    The Mi 9 is also currently one of the fastest smartphones in browser benchmarks as our comparison tables below demonstrate. Our review unit cannot shake the iPhone XR from its pinnacle, but it typically finished above or on par with our most competitive Android comparison devices. Xiaomi equips the Mi 9 with UFS 2. We experienced practically no load times with our review unit, while apps installed almost instantly from the Google Play Store. Likewise, we could not faze the Mi 9 even with intense multitasking.

    In short, you should never experience any lags or stutters with the Mi 9. AndroBench results reinforced our initial impressions too. However, this is almost irrelevant to everyday use, as we experienced when we opened multiple apps consecutively. Hence, the Mi 9 should remain future-proofed for at least a few years. Subjectively, even the most complex of modern games run smoothly on our review unit, regardless of the graphics settings at which they are played.

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    Unfortunately, we were unable to assess frame rates because the app that we usually use, GameBench, would not work on the Mi 9 at the time of testing. We hope to bring you updated benchmark results subsequently though. The Mi 9 feels cool to the touch even when operating under full load, which is impressive.

    Xiaomi Mi Band 4 review: The big picture

    Surface temperatures on our review unit reached a maximum of However, the Mi 9 throttles from time to time to keep temperatures down, as demonstrated by GFXBench Manhattan benchmark results. Nevertheless, our review unit still scores highly even when it throttles, so we doubt that most people would notice the difference even if they push their Mi 9 hard during a long gaming session. The Mi 9 has a single speaker that Xiaomi has placed on the underside of the device next to the Type-C port.

    The speaker sits behind the right-hand grille if the display is facing upwards; it appears that the left-hand grille is just there for decoration. The mono speaker reached a maximum of The speaker reproduces mid and high tones linearly, but bass tones are rather thin on the ground. In short, the speaker is good enough for making hands-free calls and for occasionally having music playing in the background, but we would recommend using external speakers or headphones for a better listening experience.

    As we have mentioned throughout this review, the Mi 9 is the first Snapdragon -powered smartphone that we have tested. Regardless, the Mi 9 consumes considerably less on average than our comparison devices. Our review unit consumes a minimum of 0. Likewise, the Mi 9 averages just 1.

    The system consumed a maximum of 9. In short, the Mi 9 currently has class-leading power consumption. The Mi 9 has a 3, mAh battery, which is rather small compared to the batteries in most of our comparison devices. Our review unit managed almost 17 hours in our looped H. However, the Mi 9 needed recharging in under 10 hours when we ran our practical Wi-Fi test, which is over 7 hours shorter than the Honor View 20 lasted. However, our review unit still recharges fully with the included charger in hours, which is incredibly fast.

    The Mi 9 can also recharge wirelessly at 20 W and is the first smartphone to be able to do so according to Xiaomi.

    Overall, the Mi 9 may not have the best battery life, but at least you can recharge it quickly. The Xiaomi Mi 9 is a triumphant smartphone that puts other flagships to shame by being incredible value for money. However, the GB model may be a better choice for many people because the Mi 9 does not support expandable storage. Xiaomi has equipped all Mi 9 models with excellent triple rear-facing cameras and a bright AMOLED screen that has exemplary colour accuracy, which all fits in a stylish and high-quality glass case.

    The new Qualcomm Snapdragon SoC also makes the Mi 9 one of the most powerful smartphones that money can currently buy. That will change with the release of more Snapdragon powered smartphones though.