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Dinha suggests the way forward is better, more transparent network security, as there will always be potential for core equipment to be compromised. Although currently there has been no clear evidence showing Huawei equipment contains security "backdoors" allowing Chinese government access, rumors still swirl that evidence may exist. Just over the last month several stories have appeared suggesting the truth is out there.

One story alleged the CIA has proof Huawei received funding from Chinese state security agencies, while another revealed the Dutch intelligence agency AIVD has discovered an elusive Huawei backdoor in a major local telecom firm. However, both stories are still very much unverified, and so far every significant investigation into Huawei's association with Chinese intelligence has found no explicit evidence to solidify the years of allegations. It is also difficult to separate this latest major US move from its ongoing trade war with China. Last year Huawei overtook Apple to become the second-largest smartphone manufacturer in the world.

This happened alongside the company revealing it was stepping out of the general US consumer tech market. So while a US Huawei ban is not particularly relevant to the company's global market share in smartphones, laptops and telecommunications equipment, it may affect the its ability to produce that tech for its international market. These problems are compounded by the loss of access to US-built software, specifically that from Google, which is likely to influence the future purchasing decisions of consumers around the globe.

Google's move to suspend business operations with Huawei to comply with the US government ban has sparked confusion amongst owners of existing devices worried they would no longer have access to updates for Android OS, and Google services such as Maps, YouTube and the Play store. Both Google and Huawei have sought to allay fears by saying existing devices wouldn't be affected, and yesterday the US Commerce Department awarded Huawei a license allowing it to purchase US goods until August 19, giving mobile device owners time to access software updates and telecom providers time to seek alternatives.

But once that date passes, owners of existing devices face the prospect of not being able to access any future updates, potentially making their devices less secure, while future devices will likely not have access to the above mentioned Google services through dedicated apps. There are rumors Huawei has long expected this potential scenario, so it has been developing an alternative operating system for its smartphones.

But what does this mean for its burgeoning laptop market? Its sleek MateBook has been becoming increasingly impressive over its last few generations, yet this new US ban would essentially disallow Microsoft from supplying Huawei with a Windows OS. It is unclear how all this will ultimately play out. More investigations will roll out, trying to uncover the elusive, and possibly non-existent, piece of evidence to finally show whether Huawei is conspiring with the Chinese government.

The repercussions of the US ban will not only harm Huawei but a raft of other American businesses that sell goods to the massive company.

This recent escalation in the conflict by the United States does not bring us closer to ending these tensions, but until there is clear evidence Huawei is a company not to be trusted, all current prohibitions are ultimately based on potential future scenarios and not publicly available facts. LOG IN. Menu HOME. Search Query Submit Search.

Facebook Twitter Flipboard LinkedIn. What evidence is there to prove Huawei is planting backdoor access into its equipment so data can be accessed by Chinese intelligence agencies? View 1 Image. Long standing ties Huawei's deep ties with the Chinese government go all the way back to the company's founding in Is there any actual evidence of spying? So what happens now? Rich Haridy.

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With interests in film, new media, and the new wave of psychedelic science, Rich has written for a number of online and print publications over the last decade and was Chair of the Australian Film Critics Association from Sign in to post a comment. Fletcher May 22, PM. This article doesn't mention anywhere that Huawei hardwired a microchip onto server motherboards to spy on anyone companies, governments, people who bought the servers without their permission.

That is the smoking gun, hard core proof and a fact, not a coding error, or a simple software mistake.

Huawei Boulder Spying

If your interested in really reading about the problem Bloomberg wrote a good article back in October last year about this but there have been others written since. The fact is the Chinese government like most governments feel they can spy on their people without mercy. Some of the motherboards were fixed, most were replaced and in a lot of cases the servers were replaced entirely.

Of course, in situations like this, where national security issues are involved, the lack of evidence that has been made public does not necessarily imply there is actually no evidence. But if the NSA, say, has discovered something egregious via means that they don't want the Chinese or other bad actors to know about, then not telling the public and even the vote-panderers in government makes sense - no different than when the Brits broke the enigma code in WWII but allowed a troop carrier to be sunk by a U-Boat in order to prevent the Nazis from realizing enigma had been broken.

Thanks for the clarification. Appears to me that the Muller report is much more damaging than the case against Huawei. George Sidman May 22, PM. Thanks for a more clear headed review of the Huawei boogeyman. To clarify further, it makes no difference who provides the hardware.

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Software that hijacks packets and sends them to whomever can be planted on any router, switch, etc. Any sensitive information worth protecting currently moves, or should move, over the Internet fully encrypted. Hijacked packets that are encrypted are of no use to anyone. This attack on Huawei has no technical substance at all, which is why most other countries are not concerned. Huawei is simply offering better equipment at a better price.

This is a US-driven xenophobic trade war gambit at best, and will be ultimately damaging to yet another aspect of global commerce. Evil China might spy with insecure tech. Ban them all. Trump knows. He smart. You can access various components of target device including call history, messages, location, and much more.

Huawei spying allegations: What you need to know about the Chinese tech giant

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US Takes Baby Steps Toward Providing Actual Public Evidence Of Huawei Spying | Techdirt

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