Tracking a cell phone Oppo AX7

Optus OPPO AX7 Smartphone

This cell phone tracking tool comes with a lot of special functions like setting a time limitation to restrict children from playing mobile phone, sending a notification once the person you monitored has left this area, restricting some words to search, taking screenshot on target phone.

Create an account for PanSpy by clicking on the Sign Up option on the top right of this page. Now enter your valid email address and make the password for it. After created a PanSpy account, you will receive a confirmation link, simply navigate to your Email address, tap the link to activate your account, then follow the Setup Wizard to complete the following setup process. Choose the operating system that is running on the target device. Here, we are selecting Android because we want to remotely spy a Oppo phone.

Both editions support for 1-month subscription, quarter subscription and 1-year subscription, you can check the here. Get a subscription you prefer and move on. At last, you can see a control panel on your computer. After successfully subscribed the service, you will get a download link, simply download and setup the PanSpy app. Login in with your PanSpy account and authorize PanSpy to access data on the monitored Oppo device according to the instructions.

Once you completed all process, you can choose to delete the app icon or keep it on the homescreen. Select ' Locations ' option and you can view the current location and previous spot of the Oppo device. You can monitor other operations did on Oppo device in real time as well. The Oppo AX7 definitely has a taste of the design we saw in the Oppo R17 Pro, with a "teardrop" style front notch on the 6.

Oppo advises that not all vendors will offer both the Glaring Gold and Glaze Blue finishes. I tested with the Glaze Blue finish model supplied by Oppo. I'm rather fond of blue phones as a tone choice generally, and the Oppo AX7 doesn't disappoint, with a subtle lined effect running down the rear of the case.

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The edges are a lot less reflective, and also a lot less prone to fingerprint smudging if that kind of issue bothers you. Notches are a divisive design element on handsets, seemingly looking to be replaced in with the equally controversial punch hole design for cameras.

In the case of the Oppo AX7, you're faced with a teardrop notch, but unusually there doesn't seem to be any way to obscure it at all. Most Android devices with notches will allow you to black out the top section of the screen around the notch if you don't like the look, or don't want it intruding on apps, but there's no such function for the Oppo AX7. Some apps, such as the bundled Opera browser will do it automatically, but there's no quick setting if you never want to see it at all.

The Oppo AX7 unlocks via a fingerprint sensor located relatively high up on the back of the phone body. It's quick enough, but it did take me some time to get used to where it was before I could confidently pick it up and unlock with one smooth motion. Oppo pitches itself as the "camera phone" company, and that's a commitment that doesn't simply extend to its premium phone lines.

Like many in this category, that secondary lens isn't one you use directly.

Oppo AX7 CPH1903 64GB / 4GB RAM (Dual Sim) Glaring Gold Mobile Phone

Instead, it's used for portrait shots to add a level of bokeh to your photos. You're not constrained to just taking shots of actual people either, although the bokeh results on still objects can be quite variable in real world usage. Oppo's camera app is an almost direct copy of the iOS camera app, which means it's very easy to use, but it's not exactly feature rich.

If you're the tinkering type, you may find the lack of customisation a problem. Conversely if all you do is point and shoot, it'll be just fine. It's not extremely fast to focus, and switching between camera modes is likewise a little slow. Low light performance isn't exceptional, but again that's exactly what you'd expect for a camera in this price range.

It's also a wide angle lens, which means it's suitable for group selfies if that's to your style.

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Oppo equips the front lens with an AI-led "beauty" mode that does a predictable job of smoothing out skin imperfections. So as an example, here's what I look like with only my own innate beauty on show:. Overall, the Oppo AX7's camera is fine, but not exceptional for a camera in this price range. Push it to work fast, or give it poor lighting and you'll get poor results, but for most point and shoot users it'll be entirely adequate. That's appropriate for its price point, but it's not a combination that makes the Oppo AX7 notably quick, even for a mid-to-budget priced handset.

That's very much reflected in the Oppo AX7's benchmark results, where it struggles even to keep up with similarly priced handsets in Geekbench 4's CPU test:. Here's how it compares using 3DMark's Slingshot Extreme test: Benchmarks don't always tell the whole story, but here they're quite a good indication of the kind of experience you'll get out of the Oppo AX7. It simply isn't a nimble device, even within its category and especially for any kind of power-hungry app or game. The Oppo AX7 runs on Android 8.

ColorOS is super-colourful to a level that's almost painfully saturated, and it's a real holdover from when Oppo's phones were virtual iPhone clones. It works, mostly, but it's a somewhat clunky approach that does away with the app drawer and sometimes has pop-ups that feel a little invasive, especially if you consider Oppo's Chinese roots.

To be fair, they're warning you about access via Oppo's apps to specific private data. Still it always leaves me wondering why simple apps like the clock need this kind of access in the first place. It's not clear if the Optus-supplied variant will be dual-SIM capable, but the smart money says it won't be.

How To Track A Cell Phone Location For Free

At its price point, Oppo could be forgiven for offering up a battery with around 2,,mAh. After all, that's what much of its competition does. Instead, Oppo went all out with the Oppo AX7, stuffing an impressive 4,mAh of battery capacity into its frame. That's a lot of battery for a low-end phone, and it equates out to a lot of battery life. Here's how it compares using Geekbench 4's battery test against a range of other mid-price handsets. Pay particular attention to the battery time in minutes for the Oppo AX It is worth noting that for its impressive battery time, the Oppo AX7's actual battery score isn't that high compared to many premium handsets.

That indicates that it's not working quite as hard as they are, but again that's a function of that lower power processor. The practical takeaway here is that while the Oppo AX7 isn't a fast phone, it's one that will last the distance, and then some if you're away from a charger for any length of time. It turns out that's a good state of affairs, because the Oppo AX7's impressive battery charges exceptionally slowly.

Your best bet here is to remember to charge it overnight. The mid-range mobile market is awash with choices to make, and it's an area where Oppo has had significant successes in the past. The Oppo AX7 won't wow you with particularly great application performance, but it gets the essentials right while running all day and night, and for most folks well into the next day as well. That superb battery life is undeniably its best feature, so if you're after a phone in this price bracket and you suffer from the mobile equivalent of range anxiety, it's highly recommended.

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You're spoilt for choice when it comes to phones in this price bracket, although none of them do come close to the Oppo AX7's remarkable battery stamina. If you crave "pure" Android experiences, check out the Nokia 5. If you're after a modified Android look in a stylish body, consider the Huawei Nova 3i. Read moreā€¦. The Oppo A9 features a quad-camera array and a hefty 5,mAh battery to keep you going. The Oppo A5 features a quad-camera array and a hefty 5,mAh battery to keep you going.

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