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Mobile phone Xiaomi Mi A3 with secret cell phone tracking software. Inquire about this item.

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In stock. Product description Comments. License validity: 3 month or 12 months; Free delivery: within 3 business days throughout Lithuania. Surveillance programs. Surveillance programs for mobile phones Surveillance programs with mobile phones Surveillance programs for computers. Thank you for your advice, but that is exactly what I do not want. I want a shortcut to the working app through the notification bar. It is much faster. Clicking on the Menu button is the same like clicking on the app itself. I simply want the running app like the player to appear on the top of the screen.

Any suggestions for that? I cannot believe there is not a simple solution to this. Jan 20, AM via Website.

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I couldn't find the notification management anywhere including in the Apps and Notification menu. Thank you very much for your kind help. I mostly used the AI face unlock to unlock the lock screen of the phone because I found the in-display fingerprint sensor on the slower side. The cameras of the Mi A2 were great. They clicked great pictures. Almost the same can be said for the Mi A3 as well. The cameras of the Mi A3 produce a pretty good result, especially in daylight and outdoor scenario.

In good lighting, the Xiaomi Mi A3 clicks pretty detailed pictures with great colours. Some pictures clicked inside the room with the Mi A3 miss out on details but the colours come out pretty good. It is great to see a Rs 12, phone offering top-notch camera specs. I often find the Mi A3 camera app to be slow and the shooter takes some time to focus on subjects.

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The image processing also takes some time. Switching between camera app and gallery isn't very smooth either. In most good lighting situations the Mi A3 managed to click great pictures. Keeping the HDR on brings better results but you'll need to switch on the HDR mode every time before clicking a photo. The normal mode 12MP of the phone clicks good pictures but the 48MP mode improves the photo quality and adds more contrast to it.

Pictures clicked in low-light turn out to be decent if not great, similar to what the Redmi Note 7 Pro manages. Earlier, the Mi A2 received appreciation for its amazing portrait mode. Xiaomi carries the legacy forward with the Mi A3.

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The Xiaomi Mi A3 clicks stunning portrait shots with crisp edges and background perfectly blurred out. The selfie camera of the Mi A3 also does a good job. The selfie camera comes with several AI features but I prefer the normal mode. The selfies clicked with the Mi A3 appear with a good amount of details and colours.

Mi A3 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The selfie portraits turn out to be great with background perfectly blurred out. In selfie portrait, the hair strands at the edge are clearly visible and aren't mushy. The Mi A2 was powered by Snapdragon processor. Like I said on paper it looks like an upgrade but in real experience, the Mi A3 running on SD seems to suffer some mysterious lags.

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Whether it is opening apps, switching between apps, browsing through social media applications, the Mi A3 lags. For a regular user who doesn't care about that extra blaze of speed, the Mi A3 will be good enough. But some users will definitely notice that performance between this phone or, say the Redmi Note 7 Pro. I used the Mi A3 as my primary device - this means I used the smartphone to make calls, message on WhatsApp, browse social media apps like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, watch movies and also play games.

For me, Xiaomi Mi A3 feels slow. I hope Xiaomi improves the performance of the smartphone in the future with software updates. As far as games are concerned the Mi A3 does a decent job with low-graphics games like subway surfer and Temple Run 2.


The phone shows signs of stutters but it still manages to run them well. Games like PUGB - high on graphics - run on low graphics by default. A minute session of PUBG and Asphalt on high graphics show drop in frame rate so I had to change the graphics setting to low almost the time. The good bit and the key highlight of the Mi A3 is its software.