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Motorola Razr review (2020)

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When combined, they make a 2,mAh non-removable battery. The saving grace is an included watt TurboPower charging wall plug, which in our testing gave a full charge in about 90 minutes. When you flip the razr over, you'll see the textured back and a classic etched Motorola batwing logo. It provides grip, but I found myself holding the phone and keeping one finger held against the logo divot.

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The right side of the razr features the power and sleep button, along with a volume rocker. They can be hard to tell apart at first. Motorola also added a minimal grip texture to the power button — a nice touch. A core part of any foldable, of course, is the hinge. The razr's is streamlined with the overall design. When it's open, the two halves of the display cover the main hinge, giving you a single, almost seamless screen.

As noted above, you can feel internal elements as slight bumps under the display, which is a bit atypical, but not distracting. I did get the sense that I could be a bit rougher and push harder on the razr than I could with the Galaxy Fold. That being said, I haven't yet tested the two foldables against each other. Overall, it's a cool-looking device. Family members, friends and random people who saw me testing the razr stopped me to ask about it. A flip phone foldable in is an attention grabber. If you're a sucker for nostalgia, Motorola has you in its sights with the razr.

The razr has a 6.

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It's quite long, so if you're a fan of Twitter or Instagram, you can see more of the timelines. It's bright at full blast, but you'll likely find yourself keeping it on auto-adjusting mode to conserve battery life. On a contrast scale it performs well, but it's noticeably not as dark or vibrant as comparable smartphone displays. Display quality was subpar outdoors.

Moto Pays Attention to Budget Phones

The razr picks up glare from the sun, washing out the display. Also, depending on how the light hits the display, you can see a crease, or at least a dip, at the hinge. The crease is also noticeable with a solid color on the display, like in messages or the Play Store.

When the razr is turned to landscape position, the chin on one side can made it a little tough to orient at first, but it ultimately was a positive experience akin to wide-screen cinema. This can be attributed to the ratio, which elongates the viewing area. By comparison, an iPhone with Face ID or a Galaxy S10 will fill the display and potentially zoom in on the content, thereby trimming the edges.

The razr will present black bars on the top, bottom and sides, depending on the size of the content. Overall, streaming, social media, productivity apps like mail and word processing , web browsing, messaging and calls were enjoyable on the razr. The front display is quite small, much smaller than a normal smartphone, and even smaller than the tiny front display on the Galaxy Fold.

But I found that the front display on razr did more than the Fold's. Yes, it's a small 2. For the size in the folded state, it's a handy way to get surface notifications. Other flagship devices feature cameras that rival digital single-lens reflex cameras. Take the iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max , for example. Those devices give you three lenses: an ultrawide, a standard wide and a telephoto lens. Through the power of those lenses, along with software and AI enhancement, you get remarkable results.

Motorola opted for a megapixel main lens with electronic image stabilization on the razr.

Motorola's razr is ultimately a mixed bag

It's a single lens for photography and videography paired with dual-LED flash. Additionally, within the camera application, you can find several modes, including one that smoothes skin. It's similar to what other Motorola phones have featured, but many of the disappointments resulted from the actual lens.

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The new Motorola Razr is a sleek foldable flip phone but it doesn't justify the high price

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