Smartphone monitoring software reviews Samsung Galaxy A3

However, looking closer at the photos reveals a slight haziness in both upper corners that is, however, only noticed on specific objects.

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The image quality is poorer in difficult situations - for example in twilight or dim rooms. The image noise then also increases in dark areas scene 3. Additionally, the occasional blurred photo will be inevitable under these circumstances due to the lack of an optical image stabilizer. The relatively sluggish auto-focus that does not always function accurately in low-light conditions makes things more difficult since it has obvious problems focusing objects. Fortunately, the bright LED flash can lessen the problem a bit - at least in the near field.

The primary camera records videos in at most the Full HD resolution and 30 frames per second. The image quality is very decent, but the auto-focus is also often sluggish here particularly when the scene changes quickly or in difficult light conditions. The front-facing camera with fixed focus has a resolution of 5 megapixels and provides useful results in good ambient light conditions. However, the photos blur as soon as less light falls on the sensor. It also records videos in the Full HD resolution at 30 frames per second.

Samsung Galaxy A3 (2016) Review

The camera's software allows choosing between an "Auto" and "Pro" mode with extra settings, among other things. HDR photos are only possible via a special mode. It is handy that the camera app can be opened directly from standby by double-tapping the home button.

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Choose a scene and navigate within the first image. One click changes the position on touchscreens. One click on the zoomed-in image opens the original in a new window. The first image shows the scaled photograph of the test device. To test the color accuracy of the Galaxy A3's primary camera, we compare the screenshot of the X-Rite ColorChecker Passport taken under controlled light conditions with the factual reference colors. The pictures are not edited afterwards, e.

Samsung Galaxy A3 (2016) Smartphone Review

The comparison shows that the smartphone almost consistently tends to oversaturate colors as well as slightly increase the brightness. The latter is also true for the medium grayscale levels. To evaluate the image sharpness, we photographed our test chart as full-frame as possible in defined light conditions. The sharpness decrease particularly in the left upper edge, which was already noticed in the real-world photos, is seen again.

The reproduction in the image's center is very decent, and even the iPhone 6S is defeated in terms of resolution here. In addition to the compulsory brochures that include a quick-start guide and warranty conditions, the review sample was shipped with a tool for opening the card slot and a 7. Beyond that, a white in-ear headset was included.

Samsung's warranty covers a period of 24 months. That, however, excludes the battery where a month warranty is stated. The review sample's touchscreen protected by Gorilla Glass responds very accurately to inputs and detects the lightest touch reliably. The glass surface has an especially pleasing feel thanks to its rounded lateral edges. The onscreen keyboard can also be used well although the room for it is smaller than in smartphones with bigger screens.

Samsung's standard keyboard also supports word suggestions and swiping. The latter has to first be enabled in the settings. The touch buttons below the screen also do a reliable job. They are backlit for approximately one-and-a-half seconds after an input. All physical keys, i. They thus contribute to the smartphone's high-quality looks. Generally, the operating system mostly responded to the user's inputs without lags.

It sometimes only took a moment for opening a function when larger apps were closed or updates ran in the background. The image rotated quickly when turning the smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy A3 Smartphone Review

Samsung's new Galaxy A3 sports a 4. The resulting pixel density of PPI is higher than that of last year's model PPI despite the bigger screen diagonal.

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  • The review sample thus places itself between those rivals with to PPI. However, pixel structures and light color fringing are very visible when looking close at content despite this sufficiently high pixel density. Color fringing could particularly appear at the edges of homogeneously colored surfaces. This minor shortcoming will unlikely be noticed in routine use. The device additionally benefits from the AMOLED panel's rich black level that leads to a very high contrast both subjectively and objectively. The frequency of If PWM was detected, an average of minimum: 5 - maximum: Hz was measured.

    Like many Samsung smartphones, the Galaxy A3 has several color profiles for the user to choose from. That looks different in "Cinema" mode that primarily relies on much higher saturated colors and also has a much cooler color temperature with K than both other modes ideal rate: K; "Basic" K; "Cinema": K. Users who do not want to think about the color reproduction can simply leave it up to automatic mode set by default.

    The Galaxy A3 can show its strengths in outdoor use. Inverting is not an issue due to the construction, and the brightness decrease when looking at the screen from the side is marginal. However, a minor drop in color temperature towards cooler colors then becomes visible. The new Exynos quad-core processor has four Cortex A53 cores that clock at a maximum of 1.

    You Can to Monitor Down Samsung Galaxy A3

    Like the predecessor , it finds support in a rather scanty 1. Apart from Motorola's Moto G , the comparison devices all have more to offer here. The review sample holds its ground quite well despite these relatively weak-looking components on paper: While it at least can keep the Snapdragon SoC based rival in check in the AnTuTu benchmark and Geekbench 3, it can even outperform Huawei's P8 lite furnished with an octa-core processor in PCMark.

    The new Galaxy A3 also looks impressive in the graphics benchmarks. Thus, Samsung's new Exynos SoC does not ensure any new best rates in the comparison with the rivals, but it can hold its own well especially in the graphics tests. It looks similar in the browser tests.

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    While the review sample usually places itself in the midfield in the storage benchmarks, it shows a clear weakness in sequential write. It only takes second-last place with However, the read performance - in particular random read of small data blocks - has been considerably improved. The achieved The interface is considerably weaker in random read It does its job amazingly well: Even performance-driven games like Asphalt 8 are still smooth in high settings. The smartphone certainly benefits from its not extremely high screen resolution of x pixels. The graphics chip would have to work harder for the same performance with a Full HD panel.

    Of course, games like Angry Birds 2 that do not have such high hardware requirements run smoothly on the handset. The integrated position sensors and sensitive touchscreen also function impeccably in games. The Galaxy A3 shines in terms of maximum heat dissipation. Like the slightly bigger Galaxy S5 Neo , the review sample reaches at most a moderate Only the direct predecessor does an even better job. OnePlus' X proves that not every smartphone can offer these low temperatures with a hot spot of We use the battery test of GFXBench to check whether these agreeably low temperatures are not the result of a continuous performance reduction of the installed components.

    It runs the T-Rex test 30 times in succession and records both the available performance and battery consumption. Fortunately, the outcomes only deviate within a range of one percent point, which excludes throttling. While the speaker in last year's Galaxy A3 was still found on the rear, it is now situated on the handset's lower edge.

    Thus, sound is no longer impaired when the smartphone is placed on a table.

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    Subjectively, the sound quality is surprisingly good for a mono speaker. Music and voice are rendered quite naturally and balanced, and even some bass is audible. Tones are not distorted even at maximum volume, which could be a bit higher, though.