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Alcatel makes flip phones designed with simplicity and functionality in mind. When closed, a secondary display on the outer shell shows the time and other important notifications, like incoming calls and text messages.

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While flip phones may not have all the features smartphones do, they can still feel just as quick on LTE and Wi-Fi. You can upgrade the internal storage with a microSD card, helping you capture photos and video without worrying about space. Categories Best Buy Mobile On Sale Refurbished Open Box 2.

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Techville 3. AB Cellular 2. Electronics Plus 2. Wireless Gadgets 2. In a report published this week and shared with ZDNet , the company says it initially detected that the app was harvesting users' data and sending it to a server in China.

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  8. But this weather app isn't the only suspicious app with intrusive permissions that collects data and sends it back to China. There are plenty of those around already. Upstream devs also found that in certain regions, the malicious code hidden inside the app would also attempt to subscribe users to premium phone numbers that incurred large charges on users' phone bills. On top of these transactions, Upstream devs also spotted adware-like behavior that originated from an infected phone they've purchased from its former owner. The weather app, which ran in the phone's background, also started hidden browser windows that loaded web pages and clicked on ads.

    This means that on top of driving up phone bills by subscribing users to premium numbers, the app was also most likely depleting internet access data plans, incurring even more financial losses to victims. According to Upstream, most of the behavior they've seen originated only from two types of smartphones, Pixi 4 and A3 Max models. However, the company doesn't have a worldwide view into infected devices, and many more could still be infected, especially users who downloaded the app from the Play Store.

    Google has removed the app com. The point of the compromise doesn't appear to be with some shady phone supplier or rogue telecom provider in any of the affected countries, mainly because both the preinstalled and Play Store apps were affected in the same way. The source of the infection appears to be a TCL developer who had his system compromised, although this is only a theory.

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    The company also said they didn't analyze the other apps uploaded on the Play Store from the same TCL account , but they didn't find any suspicious activity originating from them either. DOJ says it will prioritize the prosecution of coronavirus crimes.

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    You also agree to the Terms of Use and acknowledge the data collection and usage practices outlined in our Privacy Policy. Hackers first began exploiting the bug in August last year. Company shuts down services but promises to have everything up by Monday. Free resource to help parents keep kids safe online as schools move to eLearning. As the COVID coronavirus pandemic spreads, schools all around the world are moving to eLearning, and while this presents a great opportunity, it also means increased risks.

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    Digital Revolution hacker group leaks details about "Fronton" an IoT botnet a contractor was allegedly building for the FSB, Russia's intelligence agency. A professor says Edge is the worst for privacy. Microsoft isn't happy.