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This item include all part shown in the picture. The photos are just for illustration purposes. Connect with us on Messenger. Visit Community. Message to enter an unlock code should appear 3. Modem instruction 1. Insert an unaccepted simcard in your. Try this only on Any ZTE smartphone. But please do read the steps below carefully.

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TFT: Diagonal size. In mobile devices display size is represented by the length of its diagonal measured in inches. In order to keep your device in its best condition, please read this manual and keep it for future reference. Despite the aspect ratio of the display, the Blade Max View retains a prominent bottom bezel, which looks quite empty given the lack of a front-facing fingerprint sensor.

Instead, that scanner is on the phone's back below the camera, where it carves a deep recess into the plastic and is encircled by a sharp metallic ridge that scrapes your index finger as you try to locate it. It's not a great feeling. In fact, the whole the back of the Blade Max View doesn't feel great, and it's down to that soft-touch texture.

I have nothing against plastics on phones when done right, but this material approaches a nails-on-chalkboard grittiness that just doesn't feel pleasing to the touch. It's also prone to trapping lint as well as the oils from your hands and gets to looking pretty dirty pretty quickly. Aside from those complaints, the Blade Max View cleans up nicely. It does feel a bit too tall in the hand, as a consequence of that thick bezel. But given that the device still casts a slim profile, I suspect much of the unused real estate at the front is necessary to contain the phone's gigantic 4,mAh battery, stereo speakers and headphone jack.

Not too long ago, you'd only find full-HD displays with extra-wide aspect ratios on the most expensive, premium handsets. Yet details are still crisp, colors are still relatively accurate and the lack of hyper-saturated colors you tend to see on OLED models helps the Blade Max View's battery last a bit longer on a charge, too. Watching the trailer for the upcoming Lion King remake, I was taken aback by the iconic scene overlooking Pride Rock, thanks to the Blade View Max's ability to paint the sunlight and shadows with pleasing contrast and clarity. The Blade Max View turned in a respectable peak brightness of nits under our light meter.

That beats out the nit Moto G6 , but falls shy of the nit Honor 7X. And with a Delta-E rating of 0.

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The Blade Max View comes equipped with a megapixel primary sensor on the back, as well as a 2-MP sensor for determining depth in Portrait Mode shots. Up front, you get an 8-MP camera for selfies. I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the shots ZTE's latest budget device churned out. They're very respectable for the handset's cheap price, especially considering low and midrange phones always tend to skimp on photography before all else. There are strengths and weaknesses of each photo — the Motorola's result is sharper, while the Blade Max View delivered a brighter shot with more accurate white balance, taking account of the scene's warmth.

It definitely became clear in successive shots that the Blade Max View's penchant for more realistic colors wasn't imagined. That's especially evident when comparing these two photos of a homey Christmas tree ornament, where the light emanating from one of the tree's bulbs paints the side of the fox in stark yellow. Compared to the device class average, the battery life is good but not great. Users looking for a phone without contract or those who simply want a low-priced smartphone with a premium design would be well advised to take a look at the Blade V9 by ZTE.

The V9 has ample performance for most applications and runs games well, too. The display has vibrant colors and its high resolution creates a sharp picture. Speaking of which, the main camera takes sharp pictures as well, although one should not expect too much from the Super-Night mode. While it does improve photos in poor lighting conditions, movement or an unsteady hand heavily impact the result.

ZTE Blade 20 - Quick/Fast Review - Spec & Price - Budget Phone With Monster Battery.

Buyers of the Blade V9 receive a smartphone with a great design and solid system performance for a low price. The included accessories round out the package well.

ZTE Blade 20 Smart

Since ultimately, the performance values of the competition don't differ much from those of the Blade V9, the design and camera are, according to our impression, the deciding factors for a purchase. The included accessories are a big plus in our book. The silicone shell is a crucial accessory that is immediately available. The included stereo headset delivers excellent sound and is ideal for listening to music. Smartphone Touchscreen. Qualcomm Snapdragon Qualcomm Adreno Audio Connections: 3.

ZTE homepage. Note: The manufacturer may use components from different suppliers including display panels, drives or memory sticks with similar specifications. Case - Let he who is without glass throw the first smartphone. Upper edge: 3. Right: power button, volume control. GPS test - indoors without Internet. GPS test - outdoors without Internet. GPS test - indoors with Internet. GPS test - outdoors with Internet. Garmin Edge ZTE Blade V9. Telephony and Call Quality. Picture taken with the front camera. Bokeh mode. Photo modes. Available filters.

Super-Night mode. Image Comparison Choose a scene and navigate within the first image. Scene 1 Scene 2 Scene 3 click to load images. Canon Eos 70 D. Huawei Mate 10 Pro. Apple iPhone X. Color checker: The bottom half of every field shows the original color. Display - The ZTE shines with saturated colors.

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CalMAN - Grayscales. CalMAN - Mixed colors. CalMAN - Color accuracy. CalMAN - Saturation. Outdoor use. Viewing angles. Performance - Blade V9 brings high-end to the low-price segment. Average Qualcomm Snapdragon Average of class Smartphone.