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Average expected performance based on typical use. Actual battery life depends on factors such as network, features selected, frequency of calls, and voice, data, and other application usage patterns.

What are the camera features of the Samsung S10?

Results may vary. Dual Aperture is supported on the main rear camera.

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Device Specifications. LTE Advanced.

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Works in over countries depending on your plan. Head SAR: 1. SM, Octa-Core, 2. Compare devices. What's in the box. Download user manual.

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Based on 33 reviews. Write a review. Highest to Lowest Rating. What a difference in phones. Virtually every single feature of this phone is better in nearly every way. The additional new features have really played well with most of my other Samsung gear. Yes, I'd recommend this product. Was this review helpful? Yes 0. Very fast phone. The wireless power sharing is a good feature, not just this but all the other features too.

Its It's such a great device I've always been a Samsung fan however my recent upgrade to the Samsung S10 has left me horribly disappointed. My new Samsung S10 will not stay synced to anything bluetooth including my new Ford and Lincoln. At first the Lincoln dealer thought it was related to a bad APIM however after being repla read more.

Not sure why Samsung is hidden this information from their user. I do not recommend in display fingerprint scanners are horrible the only thing I like about this phone is that display. I wish they would do away with glass phones and curved screens. Hardware features do not work as advertised.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active Review: A Great Wearable for Exercise Tracking | WIRED

Fingerprint reader doesn't read fingerprints. I bought the S10 about a month ago. I depend on voice activated text. It doesnt pick up words very well and sometime it doent work at all. No spell check on voice activated texting either. The conectivity is poor in places my S7 would work.

Samsung galaxy tab spy app

The battery life is poor. I am lucky to get 9 hours without read more. The S10 is amazing. Fast,sleek design,an great new features. I love it. Frequently asked questions Ask a question. Newest Questions. Answer this question. We would love to have you join the VZW family. Please contact our Telesales team today at This shouldnt even be a conversation.

The s8 had it. How does the s10 not? Agreed with matt This shouldn't be a question, the latest tech mobile and has no support. It's been 3 months and counting. I'm surprised that this is not already done. Come on Fitbit. Weird that the older phones have more functionality from Fitbit. It seems to be strange to me the feature is still missing. Fitbit will fix this by the time the 11 comes out. Might be time to switch to Samsung health's tracking gear. I absolutely wanted to use this feature today but was very disappointed to see that is not availableI.

Heaps of guys are missing out on this I've got an S10e and there's no option for mobile track, seems really odd this hasn't been added yet. Appreciate the update, thanks! Is there any news when this will be coming? There are times for work I am unable to wear my watch so this would be really useful. I'm not holding my breath. That would mean adding functions for existing users. The way they are at the minute, not gonna happen.

Review: Samsung Galaxy Watch Active

I just don't get it though. No logical reason one phone would work and the other two not.

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  • And the only answer we ever get is "check phone compatibility. Wot they said. All of 'em.

    Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus Camera Tips & Features

    It doesn't make me want to upgrade, it makes me think of switching from fitbit Due to recent events affecting our operations, support options are limited and wait times are longer than usual. Visit our help site for answers to many common questions and other self-service options. See more ideas labeled with: Mobile App.