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This will send a free SMS message containing a download link for the app. The web interface takes into consideration scenarios where a company or individual would like to manage dozens of individual cars. Fleet owners and managers can define speeds alerts to prevent the drivers from going too fast, and they can also set up warnings to notify the drivers that they are about to leave the route they should be following.

If speed and efficiency are of any concern for your business, then you will like the Points of Interest feature. A point of interest is simply a place that has some sort of importance for you. This way, you can find out, for example, how long it takes your employees to make a delivery or how long they spend with clients. The locational information can be shared with others via private links. Sending a link like this to a customer will reassure him that the driver is on his way, resulting in a greater customer satisfaction with your services.

The one limiting factor that influences all GPS car tracking apps for Android is the quality of the built-in GPS module in the smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy A40 review

Older devices, in particular, are known for taking a very long time to lock on satellites, as well as being prone to losing GPS signal whenever there are obstacles in the way, such as buildings or trees. Fortunately, the situation has improved dramatically over the last few years, and some of the newest Android smartphones get a GPS signal almost instantaneously.

If a vehicle becomes lost or is involved in and incident causing injury to any of the crew, it is vital that we are able to effectively locate the fire appliance in at timely fashion to render assistance. Therefore, an SOS system push button etc would be ideal.

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Theft prevention could also be an option — via the ability through a compatible software program to immobilise the vehicle in question. At the outset, we wish to purchase a singular unit for trial and upon successful trial at the brigade, we would look at equipping the 3 units at the home brigade. If this brigade trial is successful, it is intended that units would next be purchased for the entire Regional area and if that trial is deemed a success then state wide would be the next step and could even be introduced Australia wide.

Kindly understand that we will be working with a government body and progress can, at times, be unbearably slow and arduous. Any assistance and advice you are able to provide so that we may undertake the above mentioned trial would be greatly appreciated. Please provide pricing for our Volunteer Fire Fighters Brigade in the first instance.

Samsung Galaxy A50

A web link would be extremely helpful. I am a happy customer of them. There are few criterias why i have selected Redcompass:. They have their Software development set up. Factory to develop various devices 3. Various devices for different vehicles including OBD and all. Great Price. The displays on both devices curve along the side bezels of the device, with minimal bezels that Samsung markets as an "infinity display", and the display panel itself has rounded edges.

Both chips are manufactured by Samsung with a 10 nm process. Unlike past Galaxy S series models, the S8 line does not feature physical navigation keys, electing to use on-screen keys instead. The S8's display features pressure sensitivity limited to the home button.

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It also supports the raw imagery format Digital Negative. The front-facing camera was upgraded to an 8-megapixel sensor with autofocus.

Samsung Galaxy A40

The Galaxy S8 Active features a rugged design and significantly tougher materials to make it shock, shatter, water, and dust resistant. Unlike the previous phones in the Active line, the S8 Active does not have tactile buttons, instead using onscreen keys like the regular variants of the S8. It also no longer has the dedicated action button of previous versions which could be reprogrammed to be a shortcut to favorite apps, with the action button being replaced with the Bixby button. The "infinity" edge display of the standard models is removed, replaced with a metal frame and bumpers in the corners to protect from shocks, while the back is fitted with a "rugged, tough texture for a secure grip".

Its screen also measures 5. The Galaxy S8 launched with the Android 7. The feature allows the use of voice commands to perform phone functions, can generate cards shown on a home screen page replacing the Flipboard integration formerly featured based on a user's interactions, and perform searches utilizing object recognition via the camera.

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Bixby supports third-party integration via an SDK. However, for the S8, Samsung partnered with Google to incorporate additional exclusive features into the app, including the ability to upload up to , tracks to the service's cloud storage, an increase from the 50, tracks users are normally allowed to upload. Additionally, new users get a three-month free trial to the service, the same as given to users who purchase Google's own Pixel smartphone.

Furthermore, Google stated that more Samsung-exclusive features will be added to the app in the future, and that the Bixby assistant will also be supported by the app. In February , the official Android 8. In February , the official Android 9.

Samsung Galaxy A70 review: Samsung's best mid-range handset? | Expert Reviews

Dan Seifert of The Verge praised the design of the Galaxy S8, describing it as a "stunning device to look at and hold" that was "refined and polished to a literal shine", and adding that it "truly doesn't look like any other phone you might have used before". The hardware of the device was described as "practically flawless". Seifert also liked the new software, writing that "Samsung is known less for polish and more for clumsiness. In a refreshing change of pace, the software on the S8 is, dare I say, good [ sic ]". It makes the S8 look just as fresh today as it did when it debuted", and pointing out that the S8's popularity and carrier support guaranteed plenty of third-party accessories.

Chris Velazco of Engadget similarly praised the design, stating that "from their rounded edges to their precisely formed metal-and-glass bodies, they feel like smaller, sleeker versions of the Galaxy Note 7", and also praised the display as being simply "awesome". Velazco also praised the software, calling Samsung's added interface "subtle and thoughtful in its design choices". While noting that the Bixby assistant wasn't ready yet, he did compliment the promised voice features as being more granular than those offered through Siri or Google Assistant , and wrote that "With that kind of complexity involved, maybe it's no surprise this stuff isn't done yet".

Also praising performance and the camera, though noting that "The megapixel sensors on the back haven't changed much since last year.

Samsung S9 review: price, colours, and release date

That's not a bad thing since they were great cameras to start with", Velazco summarized his review by writing that the devices "aren't perfect, but they're as close as Samsung has ever gotten". Ron Amadeo of Ars Technica noted that the device's unusual aspect ratio resulted in pillarboxing when watching video without zooming or stretching it. He complimented the feel of the S8, calling it "perfected", but criticized the glass back for being "more fragile" and that "Glossy, slippery glass doesn't feel as good in your hand as metal does, either.

For the top-tier premium price tag, we'd prefer Samsung to put in the extra work and use a metal back". He criticized the biometric options for unlocking the phones, writing that "There's an iris scanner, a fingerprint reader, and face unlock. The problem is none of them are any good", and also criticized duplicate apps, writing that "most of which can't be removed and aren't very compelling".

Additionally, he criticized Bixby, calling it "an odd addition" due to the phone's Google Assistant functionality already present.

Prior to the phone's official announcement, reports suggested that Bixby would support " languages" at launch. Prior to the official release, it was reported that some Galaxy S8 displays had a bad white balance , causing them to exhibit a reddish tint. Reports surfaced at the end of April that some Galaxy S8 devices were "restarting by themselves". Samsung has not yet commented on the issue. Shortly after the phone's unveiling, bloggers produced a video showing that the Galaxy S8's facial recognition scanner could be tricked to unlock the phone by showing it a photo of the user.

We offer the highest level of biometric authentication — fingerprint and iris — to lock your phone and authenticate access to Samsung Pay or Secure Folder". In May , researchers from the Chaos Computer Club posted a video showing that the S8's iris recognition system can be fooled with a contact lens and a suitable photograph of an eye.

In October , Galaxy S8 users reported on Reddit that they were unable to receive SMS messages, with no fix available and without any comment from Samsung. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Original : Android 7. Other: Physical sound volume keys Bixby key. Retrieved 8 January Gadget Hacks.